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  Raja Ampat, Indonesia - Exciting Itineraries

From April to August, 2019 the Raja Ampat Aggressor is offering new and exciting itineraries to choose from. 

These off the beaten path itineraries include the best of “the Coral Triangle”, the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world that contains at least 500 species of reef-building corals and additional species of soft and encrusting corals all contributing to the vibrant, rainbow of colors in the region's crystal clear waters.

Raja Ampat/Halmahera/Lembeh
     June 30 – July 12, 2019 (12 nights) (Sorong/Bitung)

Charters Resume to Derawan Islands:

        July 16 - September 1, 2019

Divers will experience warm, shallow reefs resplendent with colorful reef fish and exotic invertebrates and, in the deeper waters, current-cooled seamounts, walls, and pinnacles with sharks and tunas.

The remote island of Halmahera is located between the Molucca Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east and has a unique geography with its four peninsulas enclosing three great bays and three volcanoes. Divers will find exciting dives with plenty of weird and wonderful creatures and pinnacles encircled by massive schools of barracuda and other pelagic fishes.