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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 27, 2018
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor ll Captain’s Log

October 27th- November 3rd  2018

Air Temp-  70-84 F

Water temp- 78-80 F

Visibility 40-75+ ft

Wet Suit Recommendation 3mm + vest + hood (5mm if easily cold)



1st Captain- Mike

2nd Captain- Rachel

Engineer- Jeremy 

Chef- Cam

Video Pro- Morgan

Divemaster- Kris


Dive sites

Sunday- Aquarium, Garden Eel Cove/ Manta Madness

Monday- Kalokos Arches, Amphitheater, The Dome

Tuesday- Rob’s Reef, Paradise Pinnacle, The Hive

Wednesday- Never Neverland, Land of Oz, Manuka Bay

Thursday- Catacombs, Pele’s Playground, Au Au Crater, Driftwood, Pelagic Magic

Friday- Turtle Pinnacle



Saturday October 27th


Aloha from the Kona Aggressor II. This week we welcome our guests on board and begin our adventurous journey of Big Island underwater exploration. We have guests from all over the world including England, Israel and the United States. Captain Mike gives the Introductory and Coast Guard Safety Briefing and then the whole crew sets the table for a gourmet first dinner on the vessel.  Guests are served a seared swordfish paired with white rice and bok choy with a homemade pineapple salsa, and then continue to set up gear, unpack and share hopes for the week.  Some guests are taking advantage of the Enriched Air Course we offer onboard and beginning straight away so they can take enjoy the benefits of breathing Nitrox starting with their first dive. Finally we find our first night sleep at the Kailua Bay mooring.



Sunday October 28th


The guests wake up to a delicious breakfast of Hawaiian sweet bread French toast, pork sausage, and “eggs your way” prepared by chef Cam.  We arrive at our first dive site, Aquarium, where there is quite a bit of current. Guests conduct a buoyancy test and complete their checkout dive. We see a yellow frogfish, a green sea turtle and a stout moray eel to name a few.  During lunch we make our way over to Garden Eel Cove where we moor up for the night. This site impresses with healthy coral and beautiful schools of fish, followed by a daytime appearance of a manta ray and a few brief underwater sightings of bottlenose dolphins.  From the boat we are able to see the dolphins flipping and splashing and even one of our native and endangered Monk Seals makes an appearance.  Everyone is getting excited and this proves to be only a warm up for the spectacular manta show the night delivers. Guests are face to face and up close and personal with over a dozen mantas getting great footage and having an unforgettable experience. Hot Chocolate is available after the dive and guests share photos and get some much needed rest.



Monday October 29th


Our first dive site of the day is Kalokos Arches.  At Kalokos there is quite a bit of surface current the group seeks shelter among the coral and lava formations and swims through numerous volcanic arches.  Divers observe a dragon wrasse, Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse and a couple very large Eels.  The guests enjoy freshly baked cinnamon rolls and after another dive at Kalokos Arches where we find the rare whitleys boxfish, we head to Amphitheater for next dive.  The dive boasts a unique array of lava tubes to explore and the first octopus of the trip.  Then we cruise to the Dome where we’ll spend the night.



Tuesday October 30th


This morning while everyone is eating breakfast the crew hooks up at Rob’s Reef, our first diving location.  We explore a lava formed cave that yields a white tip reef shark and a regal slipper lobster.  After the dives we relocate to Paradise Pinnacle and the guests enjoy taco Tuesday up on the sundeck with an unbelievable view of the island.  Today at paradise pinnacle there are two very unique painted frog fish found hopping around near the base of the pinnacle.  Finally we end our day at the Hive where more unique underwater terrain is explored and guests see many decoy scorpionfish and the Hawaiian Lionfish.  Finally we all sleep happy after a great day of diving.



Wednesday October 31st


Happy Halloween from the Kona Coast!  This morning we get to start the day at Never Neverland and we are elated to encounter the highly sought after whale shark!!! Thrilled with the morning surprise we continue to our next dive at Land of Oz and find some of the elusive flame angelfish. Finally we make our way to Manuka Bay for the night. This sight boasts some of the beautiful most thriving coral we see along the journey, it is also our most southern destination of the trip.  The night dive here proves to be out of this world. Conditions are calmer than the recent surge we have been experiencing.  Right off the bat we see a large box jellyfish, but the viewing is interrupted by a spotted eagle ray nearby.  We continue to a lava tube that is home to a white tip reef shark and then spot the very rare and elusive dragn moray as we meander around coral fingers toward the boat.  Just when we think it’s a jam packed dive we encounter an ornate octopus and finish off the spectacular dive with a great look at a Spanish dancer. Wow! Today hopping in after dark definitely paid off! We celebrate with a hot chocolate and call it a night.



Thursday November 1st  21018


Today we are exploring five different dive sites.  We begin by weaving through the intricate lava formations at catacombs and the dramatic canyons at Pele’s Playground.  After a hearty lunch we dive the massive underwater volcano crater at Au Au Crater, and the swim through the lava tubes at Driftwood, getting greeted by some white tip reef sharks here.   We end the day with a Pelagic dive where divers hang suspended holding onto lines under the boat and witness the largest mass migration of creatures on the planet.   Another hot chocolate nightcap and guests wind down after another great day.



Friday November 2nd 2018


It is the final day of diving.  We head to Turtle Pinnacle first thing in the morning for our final two dives of the trip.   The seas are calm and the reef is bustling with Hawaii’s finest endemic fish.  We enjoy lunch and spend the afternoon relaxing, exploring Kona and packing for the journey home.  As evening falls guests enjoy a cocktail party on the top deck where we recognize our Iron Divers who went above the call of duty and completed every single dive offered throughout the week.  Guests go out on the town and have dinner on their own off of the boat, but return for a final night sleep.



Saturday November 3rd 2018


Guests arise early this morning and eat a hearty continental breakfast onboard.  Packed and ready for departure, guests disembark and we wish them safe travels. Thank you for a fantastic week, we hope you’ve enjoyed the beautiful Kona Coast.  Without you we would not be able to have our dream jobs and show you everything we love about the under water world of Big Island! Mahalo!