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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Feb 03, 2019
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log Maldives Aggressor 2

From February 3rd to 10th, 2019.

Deep South (North Male, South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Thaa, Laamu atolls)


Water temperature: 28-30°C.

Visibility: 25-35 meters



Captain: Raouf

Cruise director: Tony

Engineer: Wanni & Madhu

Instructor: Jeremie & Ruslan

Dive master: Ripon

Chef: Ranjit & Isuru

Crew: Sultan, Romesh & Alam


Dive tender crew:

Capitain: Beybe

Crew: Alamin & Sojib





Henrik, Sebastian, Allison, Christie, Valerie, Alain, Sammie, Ian, Pui San, Vickie, Jeremy, Antonio, Anna, Sharon, Sing Ping, Georgina, Dominic, Fredrik, Carol, Yut Wah, Faris


Dives Sites: 

Monday: Fish factory, Kudagiri wreck, Alimatha jetty

Tuesday: Dhewana kandu, Miyaru kandu, Fushi kandu

Wednesday: Foththeyo, Golden wall, Vanhuravravalhi

Thursday: Kurali manta point x2, Fushi kandu, Fahala giri
Friday: Dhiyamigili, Maabaidhoo, Mundu kandu

Saturday: Hithadhoo x2

Sunday February, 3rd

We welcome on board twenty one guests, we introduce them with their new home and start with overall captain briefing followed by a well appreciated dinner in which all guest begins to know each other’s, then we gave them a general briefing about diving operation.


Monday February, 4th:

For the check dive we went to Fish factory. It is like to be in a fish tank, current was moderate which make this dive a bit challenging, we hooked on the shallow protected area where most of the life is concentered, there were huge school of baby red toothed trigger fish, enormous moray eels of different kind, puffer fish, angel fish, Moorish idol, snake eel and some sting rays going around.

We did second dive at Kuda Giri wreck and its thila, this wreck begins at 18 meters for the bow and finish at 28 meters for the stern, current was very light and allow us to properly visit the wreck before exploring the reef just next, on the reef we saw a profusion of small reef fish of many different colors, nudibranch.

Third dive – night dive on Alimatha jetty. We’ve got medium current and hooked on some rocks to observe quantity of nurse sharks and few sting rays!

Tuesday February, 5th:

First dive took place at Devana kandu, where current was incoming and many big grey reef sharks were playing followed by around forty baby sharks, that was great!

Then we went to Miyaru Kandu. We’ve got strong current there, we went down and hook at the edge of the channel mouth to observe grey reef shark passing very close from us and eagle rays.

Third dive we did on Fushi kandu. It is similar to many channels. Atoll with a sandbed om the corner about 30 to 35 meters, a few caves on the outside with sharks and pretty coral and reef fish inside.

Wednesday February, 6th:

For the first dive we chose Foththeyo. We’ve got medium current which is brought for us schools of trevally, tuna, barracuda, and grey reef sharks on the outside reef, white-tips and stingrays on the sand-beds of the channel walls,.

Second dive we did on Golden wall. Beautiful dive site with caves and overhangs and colorful colors covering the wall. During the dive we saw there turtles, moray eels an a lot of reef fish and of course sharks. The wall itself covered with yellow, blue, pink soft corals alcyonaria.

Third dive at Vanhuravravalhi. As all channels with bottom about 28-30 meters. We’ve got medium current so we could observe channel. Grey reef sharks and eagle rays were spotted there.

Thursday February, 7th:

For the first and second dive we chose Kurali kandu. We saw only one manta in the morning and 4 of them on the second dive. They were circling around two big corals blocks on the bottom at 14 meters depth.

Third dive we did at Fushi kandu. Channel dive full of grey reef and white-tip sharks. The bottom of the channel about 20-25 meters.

For the fourth dive we went at Fahala giri. Giri – small underwater island which is nearly touching the surface. Overhangs start from 20-22 meters. At night we saw there few turtles, and sleeping reef fish between corals.


Friday February, 8th

For the morning dive went to Dhiyamigili. This one we tried especially for hammerheads. Open ocean dive, only blue color everywhere with no any reef. Only computer and compass as an orienteer. This dive only for experienced divers. Not all divers can stay in the blue whole hour. We are divided into groups. So one of the group have got luck and in 35 minutes of dive in the blue they saw gorgeous hammerhead which is came from the depth to observe them. In one minute shark gone. But its worth it!
Second dive we did at Maabaidhoo. It’s a channel as well. We stayed in the middle of the channel hooked on rocks. Sharks, eaglerays, jacks, napoleons passed right next to us. It was excited.

Mundu kandu our third dive. Channel dive with sharks. We’ve got medium current and small washing machine inside the channel. At the end of dive we saw 5-7 green turtles.


Saturday February, 9th:

For last two dives of the trip we chose Hithadhoo kandu. It’s a channel dive. We didn’t go so deep. We stayed about 15-17 meters of depth. We saw there devil rays, eagle rays and lot of turtles sleeping on coral blocks. Some white-tips and grey reefs were spotted as well. Good, relaxing dives with slight current. 

Afterward, we returned to the mother ship and said our farewells to our guests.


Thanks again for joining us this trip along the Mistral Maldives Aggressor 2, we hope to see you again soon!


Maldives aggressor II team