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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Thursday, Sep 20, 2018
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter Sept. 20 to Sept. 30 2018

Water Temp: 82-86 deg F

Air Temp: 78-86 deg F

Crew:  Jim, Shea, Hector, Ronnie, Herence, Ripon, Joe, Edith


On Sunday afternoon, we greeted 17 wonderful guests, 11 from the U.S, 4 from Europe and 2 from Hongkong. Upon arrival they were introduced to their individual cabins and then helped as they set up their dive gear and camera and video equipment before dining on a tasty dinner laid out by Chef Ronnie. Then they were presented with the vessel orientation and safety briefing before heading off to bed to recover from the long flights they had before beginning an amazing ten days of diving in beautiful Palau.


 Early Friday morning we departed the dock to begin our wonderful journey to German Channel. We started our day of diving with awesome check out dive called German Coral Garden. German Coral Garden is a beautiful coral garden that slopes down to a sandy bottom, on the site we saw a lot of schooling fish, and we also saw crocodile fish and several nudibranch. Our second dive was a site named Big Drop Off.  One feature of the dive was ball and chain hanging on the wall used as a docking system of German during the time they own Palau. The wall was vertical and lots of sea fan and soft coral along with macro life like nudibranch, small fishes and orangutan crab. Our third dive was German Wall, to start with in a sandy channel with lots of garden eel and sea snails and on the wall you’ll see macro life and in the blue sharks  and turtle swimming by.  Our fourth and final dive for today was Famous German Channel. German Channel was the dividing line of two states, Koror and Peleliu. The divers dive in Koror side end went straight to cleaning station. Unfortunately no manta show up at the cleaning station but on their way to mouth of the channel they saw two Leopard sharks trying to mate. After wards they drift in to a beautiful coral garden inside the channel. When back to the big boat for dinner prepared by our best Chef Ronnie.


On Saturday we started the day diving at Alexy’s coral garden. This was a sloping coral garden and turn in to a sloping wall. The dive site has sharks, friendly turtles, lots of anemones and critters as well along the wall and coral garden. Second dive was Ngemelis wall; it was a sheer wall with beautiful coral formation of both sea fan and soft corals which is really nice for photography. After the dive we went back to the big boat and then had an awesome lunch prepared by Chef Ronnie. On the third dive we go over a dive site called Barnum’s Wall. This dive site is a sloping wall and sandy bottom. Very relaxing dive, not much current, and school of fish and macro life we saw on this dive site. The fourth dive brought us back to German Channel again. This time we started on Peleliu side and swim down to cleaning station. We saw several sharks, school of fish and lots of critters on the sand on our way to cleaning. After the dive we drifted inside the beautiful coral garden to end the dive. Our night dive was Clam city. This dive site was used to be a clam farm before. The highlight of the dive was cuttle fish on a hunt and actually saw him strike a fish.



On Sunday we stay inside the rock islands formation due to the condition of the weather. Our first dive was Neco Passage; it was a channel so expect current but this place is good for muck diving. Divers able to see what they can’t see outside the reef like pipefish and lots of vibrant color of nudibranchs. Divers saw two cuttle fish on this dive site. Our next dive was at Wonder Channel similar to first dive site the channel was in between the rock islands, expect currents, crocodile fish, nudibranch and several juvenile fish. After the dive we come back to the big boat for lunch. After lunch our third dive was Clam city again. This time it was day light so divers saw lots of giant clam along the way, lobster and juvenile fish were also prospect on this one. Our fourth dive was Ngermeaus. This dive site is a sloping bottom of sand and hard corals. Divers found crocodile fish and nudibranch on this dive site. On our night dive we went back to Ngermeaus.



On Monday due to strong wind and not safe to dive on the outer reef we stayed inside and started the day going back to Neco Passage for first dive and for second dive we dive Carolines reef. This dive site is in between islands so most of the time there is current. It was a sloping wall that turn in to coral garden at the back side of the island. There are lots of small fish and some juvenile fish seen on the area. After the dive we head back to the big boat for lunch and during lunch we motor the big boat back to Malakal Harbor to do some wreck diving. Our third dive was Helmet Wreck. The Helmet Wreck also known as the Depth Charge Wreck. Only 189 feet long the helmet wreck is found not until 1989. That is why there are many artifacts from the war on this site that we found at the stern part of the wreck. You’ll find bombs, helmets, morphine bottles generator and 5 airplane engines on cargo holds. There is no night dive today but a dusk dive instead because of the special dive for mandarin spawning and we go to Mandarin Coral Garden just outside Chandelier Cave. At the beginning of the dive we explore the coral garden first and we saw signal goby, razor fish, blennies and nudibranch. While the sun sets the mandarin start going outside the corals and being active, looking for their partner. We come back to the big boat for a delicious dinner prepared by our good chef.



Tuesday morning we start the dive on IRO. This wreck was the flag ship of Palau, perfectly sunk upright and nice to explore with torpedo holes, two big guns, tall king post, super structure and cargo hold you can check on. On this dive site we saw lots of tomato anemones, nudibranch, jellyfish and ringed pipefish. For our second dive brought us to another wreck called Amatsu Maru with 507 feet long it is a little bit bigger than the Iro and  had some interesting finds, such as a crocodile fish, and lots of Black coral covering the wreck where you can find shrimps and fish living on it. After lunch our third dive was Chuyo Maru another wreck bombed during World War II. Just inside the pincher area close to Malakal Harbor.  There is Gun to check at the stern, nudis, gobies and blennies to see along side with lots of black coral and shrimps living on it. On their way up they saw family of squid hanging around the buoy. The fourth dive was Chandelier Cave and the guests love it inside with beautiful stalactites and crystal formation. Outside the cave they saw more critters like mandarin fish, signal goby and razor fish. Divers went back to the boat for dinner and for the night dive it was Hafa dai. This wreck was great to dive at night because lots of critters crawling around the wreck itself. Critters well camouflage on soft coral and coral bushes are nice to find, lion fish hunting at night is a good to look at too.

 Wednesday morning we went back to Hafa dai too see the wreck at day light. For second dive it was Lighthouse Channel. This dive site known for fast current but the sloping bottom on the side of the channel is pretty with lots of nudis to see and soft coral and sea fans aswell. As the divers in the water Captain Jim start motoring the boat heading south to the island called Ngerchong. After the dive the skiff catch up with the big boat and have lunch. After lunch we dive Ngerchong inside and this dive site is sloping wall and sandy bottom. The divers are lucky to spot Leopard sharks resting on the sandy area. For the fourth dive we gone over to the dive site called Ngerchong outside. They saw sharks in the blue and school of fusiliers waiting for planktons.  The night dive we went back to Ngerchong inside to see it at night.

 Thursday morning we left early to go back to German Channel and try to go out for famous dive site called Blue Corner. The swell and waves get small a bit enough to make it to Blue Corner. We started in incoming side and come up to hook in area but the swell still too big to make a strong surge. When we unhook and hook back in on the deeper side we enjoy much better because of the less surge and lots of fish and sharks in the blue with friendly napoleon wrasse check out the diver. Second dive we went back to Blue corner area and did Blue Holes. We did not enter on the top of the reef instead we use the hole on the wall. We took videos and picture inside and when we come out we drifted wall on the left and saw great barracuda, sharks and turtles swimming the blue. After lunch our third dive was New Drop Off, it was another hook in dive and most people say it was the mini version of Blue Corner. it has a sheer wall with lots of soft coral and sea fan, school of snapper and barracudas on top of the reef and sharks at the hook in area. Our night dive after dinner we go over to Ngemelis wall, this dive site was vertical wall and it was pretty at night with the colors of coral at night. We did see nudibranch, lots of lion fish and rest are nocturnal critters like crabs and shrimps.



On Friday morning we did go back to Blue corner and the guests enjoy it much better with small waves and more actions under water. Second dive was turtle cove and maybe their favorite wall because of the colors of soft corals and fish found on the dive site and by the way most of them saw the sail fish on this dive site. During lunch the boat motor to Ulong Islands and once we get there we went out and did Siaes Corner. It was another hook in dive but they start on the sheer wall and come up to hook in area. Enjoy the show where they saw snappers and baby sharks in the blue. After hooking in they explore the beautiful coral garden on top. Fourth dive was famous Ulong Channel and this dive site was stunning with beautiful coral formation inside the channel but before that divers stay several minutes on the mouth to hook in and watch the sharks swimming in front of the hook in area. After the dive we went back to the big boat and it was a feast prepared by our Chef Ronnie. After dinner we watch Shea video of the charter.


On Saturday morning we went back to Ulong Channel this time we start on the other side of the wall before the mouth we saw baby sharks maybe more than 50 and hook in at the mouth of the channel. We watch the action for a while with lots of blue fin travally and a dogtooth tuna patrolling and hunting for food and after we drifted inside the beautiful channel. For our second dive we go over to dive site called Sandy Paradise. Another beautiful site with sloping coral garden meets up with sandy area. We did couple stop on a cleaning station. We saw lots of school of fish and Eagle Ray. When we come back to the boat we help the guests to rinse their gear and as soon they were done they head upstairs for lunch while the boat is motoring back to Malakal Harbor. We have a wonderful Cocktail party in the afternoon and right after we drop most of the guests to marina for dinner ashore. After dinner we pick them up back to the big boat

 Very early Sunday morning 3 guests depart and we said farewell to 14 guests on Saturday morning and helped them with transfers to their hotels. It was yet another wonderful charter aboard the Palau Aggressor II with fantastic guests that we look forward to diving again soon!