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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 02, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log

February 02 - 09


Captain: Christy

Chef: Rob

Engineer: Rodney

Video Pro: Rachael

Instructor: Bailey


Temperature: 77 F

Suggested Wet Suit Thickness: 3 - 5 mm


Dive Sites:

Blue Hole, Dog Rocks, Black Tip Wall, Shark Reef, Danger Reef, 3 Peaks, Shroud Wall, Cracked Coral Head, Austin Smith, Pillar Wall, Crab Wall, Madison Avenue, Smugglers Plane, Lobster No Lobster, Barracuda Shoals, Flat Rock, Washing Machine.


Guests: Mark, Robert, Jim and Peggy, Nadine, Peter and Valentin.


Saturday 2/2

We have everyone on board and are getting ready to set out for this next week of diving. We’ll be staying the first evening at the dock to get a well rested and early start to our day tomorrow morning.


Sunday 2/3

We started our trip off with a bang, beginning with two dives at the Blue Hole. Despite the less than warm water of 73 Fahrenheit our guests braved both dives and were rewarded with a Sharknado of black nose sharks that swam swiftly through the group then quickly away. As well as one large lobster, a friendly nurse shark, a shy juvenile drum, multiple giant sting rays, eels and a reef shark to cap it all off. After lunch we moved over to Dog Rocks and did three dives there, including our groups first night dive. Dog Rocks was anything but a let down from the Blue Hole, guiding our guests through the various swim throughs and canyons beneath the waves we came upon multiple inquisitive barracuda as well as the elusive and miniature flamingo tongues, slender file fish, another larger drum and several different types of shrimp.


Monday 2/4

We began our morning with two dives at Black Tip Wall. The beautiful weather and rising sun allowed for some increasingly better visibility so that everyone was able to see the walls and gullies filled with barracuda, cleaner shrimp, lobsters and even two passerby reef sharks. Moving on we spent our next dive at Shark Reef which did not disappoint enticing four reef sharks to come close to our group before moving on their way. A lemon ray, yellow sting ray and cow fish were also among some of the notable creatures spotted by our group. We finished our day off with an evening dive and night dive at Danger Reef. The night divers were treated with some sleepy midnight parrotfish as well as one very active conch that gained quite a bit of ground in the small window we spent with it.


Tuesday 2/5

The morning dive brought a lot of luck to our divers today. First turtle of the trip swam by with little care in the world, allowing for most to see and admire it. Second dive we moved to Shroud wall where divers were treated with giant barracudas, a nurse shark and an active grouper cleaning station. For the third dive our guests got the chance to see yet another great site on our list called Cracked Coral Head. This site is full of swim throughs and spade fish with every turn and challenged the buoyancy of some while remaining extremely rewarding. Finally we finished our day off at the Austin Smith. Our good ol’ friend Binx the grouper had been eagerly awaiting us after not having visited him in over two weeks. He made a visit to each diver to let them know he was happy we were back. The smattering of sharks were also waiting to put on a show and swarmed our triangle with divers intently watching from the edge. The night dive on the Austin Smith proved almost more exciting however, with squid, crab and a few types of cowerie all making appearances. Though the star of the show was a very chill octopus that hung out for a good chunk of time at the end of the dive.


Wednesday 2/6

This morning we began at Pillar Wall. This initial dive proved very successful for our divers, three very curious sharks stuck around for the entirety of the dive as well as were lucky enough to find a burr fish and one of the tiniest drums we’ve seen so far this trip. Then we moved onto Crab Wall for two dives before and after lunch. Fire worms, parrotfish and crabs all put on their best modeling performance for our photographers and one lobster even backed into a video camera, trying to show off its best side. Our last two dives of the day we spent at Madison Avenue. We thought we saw a ton of channel clinging crabs in the day but the night dive really proved just how many of these large crustaceans were truly around. We were also lucky enough to find another octopus friend as well as slumbering parrotfish within the caverns of this exciting and shallow dive site.


Thursday 2/7

We dove a plethora of sites today. Beginning with Smugglers Plane for the first dive where we checked on our resident giant puffer and yellow sting rays, then immediately on to Lobster No Lobster where a male jaw fish with eggs gave our photographer a run for her money to get a good shot. After lunch we did a quick dive at Barracuda Shoals and were extremely excited to see some very active reef sharks, a massive grouper as well as a juvenile angel fish and one of our favorite nudi’s - the sea goddess. Finally we finished our day at Flat Rock. The scattered coral heads were beautifully lit from the setting sun and a small green turtle swam straight through the group trying to lure us into the current. The night dive brought along a hunting green moray and everything was finished off with a great recap from our videographer.


Friday 2/8

For our last dive of the charter our guests were treated to one of the more exciting sites called the Washing Machine. Four people braved the hot drop and tumble into the drift dive and all came up with giant smiles on their faces. We are headed back now to finish off the week with our wine and cheese party and say goodbye to all of our new friends.


See you next time!


Christy and the Bahamas Aggressor Crew