Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the gem-like islands of the Maldives depict the rare vision of a tropical paradise.

It's attraction for scuba divers are the schools of fish that patrol the reefs in colorful packs The reef's larger inhabitants, including sharks, rays and Whale Sharks. Manta Rays can be seen year round with the best time for encounters being May - November. Whale Sharks are also seen year round with the most encounters in April, May, October and November.

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  An Aggressor destination since 2009.

Dhoni Layout Maldives 350pxThe beautiful Maldives Aggressor II offers charters to three different areas on our Maldives liveaboard scuba diving trips and holidays, each with multiple itineraries to choose from. Departures are from the port in Male or Addu depending on your itinerary.

  • There are 7 and 10-nights charters offered.
  • Average of up to 18 dives on 7 night charters, 27 on 10 night charters (multiple day dives and a night dive each evening)
  • Water temperature varies from 80F, 27C in the wet season to 86F, 30C in dry season.
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended

All dives are from the Dhoni.

The comfort of the guests is our priority therefore all the dives on our Maldives liveaboard scuba diving trips and holidays are conducted from a spacious and fully equipped 60 ft, 28 passenger dive Dhoni (Skiff).  


Maldives Itineraries

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