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                            Who is diving with us today? Our guests are from ...       

Australia - 2     

Austria - 4     

Belgium - 8     

Brazil - 2     

Canada - 8     

China - 1     

Costa Rica - 2     

France - 2     

Germany - 13     

Hong Kong - 2     

Italy - 2     

Japan - 7     

New Zealand - 3     

Poland - 10     

Russia - 4     

Sweden - 2     

Switzerland - 7     

United Arab Emirates - 1     

United Kingdom - 11     

USA - 163     

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Discover the Ultimate in LiveAboards
Aggressor Fleet® offers a scuba dive vacation for every explorers quest for adventure and travel budget with over 30 itineraries to choose from. The 'Ultimate in LiveAboards' is an expanding mission taken quite seriously by CEO Wayne Brown and President Wayne Hasson.  They continue to search for new adventures such as the newly announced Oman and Maldives destinations. Come experience the liveaboard lifestyle on a trip with Aggressor Fleet®.

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