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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 26, 2019
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


Okeanos Aggressor II

26 January - 5 February 2019

Crew: Captain Carlos, Engineer Miguel, Dive Master Anibal, Panga Driver Jeyhler and Jorge, CHEF Esteban and Jairol, Steward Eduardo,

Dive Site: Chatham, Manuelita, Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, DOS Amigos Pequeños, Dos A MIGOS Grandes, Alcyone, Sumerge Rock, Isla Pajara and Vikinga Rock…

Guests: Luc, Maryssa, Frank, Sasha, Mayumi, Ron, Stephen, Nils, Michael, Klaus, Daniela, Jerome, Kyle, Jens and Tony.

This week we had a group of USA, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and France… Left around 17:00 and the group was excited to see what the furthest part of different country has to offer. Crossing to the island was very calm, sunny skies and flat seas, perfect opportunity for our guests to relax, set up their gear and rest for the exciting week to come.

After 36 hours crossing, we arrived to Cocos Island at 05:00 just in time for our guests to have a good sleep and get ready for their week. First day we dove Chatham Bay for our check out dive, very nice with plenty of reef fish and one of the biggest marble rays I have ever seen. We dove for the second and third dive different sides of Manuelita Island and our guests got to see the first Hammerhead sharks, big tiger shark really close, it was a pregnant female, so beautiful !!! and of course, the usual Galapagos, Eagle rays, yellow fins tunas and lots if white tip sharks.

Second day at the Island we dove Dirty Rock very early in the morning and was one of the best dives of the week, plenty of hammerheads coming close to the rock gave our guests the chance to see what Cocos has to offer first hand. Second dive we dove Punta Maria which has a cleaning station for Galapagos Sharks, this time we got to see only two, but the pinnacles offered so much life that made it a great dive. Third dive we dove Viking rock, we got to see, couple of marble rays, eels and white tip sharks.

Third Day we dove Submerged rock for the first dive, this dive has a small arch which big schools of blue stripped snappers and makes a beautiful swim-through and a great picture opportunity for our guests. After this beautiful dive we dove Alcyone, one of my favorite sites in the island and we got to see schooling hammerheads and a big school of big eye jacks as well as small groups coming close to the rocks for cleaning. Third dive we dove Pajara Island, this site has a beautiful hard coral area and no currents which makes it an excellent way to finish our diving day.

Fourth Day we dove Small dos Amigos where we got to see several Galapagos sharks and hammerheads coming really close to the cleaning station, also we had really nice and big surprise WHALE SHARK swimming slowly, so we had the time to take great video footage and awesome pictures.

Second dive we decided to go back to Manuelita where we had little action, but a big tiger shark cruised by peacefully close to the group and that made everybody dive and perhaps the week! Also we saw two mobulas almost at the same time. Our guests decided to go for a walk to the island instead of the third dive where we got to explore beautiful sites that what the island has to offer.

Fifth Day on the Island we dove Alcyone again and we had a small school of hammerheads and tunas coming from the blue, second dive we dove Manuelita which also delivered some action of hammerheads, jacks, white tips and a nice oceanic black tip cruising close to the divers. On the last Dive we dive Pajara Island which was very nice and relaxing, other guests decided to skip this dive to walk between chatham and wafer bay!

Sixth day at the island we went back to small dos amigos and dirty rock, we had plenty of hammerheads on both and some Galapagos cruising close to the rock. At dirty rock the usual school of jacks at the pinnacle. For the third dive we dove the garden which is the shallow side of Manuelita Island, this dive had single hammerheads coming fluent to get cleaned, it is a beautiful dive.

Thanks all our guest for a great diving week,

Pura via and safe diving.