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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 30, 2018
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Fiji Aggressor Log 30th June to 6th July 2018


Captain – Arthur Williams

Chief Engineer – Vincent

Cruise Director – Richard

Chef – Peni

Steward – Eddie


Guests –






30th June, 2018


1200hrs The crew are ready to welcome our guests for the week on board the Fiji Aggressor.


1300hrs The guests arrive and head straight in for lunch followed by the Crew introductions and dive briefing.


Weather – Slow moving Low pressure over the Fiji Islands. Southerly winds blowing 25 to 30 knots with rough seas and swells up to 8 to 10mtrs.


Because of the weather, we heaved anchor and began our journey a little later than the usual schedule. 1900hrs – we sailed for Beqa Island as it was a safer option. Sailing towards Namena, Wakaya & Gau, would have taken us into the storm.


Once out of the Suva passage, winds increased and what would have taken us four hours, took us six and a half hours to arrive safely in Beqa waters.


Sunday 1st July, 2018


Our first day was a slow day starting with breakfast 0800hrs.


Weather – Southerly winds of 25 to 30 knots with rough seas in the lagoon.

Our area of diving was limited due to the weather system.


0900hrs – our first check out dive at Yanuca Island where only two guests decided to try it out.

1030hrs – because of the cold temperature of the water, we took the guests ashore for a little sight seeing.

1200hrs – they were back on board for lunch. We then heaved anchor and seeked shelter in the calm Bay of Rukuva village.

1500hrs – Guests went in their second dive at Boomie. Divers got to see Turtles, White tip Sharks and a school of Barracudas.



Monday 2nd July, 2018

Weather - Easterly winds of 25 to 30 knots with rough seas and overcast.

0800hrs – dropped anchor lee of Yanuca Island.

0830hrs – We had our first dive at 3 nuns with all 4 guests in the water.


1000hrs – All divers were safe on board. Unfortunately, as the weather picked up, our anchor chain broke free at the first shackle.

We then sailed to Beqa to seek shelter and make a mooring for the night.


The guests could only complete three dives today. Their second and third dives were done closer to Beqa Island around the nearby reefs.


Tuesday 3rd July, 2018


Weather – Winds blowing 25 to 30 knots with rough seas in the Yanuca Lagoon.


0800hrs – 1st dive at 3 nuns with all four guests in the water.


1100hrs – 2nd dive at the seven sisters where we used the skiff for guests drop off and pick up. Guests got to view soft Corals, Sea ferns and Anthias.

1430hrs – 3rd dive was at Fantasy with three divers only. Our forth diver decided to sit this one out because of the rough sea.

1700hrs – 4th dive was with only two divers. Dive was at Pratt Reef. The other 2 divers decided not to join again because of the weather.

There was no night dive.


Wednesday 4th July, 2018


Winds were still at 25 to 30 knots.

0900hrs – We did our first and second dives at Ceasar’s Rock located at the end of Beqa passage on the West end. Guests caught sight of Barracudas, sea ferns, Anthias, Surgeonfish and White tips passing by. Our photographers were excited with this dive and impressed with what the sunlight did to the site.

1400hrs – By this time we had retrieved our anchor and with a little team work, managed to fix it back on.

1530hrs – Third Dive at Golden Arch with all four guests in the water. Guests explained after that they thoroughly enjoyed their dive with enough sunlight to take good photos.


Dinner was served at 1830hrs and we began our 12hr journey to Gau Island after dinner.


Thursday 5th July, 2018


0615hrs – We enter into calm waters of Gau.

0800hrs – 1st dive was at Jim’s Alley with all four divers. We experienced good visibility with enough current to open up the coral life. A very colorful dive indeed.


Weather – Southerly winds up to 20 to 25 knots with rough seas and overcast. We experienced poor visibility and passing showers time to time.


We did our second dive at Nagali Passage with the current coming in bringing clear waters. Guests managed to catch a glimpse of Barracudas, Sharks and Jacks.


After the dive, the winds and current increased do we sailed towards Somosomo Bay to seek shelter. This is where we also conducted our village visit.


Friday 6th July, 2018


Winds were at 20 to 25 knots and seas improved for our first dive at 0630hrs with a clear view of up to 70 feet.


0900hrs – We attempted our second dive at the same dive site. Unfortunately the water was too cold so did not stay too long in the water.

By 1030hrs, everyone was on board and we began our journey back to Suva.


Captain Arthur Williams

Sere Ni Wai