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Log Date: Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains Log, October 10th-20th 2018


*Air Temp. 78-85 F

*Water Temp. 80-84 F

* Visibility 60ft-140 ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin



Thursday – (Roatan) - Calvins Crack & Virginia’s Wall

Friday - (Roatan) - Mary’s Place & Mandy’s Eel Garden

Saturday -  (Utila) - Ted’s Point & The Pinnacle

Sunday - (Utila) - Cannery Bank & Jack Neals

Monday - (Cayos Cochinos) - Cayos Seamounts & Toon Town

Tuesday - (Cayos) - Little Coco Seamount & (Roatan) - Half Moon Bay Wall

Wednesday - (Roatan) - The Odyssey Wreck, Spooky Channel & Lighthouse Reef

Thursday - (Roatan) - Dolphin Caves, Spooky Channel & Tavianna’s

Friday - (Roatan) - Mr Buds



Wednesday October 10th 

The Roatan Aggressor welcomes aboard this week, our 2nd 10 day charter, Debbie & Bob who are enjoying their 2nd back to back 10 days of diving with us. Ray who is on his 5th trip with us & many more familiar faces from both here on the Roatan Aggressor & other Aggressor destinations, once you experience Aggressor’s way of diving its difficult not to continue, so wonderful to hear. We have 14 guests this charter which means they get extra pampering. Once the dive gear is set up & check in complete, the welcome meeting concluded its time to head to the sundeck as the sun sets for our Saturday BBQ. Willie & Jesse are manning the grill whilst Chef Milton & Sous Chef Jana are adding the final touches to all the delicious sides, the hydroponic salads which are all grown on the island by a local company, grown without soil & delivered to the boat fresh today. There are tasty baked potatoes, crunchy corn on the cob which compliment the juicy ribs & succulent chicken. For desert there is delicious rum & pineapple cake with fluffy whipped cream. After a long days travel its a good opportunity for an early night.


Thursday October 11th 

Leaving French Harbour the weather is splendid, we are greeted by Spinner Dolphins, staying on the south-side & heading east we splash at Calvins Crack where our fabulous Dive Master Willie points out a rather large, Large Eyed Bearded Toadfish, Debbie gets lucky & finds a Common Octopus, what a great start to the week. There are Sharp-tail Eel’s, one is foraging for food. There are plenty of Neck & other varieties of Decorator Crabs, Sandiver’s, Lizardfish, Spotted Scorpionfish & a humungous Barracuda. Bill finds a Green Moray under a ledge. Juvenile Spotted Drum’s are seen on both dives & through the swim thru’s Capt Eddy is surrounded by Silversides. In addition to all the usual suspects are the vibrant colours of the Rock Beauties, French & Queen Angel. There is a large Dog Snapper looking for a snack & a timid Golden Tail hiding amongst the coral. During lunch we move east to the fabulous Virginians Wall. Amongst the Corkscrew Coral are the Peterson Cleaning Shrimp, Squat Lobsters & Snapping Shrimp with their token Arrow Crab. A Short Nose Pipefish pokes out from behind a Smooth Trunkfish. Between the cracks in the coral are Banded Coral Shrimp as the arm of a Brittle Star grabs a passing morsel of food. A Nurse Shark passes by as hovering mid water are Reef Squid. Our wonderful Dive Master Jesse splashes for the night dive after dinner with 11 guests for an awesome dive encountering several Reef & Common Octopus, Reef Squid, Big Eye Squid, Spotted Lobsters, huge Channel Clinging Crabs, Basket Star’s, Sharp Nose & Spotted Moray Eel’s out hunting. We travel west and more up for the night.


Friday October 12th

Over to Marys Place for a 7am dive, Giant Fire-worm, Schools of Sgt. Majors, Horse Eye Jacks, Bermuda Chubs, Neck Crabs, White Spotted Nudibranch’s, Arrow Blenny’s, Secretary Blenny’s, Christmas Tree Worms, Spotted Scorpionfish, Reef Mantis, Mutton Snapper, Mahogany Snapper, Urchin’s, Trumpetfish, Peacock Flounder’s, Permit’s, Joltedhead Porgy’s. Time for breakfast & a 2nd dive after Eel Garden where there are 2 Eagle Rays, a Giant Midnight Blue Parrotfish, Hawksbill Turtle, Spotted Lobster, a freight train of Creole Wrasse and the Blue Tang Gang. 11 night divers take the plunge with Willie to discover 3 Common & Reef Octopus, Reef Squid, Spiny Lobsters, Flamingo Tongue, Red Knight Shrimp & Peppermint Shrimp.


Saturday October 13th

Travelling over to Utila & morning up at Ted’s Point there are Southern Stingray’s, 2 Long-spine Urchins burring into the sand, 2 Large Eyed Toadfish under ledges, Short Nose Pipefish, 3 Long-snout Seahorses, 2 black & an Orangey Brown one, 3 Green Morays, 3 medium sized juvenile Spotted Drums plus a daytime Common Octopus. Over at The Pinnacle are furry dice, (Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish), Medusa & Roughead Blenny, Arrow Crabs on steroids, Slender Filefish, Saddleback Blenny, Atlantic Spadefish, Cornetfish, a unique Star Gazer, juvenile Spotted Trunk, Scroll Cow, Hawksbill Turtle, Blue Chromis, Yellow headed Jawfish, Indigo Hamlet’s. The night dive was awesome with  hundreds of hundreds of Large Eye Squid in and amongst the Giant Barracuda going crazy and inking everywhere, it was like a light show, it was quite beautiful, on the reef there were a variety of Decorator Crabs, Cryptic Teardrop Crabs, Slipper Lobster, Spotted Trunk, Cowfish, Trumpet & Cornets with their offspring, Reef & Common Octopus, this weeks critter sighting are insane.


Sunday 14th October

Waking up to a beautiful dead calm morning we head over to The Cannery Bank, a large single pinnacle a reasonable distance from the mainland, sloping sandy banks delving down to the deep water, umpteen Creole Wrasse march by with all the usual suspects & the resident Nurse Shark pays us a visit. During lunch, Cheeseburgers in paradise which is served on the sundeck to the sound of island tunes on the most idyllic perfect day, we pass by all the small cays that make up the outskirts of Utila arriving at our destination for the remainder of the day at Jack Neals. This unique site is almost alien in its residents, Tube Anemone’s, Hairy Channel Clinging Crabs, Moon Jellyfish, Sea Stars, Nudibranch, Upside Down Jellyfish, Yellow Rays, Lesser Electrical Ray, Southern Stingray, Reef Octopus & Squid, Furcate Crab, Excavating Shrimp & Orange Spotted Gobies. After dinner we watch as the Space Satellite passes by then 7 divers follow Willie into the deep for another magical night dive. Snake Eels, Spotted Morays. Tasseled Nudibranch, Sea-hare, Arrow Squid, Pistol Shrimp, Tube Anemone, Mobular Ray & Bi Colour Coney’s.


Monday 15th October

Travelling over to Cayos we moor up at the wonderful seamounts. Huge underwater mountains, several miles from Cayos Cochinos, an oasis in the ocean abundant, diverse & vibrant, a flurry of some of the largest Atlantic Ocean-triggers, schools of Atlantic Spadefish, Horse Eye Jacks, Debbie & Bob spy a Silky Shark in the distance, 2 massive Wahoo go by doing their rounds, there is a good sized Masked Porcupine-fish, several Balloon-fish, all the usual suspects busy in this underwater metropolis. In the afternoon we head into Cayos and Toon Town, Willie takes our divers on a fabulous tour finding a stunning Harlequin Pipefish along with all the Bluebell Tunicates which the dive site is renewed for. 10 divers splash for the night dive, Willie catches on video both a Spotted Scorpionfish & Large Eyed Toadfish catching fish for dinner, awesome!


Tuesday 16th October

Departing Toon Town we head over to Little Coco for our first dive, this lively seamount is as abundant and vibrant as its larger cousin. It’s time to head back to Roatan for the remainder of our trip, we arrive at Half Moon Bay Wall in time for lunch, delving into the deep waters with Jesse for their first dive at 2pm & 2nd at 4.15pm with Willie, Jesse lands them straight onto a Green Turtle and that remained the theme for the afternoon with a variety of Green, Spotted & Sharp Tail Eels amongst many, Willie our super star dive master also found the smallest slither of life which turned out to be a juvenile Short Nose Pipefish. After dinner 9 divers join Jesse for the night dive.


Wednesday 17th October

Heading East we plunge onto the Odyssey Wreck a most impressive huge wreck, stopping off at Spooky Channel which was very Spooky! Onto Lighthouse Reef for the afternoon & night dive.


Thursday October 18

Heading East we arrive at Dolphin Caves, always a magical, splendid site but this week surpassed all of our previous encounters, Willie was on fire, pointing out left right and centre critter after critter, several Short Snout & Harlequin Pipefish, a couple of Pipe-horses, Bearded Toadfish, Box Crabs, a huge Whiptail Ray, Filament Blenny, Spotted Drum, Fire-worms & Bristle Worms, Spotted Cleaner Shrimp, Squat Anemone Shrimp, Sail-fin Blenny, Lizardfish, the list goes on and on. Heading back we stop off at Spooky Channel for a dive and so pleased that we did as under the boat circling us is a huge Silky Shark, what a fabulous surprise. Onwards to Tavianna’s where we have a fine afternoon of diving with a dusk dive with encounters of many of the usual crustaceans & several Hawksbill and Green Turtle. Our special Thursday meal is served followed by White Chocolate Creme Brûlée followed by the movie of the week, what a movie this week there are so many wonderful critters to be remembered.


Friday 19th October

Heading over to the south side of the island we enjoy breakfast during an amazing critter bonanza slideshow and moor up at good old Mr Bud which is always a great dive however this time an extra treat, a Long-snout Seahorse, found by no other than Bob & Debbie our back to back 10 day guests. A fabulous end to what has been the most unbelievable 10 days of some of the best diving & diversity, the list of critters we have seen this charter has been endless. Heading into dock gear is rinsed and dried, lunch is served, the afternoon is spent in various ways by our guests. We all return to the sundeck for our 6pm Cocktail Party with much to celebrate. This week there are 7 Iron Divers, Debbie, Chris, Bill K, Bill G, Jane, Ray & Vinny. Bob & Debbie get a special recognition for their back to back 10 day achievement & Ray not only an Aggressor Addict but a Roatan Aggressor Addict has to be congratulated. Prior to heading over to Romeo’s we wish Chris & Eileen a happy 27th wedding anniversary with a presentation from Jane and all the crew & a special something from Romeo’s on completion of their meal.


Saturday 20th October

All This weeks awesome guests complete their continental breakfast, bid their farewells and board the transportation to the airport, firm friends have been made this week who I am sure we will see diving together again. We wish all of are guests this week a safe & speedy onwards journey, knowing that we will be seeing a handful of them again in the very near future. Until the next time, the crew of the Roatan Aggressor…