Sail on the beautiful Aggressor Nile Queen® and travel back in time to see the land of the pharaohs that has changed little since they ruled.

The Nile Queen® departs every Saturday for 6 days/5 nights traveling from Luxor to Aswan. Guests will see breathtaking views while sailing on the Nile where you will stop for day trips to see ancient ruins, archaeological treasures, and ancient villages.

Your adventure will include guided tours of Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings,  Hatshepsut Temple and many other ancient sites between Luxor and Aswan. This is truly an adventure of a lifetime!

The Aggressor Nile Queen docks at the East Bank each Saturday morning for a 10:00 am boarding and the start of your Nile Cruise Adventure. The Aggressor Nile Queen docks in Aswan on Thursday morning(at the end of the trip) for guests to continue their Aggressor vacation or half day tour in Aswan.

  • The official language of Egypt is Arabic, but many of the people in the tourist resorts also speak English and French.
  • Local currency is EGP, Egyptian Pound. (Approximately EGP 17 = US$1)
  • Luxor and Aswan have a subtropical desert climate with mild warm winters and hot summers.
  • Day Temperature: Summer time 41C/106F;  Winter time 25C/77F
  • Night Temperature: Summer time 29C/84F;  Winter time 15C/59F

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