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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Oct 21, 2018
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II

Charter Report October 21-28, 2018

Water Temp: 80/82 degrees

Crew: Jim, Shea, Ripon, Hector, Herence, Editha, Dustin


            Sunday afternoon we welcome aboard our lovely guests for the week, a 12 American group and a couple from United Kingdom. Everybody was picked up along the dock at Malakal Harbor and brought in to the boat. As soon as everybody got on board the guests were greeted by the crew and assisted with their luggage. While the luggage was being sorted they were led to their staterooms and headed out to dive deck again to set up gear. When everybody was done it was time to head upstairs for the captain’s briefing and dinner. The guests had the rest of the evening to themselves hanging out in the salon or went to bed.

            The next morning the boat went to the outer reefs straight away to try and dive the farther sites before the weather gets bad. At around 6 am the guests had breakfast while the boat was underway. As the boat got moored it was time to do our first dive of the week at German Coral Garden. The conditions were nice and calm which was perfect for a check out dive. Everybody entered the water and descended down the sloping coral garden and drifted along with the current. We spotted a nurse shark laying on the sand, a stingray and a marble ray as we were swimming along the reef. There was also a very friendly leopard shark sitting on top of the corals that gave the some of the guest great photo opportunity. After a wonderful dive we went back to the boat and after our surface interval we went for our second dive at Blue Holes. The divers dropped into one of the holes on top of the reef and entered the big cavern were we spent most of our bottom time. Back in the boat it was time for buffet lunch and afterwards we did another briefing on how to use a reef hook for the next dive at Blue Corner. We drifted along with the current with the wall on our right until we reached the hook in sight. Everybody got hooked in and while enjoying the show the friendly Napoleon Wrasse was hanging out getting close to the divers. The current was just mild so we unhooked early and explored the rest of the plateau and got to see the Barracudas, more sharks and bump head parrot fish. For our fourth dive of the day we decided to check out German Channel we did not get to see any mantas but there was a friendly octopus that the guests enjoyed taking videos of. At night we had dinner and while having dessert the Captain discussed the schedule for the next day and called it a day.

            On Tuesday the winds started to pick up so we tried to make the most of the dive sites on the outer reefs before it gets worst. After breakfast we went to German Channel again and this time we were fortunate to see 2 mantas! The first one came past the cleaning station and while we were on our way to the next cleaning station another one swam towards us. After the dive we went back to the boat had our snack rested a little bit and headed on to Ngemelis Wall. We drifted along with the current picked our depth and explored the beautiful wall seeing lots of Square Spotted Anthias, sharks out in the blue and some turtles passing by. After lunch the guests had a little break then we went on to Big Drop-Off. We saw the big ball and chain left out by the Germans that they used as a mooring system when they were mining in one of the islands in Palau. After our surface interval we decided to check German Channel once again and got to see one big Manta at the cleaning station. After a great day of diving the guests had delicious dinner. Everybody decided that they are done diving for the day and not do a night dive. While having dessert the captain ask everybody if they are interested on doing a land tour on the next day at Peleliu and everybody was up for it. The rest of the evening everybody was up in the salon watching a documentary of what happened in the island of Peleliu during the WWII.


The next day our first dive was as Barnum’s Wall and we were lucky enough to see a Leopard Shark just sitting on top of the reef. There were also plenty of turtles and sharks passing by as we were drifted along with the current. After the dive as soon as everybody was dry and ready to go they got dropped off at the North dock of Peleliu and got picked up by a bus and tour guide. The tour lasted for about 3 hours and the guests enjoyed going inside the thousand man caves, looking at the tanks, pill boxes. They also visited the museum that had lots of artifacts from the war. After the tour everybody was brought back to the boat just in time for lunch then had had some time to rest before going on the next dive at Ngerchong Outside. The divers enjoyed the drift along the sloping coral garden and since it was starting to pick up we decided on drift across the reef and got to see some schooling snappers and sharks. After our surface interval we did our next dive at Ngerchong Inside and got to see a manta and octopus. Back in the big boat it was time for dinner and afterwards some went for a night dive at Ngerchong Inside.


The following morning after having out delicious breakfast we decided to go diving at Ngerchong Outside again. This time the current was just mild allowing everybody to explore the sloping coral garden. After the dive the big boat started heading towards Wonder Channel to secure the boat from the bad weather. Once we got the boat secured it was time to go diving at Neco Passage where the divers enjoyed looking at nudibranchs scattered all over the dive site. We had burgers for lunch had few moments of resting and did the next dive at Wonder Channel. The fourth dive was at Clam City where everybody enjoyed looking at the Giant Clams scattered everywhere taking photos and videos of it. After a delicious dinner some guests decided on checking out the clams at night. This time shrimps and crabs came out with their eyes shining red as the divers shine their lights towards them.


The engines started early on Friday moving the boat to Ulong Island where we did the first two dives of the day. After breakfast we headed to Ulong Channel and because the current was outgoing we had to start from the other end of the channel going out to the mouth of it. Everybody enjoyed the drift and got to see the giant clams that are probably hundred years old. We also reached the big stacks of lettuce corals that had plenty of soldier fishes tucked in every leaf. Back in the boat we had some snack and did the next dive at Sandy Paradise. The current was just right so we swam along the sloping coral garden until we reached the area where the coral garden and the sandy area meet. There we saw a bunch of garden eels and some coral heads that had glassy eyed sweepers and cleaner wrasses that the diver enjoyed hanging out with. While we were having lunch the boat started moving again and headed back to Malakal Harbor so we could check out few wrecks in Palau. Hafa Adai was first wreck we checked and it was said to be a communications boat back in the day and sunk because of bad weather. There were blue dragonets all over the wreck, spade fish and the giant clam at the very top. For the last dive of the day we went to Lighthouse Channel and got to see the fishing boat that was covers with different fishes being used as a shelter against the moving current. The divers spent the rest of their bottom time drifting along the sloping coral garden until it was time to end the dive. Dinner was a bit different and was served as buffet style. While having dessert the captain stood in front and did another trivia that everybody enjoyed participating with. After eating everybody was asked to move on to the salon to talk about the activities for the next few days on board. After that it was time to watch the video of the week put together by our Captain. The guests enjoyed watching the highlights of the whole trip and after the movie they hang out in the salon talking how great the week of diving was.


The last two dives on Saturday was at another wreck called the Helmet Wreck where the divers saw artifacts like bombs, helmets, rifles and sake bottles. And while having our surface interval the guests settled their bills and did the other dive was at Chandelier caves where the divers entered the cave popping out of the air chambers appreciating the rock formations and spent the rest of their dive time at the reef just outside the entrance looking for the Mandarin Fish. After the dive the divers started breaking down their gear taking out the weights and as soon as we got back to the boat the crew helped everybody wash their BCD’s and wetsuits. Lunch was served at the salon and the guests had the rest of the evening for free. Some went to shore to have a little stroll in island and the others stayed on board to start packing. At 6 pm everybody gathered back in the salon for the cocktail party. The guests had drinks and chatted with each other talking about how great the week was. Few moments later the captain had a little speech, gave out awards and thanked everybody for joining the Palau Aggressor II.


Sunday morning continental breakfast was at 7am then 7:45 loaded up the luggage on the skiff and said our goodbyes as we took the guests ashore to be transferred their hotels. We would like to thank everyone for joining us this week on the Palau Aggressor 2. We hope to see you all again soon.


- Palau Aggressor Crew