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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 29, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains Log, Dec 29th-Jan 5th 2018

*Air Temp. 80-84 F
*Water Temp. 79-82 F
* Visibility 65ft-100 ft
* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin


Sunday - (Roatan) - Taviannas Wall & Half Moon Bay Wall
Monday - (Roatan) - Dolphin Caves & Lighthouse Reef
Tuesday - (Roatan) - El Aguila & Mandys Eel Garden
Wednesday -(Roatan) - The Wreck of the Odyssey, Taviannas & Black Rock Thursday- (Roatan) - Cara A Cara, Marys Place & Mr Bud

Friday - (Roatan) - Valley Of The Kings

Saturday December 29th

This week the Roatan Aggressor crew welcome aboard 16 international guests from all over the globe. Once the dive gear is set up with check in & the welcome meeting concluded our Saturday BBQ begins. Willie mans the grill whilst Chef Jon & Sous Chefs Sherrany & Janele are adding the final touches to all the delicious sides, the hydroponic salads which are all grown on the island by a local company, grown without soil & delivered to the boat fresh to- day. There are tasty baked potatoes, crunchy corn on the cob which compliment the juicy ribs & succulent chicken. For desert there is delicious rum & pineapple cake with fluffy whipped cream. After a long days travel its a good opportunity for an early night.

Sunday December 30th

Departing our home dock at French Harbour we head around West Point to Taviannas Wall our first dive site. This site is a great check out dive, we have a variety of dive abilities this week and its great to see them all getting back in the water. The fabulous Branching Coral, Sea- Whips & Corkscrew Anemones shelter all sorts of critters from resident Pedersen & Snapping Shrimp, Squat Lobsters, Bearded Fire-worms. There is a solitary Gorgonian Hydroid which is very pretty in addition to several juvenile, intermediate & adult Spotted Drum & Smooth Trunk- fish, concluding our dive after our 2nd splash we are greeted by our resident Hawksbill who loves to eat, and eat and eat! During lunch we move to Half Moon Bay Wall, splashing in at 2pm to this wonderful colourful wall with all its swim thrus, we see a sleepy Green Turtle, Sand- divers & Lizardfish, Moon Jellies in the water column, so gentle, great for taking pictures or video, there are large Banded Coral shrimp, Flamingo Tongues, Black Jacks, Arrow Blennys, Channel Clinging Crabs, Juvenile Yellow Headed Jaw-fish all around the sandy areas, Juvenile Angelfish are hiding amongst the coral on the top reef. Here we also find Giant Anemones where there a Spotted Cleaner Shrimp & Sun Anemone to find in addition to Snapping Shrimp, Squat Lobster & Squat Anemone Shrimp. An awesome night dive follows dinner with several Reef Octopus, which included a junvenile, lots of Giant Channel Clinging Crabs, Red Knight and Peppermint Shrimp, several Decorator Crabs, Cryptic Teardrop Crabs, a Spotted Moray Eel out hunting, a Horseshoe Crab, Spotted & Spiny Lobsters, a Doris Nudibranch with several Large

Eye Squid on return to the boat where Miss Janele is waiting for our return with hot chocolate and a spot of rum.

Monday December 31st A Roatan New Years Eve

Its an early start as we head east on the north-side all the way up to Dolphin Caves whist the sun is rising, the sun rise is fantastic for those early birds who rise to take pictures & en- joy an early morning coffee & stretch out on the sundeck. Splashing in for 2 dives here we head to the magical maze of swim thrus where skylight gaps allows the sunlight to penetrate, reflecting the light back on the walls where it dances around us, home to the Giant Anemones where we see all their residents, Spotted & Squat Shrimp, 3 different kinds of Anemone Crabs, 2 Pipefish one a reddish brown with the other being golden, an Upside Down Jelly Fish which is the first time we have seen here & a slightly different variety to others which gets the dive masters excited in addition to a False Mantis Shrimp. There is an opportunity to look at the surrounding reef which is buzzing with colour, vibrance and diversity with lots of Creole Wrasse buzzing around and a Reef Squid. During lunch we head west mooring up at Lighthouse Reef, abundant with a huge variety of Reef Fish, so many French Angels, Permits, Ceros, Hogfish, a huge Green Moray and a Gold Spot Moray very cool. Due to our New Years Eve celebrations we have a dusk dive before dinner, as only a handful will be staying up so we toast to the New Year with a glass of champagne early. For those that stay up there is a wonderful firework display on the island with a clear night it is easily visible, we welcome in a New Year.

Tuesday January 1st 2019 Happy New Year

Its New Years Day & heading back east we moor up at El Aguila, Spanish for The Eagle. A 230ft wreck resting at a maximum depth of 110ft surrounded by a sandy area heading to a very pretty reef. Its final voyage was a trip from Puerto Cortes to Haiti, carrying concrete, it was wrecked due to sabotage near Utila and eventually salvaged, moved & sunk on Roatans Northside in 1997. Initially situated upright in 110ft water until Hurricane Mitch came and broke it up into 3 pieces. It is known for its beautiful wreck formations & pass through which support a huge variety of all the usual suspects, there are large Rainbow Parrotfish, huge Groupers to name but a few. After our 2nd splash its time for lunch as we head back towards West Point mooring up at Mandys Eel Garden, this diverse dive site offers deep walls with sandy areas where you can find all the Garden Eels swaying with a very large Hogfish weaving in-between them, there is an Eagle Ray or two foraging in the sand, so majestic allowing us to get up very close & personal to view the show, whilst up on the reef having passed through arched swim thrus which house huge Nassau, Black and Tiger Groupers, Yellow Snappers & Grunts, leading you up into shallow water with wonderful white sand areas where Peacock & Eyed Flounder hang out. Dinner & a night dive complete the day and the end to the first day of 2019.

Wednesday January 2nd

Its time to head east and visit the 2nd of our wreck dives this week, this amazing Wreck of the Odyssey is outstanding. This freighter sits at a maximum depth of 110ft off of Sandy Bay, 300ft long & 50ft wide it is Roatans largest wreck dive, The huge bulk area of the engine room & levels allows easy access & makes way for splendid swim thrus, a huge Black Grouper

moves aside allowing the divers entrance. There is a flurry of activity around the crows nest with Bar Jacks, Arrow Crabs, Roughead & Secretary Blennys. After 1 splash we do a short pit stop at Taviannas for a dive before lunch where all the usual suspects seen this week are hanging out in addition to a Sail-fin Blenny who is very accommodating at displaying his sail for photos. Its time for lunch as we travel to our last dive site for the day just before the tip of West Point. Mooring up a Black Rock the dive masters are excited, its deep walls lead up to partially sandy areas and huge cut outs in the land mass where lots of unique critters can be found. Flying off the reef are Spotted Eagle Rays, where up on the reef in addition to all the usual suspects we see Lettuce Leaf Slugs. On the night dive there are a couple of Reef Octo- pus, another juvenile thats the 2nd this week, Bearded Fire-worms swaying in the slight surge are so colourful, down in the sand are Spotted Morays and a wonderful Snake Eel, very cool.

Thursday January 3rd

Its a very bright & Early start for our adrenaline rush dive of the week, splashing in at Cara A Cara, literally translates to Face To Face and that is what we are, up close and personal to 14 female Caribbean Reef Sharks, our bloody is pumping and cameras flashing for this action packed dive, back on deck its time to feed hungry divers breakfast as we head over to the fa- mous Marys Place. Wonderful site, the colours the huge cracks & network of passages moving along with huge shoals of Horse Eye Jacks, Sea fans & flora adorn the walls. Arrow Blennys, Fire-worms, Spotted Cleaner & Sun Anemone Shrimp, Reef & Scaly Tail Mantis, Slender Filefish, an a large Peacock Flounder poses for a picture with Alexandras Wonder-woman character. Its an amusing picture. The last days dives are over at Mr Bud, always a wonderful small wreck dive with diversity, surround the wreck are Pike Blennys, Kelly finds a Lined Seahorse up in the shallower reef away from the wreck, fantastic find Kelly. Reef Mantis and Yellow Headed Jaw- fish are in the sandy areas with Red Hermit Crabs on the wreck itself. Dinner is served fol- lowed by the Movie of the week packed with all the critters we have seen this week. There is a talk on the following day and time for an early night.

Friday January 4th

Its time to splash for the first of our last two dives at the lovely dive site known as Valley Of The Kings, with its usual appeal & wonderful critters the divers make good use of the last of their dives. There are Scrawled Filefish, Porcupine & Ballon-fish, Cowfish, Boxfish, Scaly Tail Mantis, Yellow Headed Jaw-fish, a free swimming Green Moray, Atlantic Spade-fish & Ocean Triggerfish to name but a few. In between dives bills are settled & triple chocolate brownies served. Exiting the water & heading into dock gear is rinsed & dried, island style baked chicken is served for lunch. The afternoon is a lazy one spent relaxing around the boat at our home dock or down at Buccaneers. At 6pm its our Cocktail Party with much to celebrate. This week there are 3 Iron Divers, David & Pattie, an awesome dive buddy team & Alexandra with her wonderful array of super hero costumes and wonder woman character, Nancy completed her Enriched Air Diver course, well done Nancy, this week was a very fun group. The Bay Islands have some of the most unique and wonderfully diverse macro life this side of the world & each week we bid farewell to guests knowing we will see them again very soon, keen photographers & videographers love this type of diving. Please view our very full critter board & this weeks photos for more information on our sighting & journey map of this weeks trip.

Saturday January 5th

Guests complete their continental breakfast & farewells are bid most are heading to the air- port as they have flights back home and back to work. We wish all our great, fun guests safe travels & look forward to seeing them all again in the very near future. A very Happy New Year to you all, exciting diving to come thats for sure here in the Bay Islands, hope to see you soon. Until the next time, the crew of the Roatan Aggressor...........