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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 29, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor V

29th December 2018 - 5th January 2019

Guests. Jim, Lori, Hannah, Sallie, Greg, Jackie, Bob, Kayla, Spencer, Josh, Conner, Kelly, Chris, Kelli, Andie, Gabby, Jeff, Mick and Jane.


Crew Randy, Kevin, Rodel, Kerry, Kris, JC, Oneil.


Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F



The guests joined us on the boat Saturday afternoon in sunny Grand Cayman. As everyone came on board and set their dive gear up for the week everyone soon got to know each other and make themselves feel at home. After the briefings and introductions were done we enjoyed a great bbq style dinner prepared by Kris, and then settled down for the night excited to see what the week had to offer.



We started off the week with lost treasure as our first dive site. This was the perfect check out dive for the guests as its shallow reef system allowed the divers to make sure they were comfortable with their equipment and being in the Caribbean water. After two dives here we then moved to Doc Poulson for the afternoon and night dive. We explored the little wreck and the wall next to it, it was a great dive for everyone as we saw stingrays, turtles, eels, and one buddy team saw a eagle ray. On the night dive we found lots of big crabs, lobsters and lots of small critters on the reef patches around the wreck. After the night dive everyone enjoyed a hot towel and hot chocolate before calling it a night.



For new years eve we decided to start the day with one of our most loved deep sites on the west side of Grand Cayman, Big tunnels. As the divers explored the different swim through and pinnacles that hang off the wall we also saw a range of marine life including more turtles and rays. After thhis dive we decided to take the boat around the north side to sting ray city. It was a little rough as we headed over there but once we were in the north sound it was beautiful. The stingrays were a hit with the guests, Everyone enjoyed feeding them and playing with them on the best 12foot dive they ever had. After The sting rays we decided to head back around to the west and tie up to the Oro Verde for the afternoon and night dive. More stingrays and eagle rays were spotted and of course more turtles. As well as these we enjoyed crabs, eels, lobster, and even an octopus on the night dive . After the night dive we sat upstairs on the sundeck ready to enjoy new years. We had the best spot on the island to enjoy the fireworks in grand Cayman, the whole of seven mile beach was lit up with different fireworks from each hotel and we got to enjoy them all. After a champagne toast for new years it was time to head down to the cabins ready for a another great day of diving on the first day of the new year.



To start of 2019 we decided to dive the north west point of the island and dive Bonnies arch for the first dive. Unfortunately there was a little current but still managed to see all the beautiful and healthy coral on this reef. Because of the current we decided to leave the site and move back down the west side where is was protected from the wind and. We dived Neptunes wall. On the wall we saw more great marine life and also got to see the sloping drop off and beautiful typography of the wall. After a couple dives here we then decided to head to the famous USS Kittiwake. The divers explored the wreck inside and out, Hannah was doing her wreck course on this dive and learnt to tie lines ready to penetrate the wreck on another dive. So much life was found on the wreck, One highlight was an octopus out in the daytime on the wreck, spending time with divers on the deck of the kittiwake. We then did a night dive here and saw more octopus and other life. After the dive we wrapped up in hot towels and enjoyed some baileys and hot chocolate before heading to bed.



We woke up and decided to do one more dive on the wreck before we changed the dive site. Everyone got to explore it again but in a different morning light. We then headed back to Bonnie arch hoping the current had died down and if had a little so the guests jumped in and enjoyed the different types of coral and fish to e found here. We then decided to end the day at Angle fish reef for the last couple of dives. Between these last dives the crew decided to give Kelly and Birthday cake, as it was here birthday today, and in the only way the dive crew knew how. We gave her a physical cake on the swim platform covering her in cake mixture and chocolate sauce, No limits dive club enjoyed watching and seeing her jump into the water to wash herself off. We then gave her a proper cake at dinner which Kris had kindly papered for her.



Thursday the winds dropped down a little so we decided to head round to the north of Grand Cayman, and do Babylon for our first two dives. The guests got to see all the black coral and beautiful pinnacle that hangs off the wall. After this we then moved to Tarpon alley, where we saw lots of tarpon, for one dive before heading back to the west side for the night. Once we got back to the west we tied up to Governors reef. On the dive we found more beautiful schools of fish and eels, stingrays and turtles. Between the afternoon dives we headed up on the sundeck to get some shots of everyone as the sun started to set. As Kelly and Chris (the leaders of no limits dive shop) had their picture taken, Chris went down on one knee and proposed to kelly in front of everyone and the sun set behind them. It was very romantic and there were a few tears from kelly as she said yes of course. Everyone decided to celebrate that night with a couple of glasses of wine at dinner and then sat in the saloon to enjoy watching the movie and photos of the week.



We ended the week of diving with another dive on the oro verde as it was everyone most loved spot of the week, As we had found a seahorse, rays, turtles and much more there. And then we did a dive on Devils grotto to finish the week, on the Last dive we got to see more tarpon, and all the amazing shallow swim through. That night we had our cocktail party where we celebrated all the achievements of the week, including Hannah completing her deep, Wreck and night specialties. And enjoyed a couple of drinks together before saying goodbye to a great group of guests!


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew