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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 27, 2018
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Captains Log Bahamas Aggressor October 27th – November 3rd

Water Temp: 80-83 F

Visibility: 60-100ft


Crew (6 Total)


Captain: Christy Weaver

Engineer/Video Pro: Josh Foster

Engineer in Training: Dave Trent

Instructor/Photo Pro: Ben Phillips

Divemaster: Rob Carabia

Chef: Sarah Pearson




Tina, Melanie, Margo, Bernd, Gudrun, Tamyra, Jim, Joe, Iris, Mike, Mark, Will and Jeanette.


Dive Sites


Sunday – Crab Wall, Dog Rocks, Hole in The Wall, Kraken’s Lair

Monday – Monolith, Split Coral Head, Jakes Hole

Tuesday – Cobia Cage, Cut N Run, Tunnel Rock

Wednesday – Cut Through City, Austin Smith Wreck, Lobster No Lobster

Thursday – Basket Star, Washing Machine, Smuggler’s Plane, Lost Blue Hole

Friday – Periwinkle Reef


Saturday October 27th, 2018


The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomes aboard 13 eager guests, to include our repeat friends Joe & Iris. After getting gear stowed and settled into cabins, guests enjoyed a nice sunset dinner on the cruise out of Nassau Harbor on the way to the Exumas.


Sunday October 28th, 2018


After a good night’s rest, the guests were very excited to finally start diving. After a nice breakfast, everyone was wetsuit ready and briefed for our first site, Crab Wall. A quick checkout dive was joined by reef sharks, large barracuda and many species of juvenile fish. The next site, a crew favorite, was Dog Rocks – full of underwater swim through and labyrinths, home to a resident Spotted Drum! After Hole in the Wall, a long deep swim through site, we headed over to The Krakens Lair for our afternoon and night dive, where many seas cucumbers, shrimp and lobsters were spotted.




Monday October 29th, 2018


Even after an entire day of diving, the guests were still rearing to go again first thing in the morning. Our first stop was a deep dive known as Monolith Wall, with a large pinnacle and schooling fish. Moving on, we head over to Split Coral Head, our first shark dive. Upwards of 20 reef sharks joined us, and we even had a nice surprise from our second Hammerhead of the season! For our afternoon and night dive we hit Jakes Hole, a tidal cavern that spews out cold fresh water from land, and has loads of beautiful macro life, to include flamingo tongues and nudibranchs.


Tuesday October 30th


On the eve of Halloween, this day was bound to be full of interesting happenings, starting first with a visit to Cobia Cage – a sunken underwater cage designed to study sustainable fish farming that has since been abandoned but makes for a creepy wreck type dive. Onto Cut N Run after, the guests were treated to another plane wreck and an old large anchor chain full of life, turtles and rays of the like. For this days afternoon and night dive, we headed to another very interesting site called Tunnel Rock. An underwater laboratory and classroom, this site is used by the Island School in Eluthera to study coral formations. Mantis Shrimp and Slender File Fish were among numerous friends to visit.


Wednesday October 31st (All Hallows Eve)


Halloween is upon us! Starting at Cut Through City, we dove on a large reef filled with sandy cuts and large coral formations to swim through. The sharks began to follow, early on……..Moving over to the wreck of the Austin Smith, the creepy holiday was in full affect with underwater pumpkin carving, loads more sharks, and one super friendly grouper. Into the afternoon and night dive, we move to Lobster No Lobster – a tidal shallow sight known for very large crabs and lobsters, and they did not disappoint!


Thursday November 1st


With Halloween over and the winter upon us, we still are enjoying very warm water temperatures and clear visibility. Starting off on Basketstar Reef, and moving into the Washing Machine – a favorite for everybody! After getting tossed around in the underwater eddy’s, we were greeted at the end by two friendly turtles and a reef shark. Moving on to a nice shallow plane wreck called Smugglers Plane, shrimp and rays were bountiful and the guests were still very happy. Into the afternoon we head closer to Nassau, and the Lost Blue Hole. Our very best Loggerhead Turtle friends were happy to see us, and the sea floor was absolutely covered with rays and hunting reef fish.


Friday November 2nd


For the last dive of the week, we moved closer to Nassau and anchored at a site called Periwinkle Reef. The site was full of super friendly Sergeant Majors, Nurse Sharks, and schools of Blue Tangs. After a very long week of diving, the guests were very satisfied and looking forward to our cocktail party on the sun deck to salute all of our guests, friends, and to talk about future adventures and aspirations.