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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 20, 2018
Entry By: Oman Aggressor crew



CRUISE DATE: October 20-27, 2018


ITINERARY: Musandam Islands


Avg Air Temp: 36 oC / 97 oF

Avg Water Temp: 28oC / 83oF

Avg Visibility: 10 m / 30feet

Avg Wind Speed: 8 knots

Weather: dry and hot




  • Captain: Amir
  • Cruise Director: Shaker
  • Instructors/Guides: Ashley, Cinzia
  • Chef: Salah, Abu Hassin
  • Stewards: Nubi, Sony
  • Seamen: Haleem, Mohamed, Yahyah, Moustafa
  • Engineer: Galal


GUESTS: Anar, Janina, Zhiyang, Andy, Bruce, Sam, Jozef, Jerzy, Simon, Barnaby, Mark, Jude, Rolando, Petra, Mike, Vincent, Alain, Katalin



  • Sunday: Eagle Bay, Abu Sir Coral Garden, Eagle Bay
  • Monday: Lima Rock x 3, Lima Corner
  • Tuesday: Octopus Rock, Marovi Rock, Ras Marovi Outside, Ras Marovi Inside
  • Wednesday: White Rock, Ras Kesha West, Ras Kesha East x 2
  • Thursday: No Palm Beach, Deep Purple, No Palm Beach x 2
  • Friday: Bu Rashied x 2


  • Total dives for the trip: 21


DAY 1 – Saturday It’s a lovely afternoon at Khasab Marina where small wooden cargo boats are loading up with supplies and local fisherman are heading to the market with their catch of the day. Our guests arrive sporadically in small groups or as solo travelers and are greet by our warm, smiling crew. We are pleased to be receiving guests from all over the world including Kazakhstan, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Poland, UK, France, Switzerland, and Netherlands. After being shown to their spacious cabins, guests chose their tank position for the week and set up their dive gear with the help of the staff. Once everyone is settled in we gather in the salon area for a general briefing then sit down for a fresh caught Mackerel dinner and cheesecake dessert, then off to bed for a peaceful nights sleep in the marina. Welcome aboard Oman Aggressor!


DAY 2 – Sunday Guests wake up in anticipation, excited to begin their week of diving. After a general briefing we gear up and jump in via giant stride entry from the back of the main vessel. Eagle Bay is a great location for a check out dive for its calm, clear waters and shallow sloping reef. We are off to a good start with sightings of flounder and cuttlefish as we do a full loop around the site and back to the boat directly. After a hot breakfast we get in the dinghy and head around to the other side of Abu Sir to the Coral Garden. Here we do a nice, slow drift dive going one way from beginning to end. Two dottybacks are seen fighting in the sand, a hawksbill turtle munches away at some coral, and a massive honeycomb moray sits on a rock in plain sight.   For lunch, Chef has prepared a Mexican style buffet of tuna salad, chicken fajita, guacamole, potatas and mixed veggie. Muy Deliciosa! Our last dive of the day was back at Eagle Bay where we were lucky enough to spot two turtles, schools of yellowbar angelfish, and a couple nice nudibranchs. Guests have plenty of time to relax in the evening before and after dinner. Several take advantage of the beer and Jacuzzi while other head to their cabins for an early nights sleep. A great start to our week in Musandam Islands.


DAY 3 – Monday After a 6hour navigation Southward through the night we arrive to Lima Rock. This steep rocky islet is too small for any land inhabitants aside from a few sea birds, but underneath is a different story. On one side the colorful lively walls cascade to the seafloor at about 25 meters. Here the rock is completely covered in bright, beautiful soft corals and sponges consisting of a variety of pink, purple, orange, green, white, and yellow colors. Absolutely stunning. This reef is home to undulated morays, grey morays, and honeycomb morays as well as schooling red tooth triggerfish, huge batfish, and chevron barracudas. On the other side is an even steeper wall which hits a sandy bottom at about 40 meters. This side is much more plain as far as coral life, but the pelagic life is remarkable. We were lucky enough to see a hawksbill turtle and an eagle ray passing together! Next we saw a school of Spanish Mackeral which lead us to do a pelagic safety stop into the blue. After three dives at this lovely location we headed to Lima Corner for a shallower spot for our fourth dive of the day. Also very beautiful complete with spiny lobsters, eels, and Arabian butterfly fishes. The guests return to the boat just as the sun was setting and enjoyed a peaceful evening of calm water and bright stars, before heading in for bed.


Day 4 – Tuesday Another beautiful morning in the Gulf of Oman as guests wake up to fresh cappuccino and a nice layout of fruits, bread, and cheeses. After a dive briefing from our cruise director we gear up and head over to Octopus Rock for the first dive of the day. Here we see layers of hard and soft coral covered with small reef fish including triggers, cardinal fish, and a variety of damselfish. After the dive we return to the mothership where the chef has set up his egg station in the salon and is making omelets to order as guests sit down for breakfast. Our final three dives are at Marovi Rock, a large rock just barely connected to the island and home to many morays, turtles, and pufferfish. We find some very unique nudibranchs here as well as crabs and lobsters. We do the dusk dive on the shallower area of the rock and see a marbled ray, turtles, and a cuttlefish! What amazing diving today! After dinner guests head to their cabins in anticipation of another beautiful day of diving tomorrow. Sweet Dreams from Oman Aggressor!


DAY 5 – Wednesday It’s 6:00am and the sun is just about to peek over the horizon as guests are waking up slowly. After coffee we gear up for a deep dive over at White Rock, a site visible at the surface as a small boulder and underwater becomes a massive rock and pinnacle that expands widely until it reaches a sandy bottom of about 40 meters. As we roll in and begin to descend we are surrounded by literally hundreds of batfish. Finding shelter along the deep pinnacle we see huge barracuda and schools of trevally as well as morays and small nudibranchs. After breakfast we decide to stay near the main island for a dive at Ras Kesha West, a sloping coral reef home to scorpion fish, butterflyfish, puffers, and lobster. We return to the boat for lunch and a siesta. The last two dives of the day are lazy drift dives alone Ras Kesha East. Slowly finning along the walls of coral we see many dottybacks, cardinalfish, and surgeonfish living harmoniously along the beautiful soft and hard corals which reach a sandy bottom at around 18 meters. For dinner, Chef has prepared delicious fried fish platter complete with peel & eat shrimp and sautéed veggies. With full bellies the guests disperse to play card games or watch a movie, while others just simply go to bed.


DAY 6 – Thursday We wake up at Musandam Island, have a light breakfast, then jump in at No Palm Beach. It was an awesome drift dive along steeply sloping coral and rock formations, all covered in beautiful purple soft corals. We see nudibranchs, eels, juvenile yellow bar angelfish, and during the safety stop we even saw a black tip reef shark! Next we head around to the outside of the island where we dive at Deep Purple. It was an excellent, colorful dive but the real excitement happened at the surface. Just as our divers were climbing back into the dinghy, a whaleshark shows up! And he is surrounded by dolphins! Absolutely amazing! After the second dive we return to the boat for lunch and Chef has prepared broccoli cream soup, avocado salad, molokheya, chicken curry, Chinese vegetables, and basmati rice. Our last two dives are at No Palm Beach, East and West. They are nice but could not top the whaleshark sighting from earlier. After a big dinner, guests relax with a beverage or two, then retire to their cabins for the night.


DAY 7 – Friday Sadly it is our last day of diving :( After an early navigation to Bu Rashied, we have arrived to the small rocky islet where we will do our last two dives. There was quite a strong current today due to the arrival of the full moon, but we decided to use it to our advantage for two exciting drift dives. We jump in and glide along beautiful coral gardens and sheer walls covered in pink and purple soft corals. It was certainly a Grand Finale with sighting of schools of hundreds of batfish, a reef shark, and mobula rays! After the dive, the guests come have dinner while crew cleans the dive gear. In the evening we have a ocktail party and celebrate our iron divers of the week. Congratulations Bruce, Vincent, Zhiya, Andy, Mark, and Anar for completing all 21 dives this week, and thank you everyone for making this trip so special! Sea you next time J


Your Oman Aggressor Crew.


Log Date:

Entry by: Oman Aggressor Crew