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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 29, 2018
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Captain’s Log Bahamas Aggressor December 29th-January 5th, 2018

Water temp: 77-80F

Visibility: 60-100ft



Captain/Engineer: Christy Weaver

Instructor / Photo Pro: James Whittle

Instructor: Rachael Lawns

Divemaster/Video Pro: Rob Carabia

Divemaster: Caleb Dudley

Chef: Brynne Rardin



Steve, Denise, Scott, Julia, Scott, Lisa, Paul, Erik, Tony, Roberto, Toshio, Toby, Peggy, Barbara


Saturday December 29th:

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed fourteen new guests on board in Nassau for an amazing week of Eating, Sleeping, and Diving. After getting gear set up and settling into cabins, guests enjoyed an amazing dinner served by our chef, and excitedly talked about their dive aspirations. After some good conversation everyone retired for the night, excited for our departure come sunrise Sunday morning.


Sunday December 30th:

Started this week’s diving with two dives at the famous Blue Hole. Right as we dove in we were welcomed by some southern stingrays and a Barracuda, and as we started to venture around we encountered a black nose shark, spiny lobsters, a school of grunts, lionfish, and some shrimp. Guests returned from the hole and we packed up and headed for the Exumas. Next on our dive schedule was Dog Rocks. There we jumped in and spotted some great things. A fringed file fish, a family of flamingo tongues and a gorgeous yellow stingray. We did one dive there and we were off to Madison Ave. for dives four and the night dive. The dive before dinner showed us a spotted eel, a harlequin bass, Bermuda chubs, and some neck and channel crabs. The first night dive of the week gave us some blackjacks, more spiny lobsters, a variety of reef crabs, shrimp and sharks, and to top it all off a giant eye squid and octopus!! Day one was a great start to a great week of diving!


Monday December 31st:

Once everyone woke we headed straight for Eleuthera, for some beautiful diving around the southern islands. Our first stop was a site called Hole in the Wall, where we encountered some queen angel fish, a tiger grouper and a beautiful eagle ray. There was one yellow tail snapper that had a hook and line in its mouth which our captain tried to untangle. For the fourth and night dive we went to Cave Rock. This dive site showed us a variety of shrimp, a spotted drum, a couple of lobsters, and a diverse amount of crabs. The two big attractions for this site were the loggerhead turtle and a beautiful diamond blenny.


Tuesday January 1st:

The first two dives of 2019 were done at the Cobia Cage. There was a bunch to see here!! Sharks, arrow crabs, neck crabs, Atlantic spadefish, black groupers, African pompano, fire worms, midnight parrot fish, and some tiny purple ring flabellina nudibranchs. Next on the agenda was Split Coral where we get to encounter a larger number of sharks, but not only do we come here for them, we also get to see large groupers, big southern rays, and some schooling jackfish. The last two dives for the day were at Jake’s Hole. Jake’s Hole brought us multiple crabs, including channel crabs, neck crabs and scarlet reef crabs. Also found on this site were spiny lobsters, flamingo tongues, queen trigger fish, French angel, and a couple varieties of nudibranchs.


Wednesday January 2nd:

Started the morning with a deep wall dive at Monolith. This is a deep, dramatic site with great coral structure with views out to the abyss, and on the top sits a beautiful Lettuce sea slug. We then headed on over to the second wall site called Cut and Run. Known for its coral encrusted anchor and airplane wreck. We saw a sleepy nurse shark hiding under some coral, and for the macro lovers, a slender file fish. After lunch we moved to our shark dive site, the Austin Smith. This is a famous wreck dive that we bring our scent box down to attract sharks. We were thrilled to be joined by 20 Caribbean reef sharks. Our resident, friendly Nassau grouper affectionately known as Binx was there ready to greet us. After we moved to a shallow site by Highborn Cay called Basket Star. Some great big lobsters that looked too good to eat, and some big barracudas were keeping us company. We also did the night dive here where the lobsters were very active, moving all about. Squids and a hunting octopus were also within our view.


Thursday January 3rd:

Bright and early we started a dive at Lobster No Lobster. Here we saw a rare Leopard flatworm, some big channel crabs and some stunning red tipped sea goddess. Then we moved not too far away to a site called Barracuda Shoals. This site has diverse sea life like reef sharks, puffer fish, lemon rays, southern sting rays, green turtle and more sea goddesses. Our most exciting dive is our drift dive at the Washing Machine. This is where we jump off the sides of the boat and get tossed around by the current while we drift over some gorgeous coral. This is easily one of the most unique dives available in the Bahamas. The last two dives of the day were done at the Smugglers Plane Wreck. We have a lot of resident sea life here. There is a good-sized puffer, a large nurse shark, and a handful of anemones all that call this wreck home.

Friday January 4th:

The last day of charter we like to visit a site named Periwinkle. Here we get to swim around with barracudas, nurse sharks, puffers, and lizard fish. The real highlight of this dive is bringing a bag of Cheerios down and feeding the Sgt. Majors. They get very excited and it makes for a great encounter with guests. What a great experience to be swarmed by beautiful fish. Quite a site to behold. Sadly, we finished our dive here and headed back in to port. Another week of great diving and great guests!!