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Red Sea Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 27, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew




Red Sea Aggressor II


Charter Date – Sat 27th October



Crew; Captain -  Ahmed - Cruise Director – Adel – Chef – Hussein, Chef Assistant Abdulah – Engineer – Hussien, Seamen – Sultan, Mahmoud, Shady, Ahmed, Stewards – Walid, Mostafa

Dive Professionals; Adel, Wahid & Roberto

General Conditions; Hot & Sunny around 30degrees. Water temperature is 27-28degrees. (recommended 3mm suit.) Windy at around 14 knots most of the week.

Arrival Day – Saturday 27th October

Guests started to arrive from 3pm and were welcomed with a drink and flower. After checking the guests in they got familiar with the boat and their stateroom before the boat safety briefing. After the briefing guests enjoyed their dinner and the crew were on hand to help set their kit up. All guests went to bed after a long day traveling.

Day 1 – Sunday 28th October

Boat permissions were given and the captain fired the engines and started to move the boat to our first dive site. Guests were woken with the beverage of their choice and enjoyed a hot breakfast before the first dive briefing of the week. Dive 1 Sha’ab El Erg. Guests did a weight check and checked all their gear before descending. We saw a large napoleon wrasse at the start of the dive nearly as big as some of our divers!! Blue spotted rays, eels, clown fish, cornet fish and much more was seen on the dive. Guests sent their SMB up to practice and ended their dive. After a warm shower lunch was served. After lunch the captain crossed the shipping lane to Sha’ab Mahmoud where dive 2 was the Dunraven wreck a very short tender ride to the wreck, guests saw the propeller covered in soft coral and swam through the length of the wreck inside saw the remains of the engine, 2 big boilers. On the exit there was 1000s of glass fish and a turtle!! After the wreck we followed the reef back to the main boat. Large wrasse, moray eel, cornet fish, clown fish were all seen. Guests enjoyed lunch before dive No. 3 ( Night dive ). Dive 3 the night dive was at beacon rock. Guests had so much to look at just under the boat alone. Crocodile fish, albino spider crabs, lion fish, moray eel and sleeping parrot fish were seen. Guests enjoyed dinner before relaxing and bed.

Day 2 – Monday 29th October

Early start this morning so we could have the first dive site to ourselves. Guests were woken at 5.30am and enjoyed a light breakfast before dive 1. Dive 1 was the famous shark and Yolanda reef, guests started at shark reef and drifted around and ended up at the Yolanda wreck. Guests saw school of snapper fish, batfish, moray eel, unicorn fish and much more! Guests enjoyed lunch and relaxing time as we moved to Tiran island for dive 3 which was Thomas Reef. We descended down to look at the famous canyon, we drifted around the reef. We saw green sea turtle, large school of snappers, blue spotted ray, goat fish and much more. After the dive guests enjoyed snacks of burger and chips before dive 4. Dive 4 was night dive at gordon reef. Guests saw lion fish, Spanish dancer, stone fish and much more.

Day 3 – Tuesday 30th October

Guests enjoyed a light breakfast before the first dive at Jackson Reef. Jackson reef is swarming with different types of marine life and soft and hard corals. Guests saw lion fish, turtle and much more. After a hot breakfast guests enjoyed dive 2 at Ras Um Sid great dive with masses on fan corals and sheets of fire coral. Napolean wrasse, surgeonfish, batfish, jacks and much more. After the dive guests enjoyed their lunch. dive 3 at Jackfish Alley was a drift from the big boat, entered the water and swam through the cave swim through with amazing views and light. Followed the reef around as we drifted. 1000s of fish around the reef. Giant barracuda, spotted rays, anthias, trigger fish, cornet fish, snacks prepared by the chef and relax before the night dive. Night dive was at Temple! Guests saw octopus, squid, lion fish, crabs and much more. After the dive guests enjoyed their dinner and relaxed before bed.

Day 4 – Wednesday 31st October

Guests enjoyed a light breakfast before the first dive at the Kingston wreck, guests enjoyed looking around the wreck and the current drifted us around the reef. Lots of marine life we saw large stone fish, eel, clownfish and much more. Guests enjoyed breakfast and relax before dive 2. Dive 2 was the Thistlegorm. Full tour of the outside of the wreck seeing the locomotives, the stern with the 2 large guns, the impressive propeller, lots of gun cartridges and shells. Down to the bow where the chains are. Lots of marine life on the wreck and a lot of wreck to see. Guests enjoyed lunch and relax before dive 3. Dive 3 was inside the mighty Thistlegorm and Straight away guests were amazed with the amount of marine life on the wreck. As we went inside it become obvious why we call it an underwater museum. We saw all the cargo, Motorbikes, trucks, plane wings, guns etc… Nudi brancs were seen, large school batfish, crocodile fish and much more. Straight after the dive we took the guests by zodiacs to Sha’ab Ali and we had 40 minutes swimming with dolphins !! Guests enjoyed the delicious snack in the zodiac during the tour to the dolphins made by our chef. Night dive at the Thistlegorm is one not to be missed. Guests decided to split and do half inside half outside! Amazing dive exploring the iconic wreck. Turtle was seen sleeping. Guests enjoyed dinner and the boutique before relaxing.

Day 5 – Thursday 1st November

Guests were woken and enjoyed a light breakfast before dive 1. Dive 1 was the Thistlegorm. Guests enjoyed the breakfast and relaxed while the captain moved the boat to Gubal Island for the 2nd  dive of the day. 2nd  Dive was the barge… Guests explored the barge and were amazed with the amount of life on the barge. Went into the lagoon and saw the rare lemon fish before heading back to the boat. After the dive guests enjoyed lunch. Dive 3 was the bluff point which is the corner of Gubal island and the guests were very lucky and had a group of dolphins just after they jumped from the zodiac. After the dive guests enjoyed snacks . Night dive was the Barge with lots of moray eels, Stonefish and lots more.

Day 6 – Friday 2nd November

Guests enjoyed a light breakfast before the first dive at the famous Giannis D. Guests kitted up and jumped back of the boat and descended on top of the wreck. Explored the stern saw the propeller and entered the wreck to see the engine room. Impressive engine! After exciting guests followed the container over to the bow where there is so much life. Back to the stern to see the famous funnel and the super structure. The final dive of the week was back at Dolphin house at Sha’ab El Erg. Guests jumped from the back of the boat and enjoyed a nice easy relaxing dive for the last dive of the trip! After the dive the crew washed all the guests kit while guests enjoyed lunch. After lunch payments were done before we got back to harbor. After a quick diesel stop guests went back on land for a little walk before celebrating the week with the cocktail party. The party included great food prepared from the chefs and a toast to celebrate the week including the iron divers and milestone!


Special Mentions

Celebrated the birthday of Leila on the 29th -  Simon 100 dives  -  Iron Divers ( Ken – Rod – Josh – Rachel – Tommy – Iris ) – SSI Nitrox diver for Susanne – PADI advanced open water diver for Robert and Robert.