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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 12, 2019
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains Log, Jan 12th-19th 2019


*Air Temp. 81-82 F

*Water Temp. 79-81 F

* Visibility 65ft-100 ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin



Sunday - (Roatan Southside) - Virginia’s Wall, Jagged Edge & Calvins Crack

Monday - (Roatan & Cayos) - 40ft Point, Cara A Cara, Cayos Seamounts & Toon Town

Tuesday - (Utila) - Ted’s Point & Jack Neal’s

Wednesday -(Utila & Roatan) - Pinnacle, Halliburton Wreck, Lighthouse & Eel Garden

Thursday- (Roatan) - Tavianna’s Wall, Mary’s Place & Mr Bud

Friday - (Roatan) - Mr Bud, Pirate Point & Little French Key/Capt. G


Saturday January 12th

This week the Roatan Aggressor crew welcome aboard 17 guests, Bettina from Germany is with us for her 3rd consecutive week, with Ray from the States his 2nd week, which makes this his 4th trip with us in the last 12 months, our macro marine life is outstanding & it is so nice to have so many returning guests that become good friends. This weeks guests are a great crowd we are sure to have a wonderful week. Once the dive gear is set up, check in complete & the welcome meeting concluded we head to the sundeck, with reggae music playing our Saturday BBQ begins. Willie mans the grill whilst Chef Miss Jana & Sous Chef Janele are adding the final touches to all the delicious sides, the hydroponic salads which are all grown on the island by a local company, grown without soil & delivered to the boat fresh today. There are tasty baked potatoes, crunchy corn on the cob which compliment the juicy ribs & succulent chicken. For desert there is delicious rum & pineapple cake with fluffy whipped cream. After a long days travel its a good opportunity for an early night.


Sunday January 13th

Departing our home dock at French Harbour the weather is fabulous, the water is crystal clear & the sky’s are blue. Traveling east over glass like water we leave a small wake behind us, we moor up at Virginia’s Wall, this is a very special site for another returning guest Patricia & her daughter Erin, splashing in at 8am we immediately see a Spotted Scorpion Fish, everywhere you look you find Banded Coral Shrimp, sharp eyed Jesse finds a Large Eyed Toadfish, we see a Bridle Bur-fish, several rather large Channel Clinging Crabs, there is an abundance of Flamingo Tongue’s, with several found on many sea fans. Captain Nestor finds a Long-snout Seahorse. At the end of the dive a Reef Squid is seen, what an awesome dive. Traveling east along the south-side of Roatan we next visit Jagged Edge, what a fantastic dive, a brilliant Yellow Long-snout Seahorse & an Orange Lined Seahorse, what a day! There are Neck Crabs and other Decorator Crabs everywhere, which are easy to find and photograph, a huge free swimming Green Moray comes by to see what we are doing, with another chilling in his hole only a few holes over from a Spotted Moray, a variety of Anemone’s are here, Mary loves the Anemone’s and their hidden treasures, Anemone Crabs, Pistol Shrimps, Snapping Shrimp & Squat Lobster’s. After lunch we find more than 20 Neck and Decorator Crabs with an abundance of all types of reef fish. Alan & Larry, father and son, are excited to find a Nurse Shark. The remainder of the day is spent further west at Calvins Crack. Descending in on the night dive we immediately discover a Black with White Lined Seahorse, while Alan finds an Orange Long-Snout, there are Cryptic Teardrop Crabs everywhere, Spotted & Spiny Lobsters, Slender Filefish. There is a unusual sighting of a Barb Scorpionfish, small and tucked in on a ledge of a barrel sponge. The night dive is concluded with Reef Octopi, 3 splendid Basking Stars, a huge Conch & Sea Cucumbers moving faster than you think possible, & completed with the Giant-eye Squid who are inking like crazy all around us. Miss Janele is waiting with hot chocolate & a splash of rum. Erin  completes her Enriched Air course getting 100 per cent on her exam, well done Erin.


Monday January 14th

The water remains calm, allowing you to see all the way to the bottom of the shallows. We move a short distance & splash in at 40ft Point, the top of the reef is covered in beautiful Sea Fans with sandy patches in-between where Yellow Headed Jaw-fish can be seen, there are several juvenile, intermediate & adult Spotted Drums, large beautiful Grey Angels and fabulous Indigo Hamlets who are performing their mating dance. Karen is intrigued with a Hairy Channel Cling Crab. The excitement rises as we make our way west to Cara A Cara, we come face to face with 12 female Caribbean Grey Reef Sharks, this week there are 2 huge new ones, the large Nassau, Tiger and Black Grouper’s are hanging around keeping an eye on all the action, they are most amusing to watch. During lunch we travel over to Cayos Seamounts, splashing in for a drift dive where we are surrounded by hundreds of Horse Eye Jacks, Atlantic & Queen Trigger Fish & Creole Wrasse. We are fortunate to see 5 Green Morays 2 of which are free swimming. Also seen is a Golden Tail Eel, a huge Black Grouper and a Nassau Grouper who is very friendly. Heading over to Toon Town we splash for the afternoon and night to see the wonderful Large Eyed Bearded Toadfish, Scrawled Filefish & Honeycomb Cowfish, the lovely abundant Bluebell Tunicates which is the namesake of Toon Town. The night dive uncovers awesome Criss Cross Tritonia, Quill-fin Blenny’s, Common Octopi & Southern Teardrop Crab’s similar to the Cryptic but a little less abundant.


Tuesday January 15th

With such great weather its time to head to Utila, several guests are up early sitting on the sundeck watching the most amazing sun rise, burnt orange glow shines from behind the clouds until its high enough in the sky to shine brightly down upon us. Our first splash is at Ted’s Point where we have the most amazing dive, there is a Leatherback Doris, a Leopard Flatworm, a beige & brown Common Octopus out in the daytime, he is very active and enjoying the attention. Looking between the cracks of the coral heads we see Secretary, Roughead & Saddleback Blenny’s, Willie finds yet another Seahorse an Orange Lined one this time making our total count for this week at 7!!! I don’t know how he does it but he never fails to find something extra special & this week is no exception with a juvenile Toadfish with eggs, there is a Snake Eel, very cool and several bunches of Bluebell Tunicates, slightly different from the Slender is a Pygmy Filefish, more Neck Crabs and Yellow Headed Jaw-fish, an awesome Scaly-tailed Mantis Shrimp, several juvenile Butterfly Fish all around a small coral head so beautiful. Arrow Blennies & Arrow Crabs amongst the Pedersen Shrimps and peaking out of its home is a Golden-tail Eel. Erin celebrates her 100th dive in true Aggressor style as we bake her into a cake!Splashing in at Jack Neals another amazing site, it holds something for everyone, with its very pretty reef & shallow wall where there are an abundance of reef life, however the Dive Masters head to the deeper sandy bottom to find all the alien like critters which we find so fascinating like a juvenile Upside Down Jellyfish. Ray finds a Flying Gurnard, the Short-nose Batfish is seen for the 2nd week running, there are Lesser Electric Ray’s, Orange Spotted Goby’s with their Excavating Shrimp’s, a humungous Giant Barracuda, black and yellow juvenile Grey Angelfish, a large Flame Box Crab with eggs, juvenile and adult Peacock Flounder, Web Bur-fish, and a gathering of Flamingo Tongue’s, Arrow Crabs on steroids, different sizes of Hermit Crab’s, a couple of Spotted Drums, & a busy Starfish who moves quite fast along the sand. We celebrate Mary completing her 900! dive, what an achievement.



Wednesday January 16th

This morning we head over to the north-side of Utila and the Pinnacle where we see Southern Stingray, Green Moray, 2 huge Porcupine Fish with their large eyes and shy demeanour. There are so many Decorator and Neck Crabs its amazing and has been that way all week so far,   gorgeous juvenile Spotted Trunkfish, Secretary Blenny’s, Flamingo Tongue’s & Pedersen Shrimp. Next Nestor drops us in at the Halliburton Wreck for a drift dive with Willie leading we visit the wreck with its Giant sized Green Moray laying in-between the decks, before taking us along the beautiful wall where we see several juvenile Spotted Drum’s along with all the usual suspects. Ascending we return to the dive deck, with all divers onboard we pull the ladders and head back to the north side of Roatan, mooring up at Lighthouse Reef, splashing for a drift dive, covering so much ground we get to see so much, the drift is gentle so we get to see a Rosy Blenny inside a sponge with a Peppermint Shrimp, a Triple-fin Blenny on a coral head, only just visible to the naked eye is another Blenny I have yet to ID. Spotted, Golden Tail & Gold Spotted Moray Eel’s, a sleepy Hawksbill Turtle who is the first of 3 we come across. As we descend we see a Turtle gliding up to the surface to take a breath, a great sight to see on a safety stop. Over to Mandy’s Eel Garden for the night dive with several Reef Octopi, Reef Squid and something a bit special Nestor finds a French Nudibranch, Ooh la la!


Thursday January 17th

Our first splash is at Tavianna’s Wall, a good spot to see Turtles & Sail-fin Blenny’s, there are Yellow Headed Jaw-fish in the sand who capture our divers attention. Heading over to the south-side of Roatan we moor up at the famous Mary’s Place, This is such an amazing site, huge cracks separate these enormous coral heads, whether you dive deep or shallow you can look up to see the sun glint through the abundance of sea fans with huge shoals of Horse Eye Jacks, hundreds of Silversides surround you as you move through the swim thru, Giant Anemones hide their treasures of Spotted Cleaner Shrimp, Anemone Crabs & Squat Anemones, surrounding the sandy mooring are Slender Filefish who hide in-between the fingers of the fans, Reef, Dark & Scaly Tail Mantis poke their heads out of their holes as we wait to catch a glimpse of them. Roughead Blenny’s poke there heads out of the coral heads with their huge eyes & smacking mouths, they are very funny. Jeanne comes back to a cake having completed her 100th dive, congratulations Jeanne. The afternoon and night dive are spent on Mr Bud’s, a purposefully sunk tug boat holding the most amazing macro life, Ray finds a Yellow Headed Jaw-fish with eggs and manages to get some wonderful video of the male Jaw-fish irrigating his eggs, he spent 35 minutes to get that footage along with an awesome picture. The wreck is encrusted with Cryptic Teardrop Crabs, Arrow Crabs, Anemone’s with 5 visible Sun Anemone Shrimps & more than 15 Squat Anemone Shrimp, a Reef Octopus up in the shallows & a Chain Moray with a Golden Tail inside a huge sponge, Lobsters & Channel Clinging Crabs everywhere makes for an exciting dive. Dan exits the water to his cake having completed his 100th dive, the third cake this week. A Dinner of Steak & Lobster is served followed by White Chocolate Creme Brûlée & the movie of the week packed full of all the critters we have seen.


Friday January 18th

We were able to fit in an early dive at 5am with 11 keen divers, it was an awesome dive with Nestor finding a Long-snout Seahorse up in the shallows above the wreck. There were Pike Blenny’s in the sandy areas along with all the usual suspects. During breakfast we move over to Pirate Point finishing our dives for the week at Little French Key also know as Capt G.  Between dives bills are settled & triple chocolate brownies served. Exiting the water & heading into dock gear is rinsed & dried, island style baked chicken is served for lunch. The afternoon is a lazy one spent relaxing around the boat at our home dock or down at Buccaneers. At 6pm its our Cocktail Party with much to celebrate followed by dinner at Romeo’s 5 star dining experience. This week there are 9 Iron Divers, Alan, Larry, Krista, Tracy, Mary, Jeanne, Ray, Erin, Dan & Hillary. Erin celebrates becoming an Enriched Air Diver. There are 4 Milestone Divers this week, Mary with 900, Jeanne, Erin & Dan with a 100! Both Patricia and Sandy get awards for being Mermaids of the sea, such inspiring ladies who dive with their daughters, its been a very family orientated and fun group this week. The Bay Islands have some of the most unique and wonderfully diverse macro life in the Caribbean waters. Each week we bid farewell to our guests knowing we will see them again very soon, keen photographers & videographers love our macro life. Please view our very full critter board & this weeks photos for more information on our sighting & our journey map of this weeks trip.


Saturday January 19th

Guests complete their continental breakfast & farewells are bid as a large group go on an island tour, a few go to Pineapple Villas whilst other head straight to the airport. We wish all our guests safe travels & look forward to seeing them all again in the very near future, hope to see you soon. Until the next time, the crew of the Roatan Aggressor………..