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Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captains Log Maldives Aggressor 2

From October 17th to 27th , 2018.

Best of Maldives + Baa Atoll


Water temperature: 29°C.

Visibility: 15-35 meters



Captain: Mode & Beybe

Cruise director: Tony

Engineer: Wanni & Madhu

Instructor: Jeremie

Dive master: Ripon & Ayya

Chef: Ranjit & Isuru

Crew: Sultan, Romesh & Alam


Dive tender crew:

Capitain: Dhema

Crew: Alamin & Sojib




Helena, Erica, Robert, Mayumi, Anna, Stephen, Amnuay, Jorge, Gene, Remus, Eric, Carol


Dives Sites:


Thursday: Dhonfanu house reef, Nelivaru Thila, Dhonfanu Thila

Friday: Rasdhoo Madivaru, Bathalaa Kantila, Maya thila, Maya lagon

Saturday: Hafsa thila, Fish head, Himendhoo thila

Sunday: Moofushi x2, Panettone

Monday: Kudarah thila, whale shark search, 7th heaven, Machchafushi wreck

Tuesday: 5 Rocks, whale shark search, Villamendhoo thila

Wednesday: Mahibadoo rock, Lilly rock, Alimathaa jetty

Thursday: Miyaru kandu, Kandooma thila, Kuda giri wreck

Friday: Lankan reef, Fish factory


Wednesday October, 17th:


We welcome on board twelve new guests, including nine Aggressor repeaters, we introduce them with their new home and start with overall captain briefing followed by a well appreciated dinner in which all guest begins to know each others, then we give them a general briefing about diving operation.



Thursday October, 18th:


For the first dive of this trip we dove at Dhonfanu house reef which is an easy check dive, few turtles that make our dive, this reef his hosting soft coral that are very appreciated by turtle, we also found a mantis shrimp, stone fish and file fish.

After breakfast the dive was at Nelivaru thila, the highlight of this dive site was a profusion of billion glass fish surrounding the thila, very impressive.

Later we went to Dhonfanu thila, it rang from 35m to 8m, on the top there is a lot of anemone fish, school of orange anthias and few moray eels. On the depth there is big scorpion fish, nice hard and soft corals and also a tunnel that start at 25m and end at 18m, this dive diversity was interesting.

During the dinner we crossed from Baa Atoll to Rasdhoo Atoll



Friday October, 19th:


We start our diving day at Rasdhoo Madivaru, water was very clear and we dove along the outside reef wall that stand from 200 meters to 15 meters, we saw white tip sharks, grey reef sharks, eagle rays, marble ray, some tuna, bat fish and profusion of colorful reef fish.

Then we went to Bathalaa Kantila, we success to see plenty of grey reef sharks, white tip and as well a big marble ray.

In the afternoon we dove Maaya thila, this dive is a fish watchers delight, the thila is around 80m long, the top start at 6m and goes gradually down to 12m then steep drop down to 30m, on the drop is found many caves and a swim through, the highlight of that dive was octopus and stone fish.

For Night dive we did a special one in Maya lagoon, the dive boat moored inside the lagoon and install big light on the back plateform, those attract plankton that attract Mantas, we spend 45 minutes in circle under the boat watching the show of 3 mantas spinning above us, that was great!



Saturday October, 20th:


We start our diving day at Hafsa thila, current was moderate so we use hook especially on the thila top upfront incoming current, we saw few babies white tip shark resting under the corals.

In the afternoon we went to Fish head, fisherman have been traditionally fished for sharks and was the best fishing spot of all Ari Atoll, today it is a protected aera thank to the gouvernment statement in 1995.

This dive was good, the top was full of blue lined snappers, fusilier and many turtles, moray eels and octopus.

We finished that day with one of our favorites, Himendhoo thila, is a very large and long pinnacle starting at 8 meters and going up to 30 plus, we enjoy the sight of grey reef sharks and eagle rays passing by, then we let us drift at high speed alongside the pinnacle, life is so rich on this thila and that dive was so much fun.



Sunday October, 21st:


For starter we head to Moofushi reef, it is a reef going from 6m to 30m, there we saw many white tip sharks and few grey reef sharks, then we went to a huge cleaning station and say hello to every single hidden creature onto it, that is how we woke up 😊

As the tide was going up and other boat spotted Mantas there, we dove again at Moofushi but unfortunately the Mantas did come so we enjoy all this reef life again.

In the afternoon we dove at Panettone, it was a deep drifting dive with numerous overhangs with a brilliant display of hard and soft coral, we saw school of barracuda and few big Maori wrasse.



Monday October, 22nd:


We woke up heading to Kudarah thila, one of our favorite, we nerver been desapointed. The reef top is about 14m and goes down on sharp drop off to 30m, there isolated outcrops of rock on the west side, a small canyon on the north and a big long cave at 20m on the eastern side.

We swam around the 80m long thila without difficulties,there is a lot of life there such as big groupers and schools of thousand blue lined snappers and Jacks,few sharks, tuna passing by, nudibranchs and many big size sea fans, black corals bushes, soft corals hanging from overhang cave, this dive site is just splendid.

After breakfast we try our luck with no luck on a whale shark search.

In the Afternoon we dove at Seven Heaven, theses thila are well furnished with black hard coral, the highlight there was Maori wrasse, black tip shark, marble ray and a cloud of bat fish during our safety stop.

To conclude that day and have good dreams during our night, we dove at Machafushi wreck, this Japanese steel fishing trawler has been sunk intentionally in 1998, marine life took it over, we can even penetrate safely this wreck. At night all the yellow anemones covering the wreck are blooming and change totaly the atmosphere comparing from day dive there, a lot of good size parot fish are sleeping on the deck, a moray eel was on her hunt around the top deck, we found few nudibranchs and many big groupers, two different color stone fish and a nurse shark.



Tuesday October, 23rd:


First dive at Five Rocks, this dive site is spectacular for its shape, it looks like a flower shape with five big size pinnacles, highlight was shark, grey reef shark, white tip shark and nurse shark.

Afterward we did another Whale shark search without success, here whale shark are not fed and have natural comportment, it is not guarantee every time.

Then we head to Vilamendhoo thila, it is a narrow thila that rises from 25m to 6m with a steep drop of on the West side, soft and hard corals are in good condition and plenty of fish life, we saw many octopus and moray eels, schools of bat fish and blue trigger fish, big Napoleon fish, some giant clamp and we got so lucky that day that we got around twenty Mantas feeding like crazy on a plankton concentration close to the surface, that was really special.



Wednesday October, 24th:


Wednesday was under Mantas sign, we begin with Mahibadoo rock, we got two mantas on the cleaning station, it was a very nice dive.

For the second dive we went to Lilly Rock, there we got three Mantas on the cleaning station, this morning was excellent.

Then we crossed from Ari Atoll to Vavuu Atoll and get ready for a special night dive at our famous Alimatha jetty site where there is hundreds of resident nurse sharks and many sting rays, current was gentle, we enjoy the spectacle, nurse sharks and sting rays were turning around us during the whole dive, Fantastic dive.



Thursday October, 25th:


We start the day at Miyaru Kandu, this channel was a fun drift dive, we hook for observe a group of five eagle ray stationary in the current and a grey reef shark.

Then we went to Kandooma Thila we dove with grey reef sharks and a few eagle rays cruising around the pinnacle, the top is about 16m depth and is full of life and nice corals around, there was also schools of jacks and snappers, that dive was a fun.

Later we dove at Kuda Giri wreck and its thila, this wreck begins at 18 meters for the bow and finish at 28 meters for the stern, current was very light and allow us to properly visit the wreck before exploring the reef just next, on the reef we saw a profusion of small reef fish of many different colors, few octopus and mantis shrimp.


Friday October, 26th:


For our last day we dove first at Lankan reef, highlight was few Mantas, white tip sharks, octopus and turtle.

To conclude we dove at Fish factory, it is like to be in a fish tank, current was moderate which make this dive a bit challenging, we hook on the shallow protected area where most of the life is concentered, there were huge school of baby red toothed trigger fish, enormous moray eels of different kind, puffer fish, angel fish, Moorish idol, snake eel and around thirty sting rays going around. Guests really appreciate this life profusion and were amazed.



Afterward, we returned to the mother ship and said our farewells to our guests. We are sad to see this group to go as they were fun and a pleasure to serve.

Congratulation to everyone for becoming Iron divers by completing all dives.


Thanks again for joining us this trip along the Mistral Maldives Aggressor 2, we hope to see you again soon!





Maldives aggressor II team