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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 22, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captains Log

Cayman Aggressor V

22-29 September 2018


Guests Mary Ann & Dennis, Erin, Mary, Jim &Petra, Connie & Russ, Ron, David, Lance & Kristy, Matt, Cathryn & Gui, Debbie, Lori, and Dennis


Crew Captains Jay and James W, Cruise Director Aubri, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Assistant Chef Latoya, Instructors James M & JC


Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday The beautiful Caribbean sun was shining as Cayman Aggressor crew greeted their new guests for the week. It took no time for everyone to settle into their new home for the week and soon everyone gathered for a toast and welcome briefing. After we all knew each other and the boat a little better it was time to get some dinner before heading off to bed after a long day of travel.


Sunday The guests were up early, eager to start their week of Diving around the Cayman Islands. We started the first 2 dives of the day on the wreck of the Doc Poulson, a small Japanese tug boat sank in the sand just off of the wall by Seven Mile Beach. Soon after breakfast we all jumped in. Along with the usual suspects there was a friendly Hawksbill turtle spotted, along with mating conch, and a juvenile Smooth Trunkfish.


After lunch, we moved to Bonnies Arch to, where 20 squid were spotted near the arch, then on to the wreck of the Oro Vebrde (Green Gold) to finish the day.


Monday Monday morning brought calm seas, and sunny weather. Perfect to start the day at the famous wreck of the USS Kittiwake- an ex Submarine Support vessel. Filled with schooling Jacks, Barracuda, and a huge Green Moray Eel, that was unperturbed by the 18 divers all wanting to take pictures of it. After the Kittiwake was explored inside and out, we moved to one of our guests favorite, and a must see on Grand Cayman - Sting Ray City. The 12 foot dive on a sand patch did not disappoint. The Stingrays as usual obliged, ready to steal the squid out of our divers hands. They circled us playing in sand, waiting for their meal hand fed by our guests.


The afternoon took us to Round Rock, just off of the Northwest point of Grand Cayman, where we saw a Nurse Shark, baby Squid, Basket Stars, and a Scorpion fish. The week has gotten off to a great start, and after a full days diving, we were all ready for bed. But first we needed to start the crossing to Little Cayman, where we plan to spend the next few days.


Tuesday After an overnight crossing we arrived in Little Cayman early in the morning. Just in time to arrive at our first dive site of Randys Gazebo. A deeper wall site just off Bloody Bay wall. Highlights of the dive were a Lemon Ray, Nurse Shark, multiple turtles, and a Grouper cleaning station.


After a successful morning spent here, and a sumptuous lunch prepared by Chef Kingsley, we started our afternoon at Meadows just inside Jacksons Bight. This site is always well received, because of its array of marine life, swim throughs, and spectacular topography off of the Little Cayman wall. This site did not disappoint this afternoon, as a couple of Eagle Rays were spotted casually drifting by. Along with this, lettuce leaf slugs, and another nurse shark were seen by some of our intrepid explorers. After one dive here we moved over to Donnas Delight for our final two dives of the day.


Wednesday The engines started up early as our guests were enjoying breakfast as we moved to Lea Leas Lookout for this mornings dives. The weather so far this week has been fantastic, with light winds, and low swell, and today was set to be even calmer. After a solid briefing by JC, everyone jumped in. With the water crystal clear today, and with no current, it was easy going under the water, and a couple of eagle rays and a nurse shark decided to join the party. Everyone loved the site, but there was still more to explore around Little Cayman, so while everyone was being fed and watered, we moved to Marylins Cut for the rest of the day.


The fun continued for the rest of the day. More calm seas, filled with schooling jacks, eels, and squid, spectacular drop offs, and interesting topography. Soon after the night dive we all went to bed ready for the final day in Little Cayman



Thursday Today we head back to Grand Cayman, so to get as many dives in as possible, everyone was up at the crack of dawn to splash at 6am on Nancys Cup of Tea. Not only is this another site teeming with life, but diving here at dawn is the best time to see some reef sharks. Everyone was excited with the chance, and the first dive did not disappoint. 2 reef sharks, and a nurse shark were seen by at least half of the group.


We completed one more dive here, enjoyed another of Kingsleys feasts, and then moved to Great Wall for the final 2 dives before heading back for the 7 hour crossing to Grand Cayman.


Great Wall was a great place to end this portion of the charter. Its sheer drops over the wall are spectacular to stare up at as the dark shadows of the coral loom far above you. It was sad for all to say goodbye to this small slice of paradise, but there were still 2 more dives to go before we all had to say goodbye.


The engines were started, the lines dropped, and we headed out as the sun set in front of us over the Caribbean Sea





We arrived around midnight at Great Tunnels, just off of lighthouse point, where we started the final day. As the name suggests, vast swim throughs and wide canyons are the draw to this site. Our videographers and photographers on board were delighted to be able to do this site, as they had been looking forward to it all week.


As there was only one dive left, we headed to Devils Grotto to finish up another fun filled, successful week of diving.


After returning to port, it was time for some lunch, an afternoon of relaxation, and then the cocktail party so we could all let our hair down a bit. The awards were well received, and Rodel surprised everyone with his love for 80s disco, as he got funky on the dance floor. Its been a great charter.


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew