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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 01, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

September 01- 08, 2018


Sea State: light chop

Avg. Air Temp: 85oF

Avg. Water Temp: 83oF

Avg. Visibility: 80+



Captain - Jerome

Chef – Anna

Stewardess – Vanessa

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Dive Instructor-  Rocke

Dive Master- Monique


Saturday September 1, 2018

3:00PM – Guests Board

4:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:00 PM – Food time!




Sunday September 2, 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope, Amberhead South

All lines were released and buoys secured as we moved off the Radisson’s dock bright and early this morning, heading to the channel that would lead us to our first stop, Turneffe Atoll. We arrived about 8 am, just in time for a thorough dive site briefing. Our first set of dives was at Sandy Slope. This site is defined by its large sand bed that slopes to the deep. It is bordered by corals in a horseshoe formation. Corals on both sides and in the shallows. Divers did their refresher dives and took off along its nice slope. The highlight of this dive was the great visibility, garden eels, southern sting rays, moray eel, queen conch and creole wrasse.

With much excitement we spent the remainder of the day at Amberhead south. This site has plenty coral patches to the south and scattered corals and sand bed to the north. Both dives had excellent visibility, however there was a slight current which allowed us to enjoy both afternoon dives on the north portion of the site. Nonetheless, we enjoyed spending time with a spiny lobster tucked in a sponge, black grouper, beautiful stony corals, large barrel sponges, southern sting ray, neck crabs and a huge moray eel showing off, swimming among the divers. The night dive was described as a ‘crazy creature’ dive. Divers express their amazement as they saw spiny urchins, sleeping parrotfishes, star baskets, reef squids, arrow squids, and octopus changing colors and showing off… Crazy creature dive.


Monday September 3, 2018

Dive Sites: Lighthouse Wall, Julie’s Jungle

The sun was shining bright and wind speed was tolerable enough for us to do couple dives behind Half-moon Caye. We explored the pristine site called Light house Wall. This site is lush with sea grass, sand and a continuous reef formation with a wall that drops to about 200 feet, slopes, and drops again. On a day like today with endless visibility, looking down along the wall to it mysterious depths were breath taking. Some friendly groupers buddy up along with us as we cruise both direction of this site. We had couple eagle rays cruising along the wall, a turtle munching on some sponges and spotted filefish darting in between the gorgeous corals.

Julies Jungle provided us with excellent visibility. For a site with large sand beds, the particles were settled making it very clear. Some areas of this reef had small sloping sand shoots and high rise coral formations. After two really cool dives we all discussed what we saw on the dive. Some divers saw eagle rays while others saw only sting rays. We had flounders, sand tilefish, yellow head jaw fish and scorpion fish.  On the night dive we had tons of fun with tarpons, squids, crab, shrimps, lobsters, large eyed toad fish, southern ray, octopus eating a prey, spotted eel and lettuce leaf slug.


Tuesday September 4, 2018

Dive Sites: Blue Hole, Long Caye Wall

Most divers were excited about the 130feet deep plunge in the Blue Hole, while a few was skeptical if it would be worth it. With such a historical natural monument, you either love it or don’t. After the dive ALL divers came up with eyes a little more wider.  “It was freaking amazing”, was one of the many phrase uttered as divers exited the water. The visibility was great; the sun was at a perfect position giving us ample light. Under the ceiling of the formation hung large stalactites that we enjoyed swimming between. We then slowly made our way to the shallow rim on the blue hole. This area was a mixture of grass and sand. It was occupied by southern rays, angel fish, grouper, mid night parrotfish, sand tilefish, queen conch and head shield slugs.

It was now time to stretch our legs. We did a bird trail at Half-moon Caye. The entire time we spent on the island was amazing. There is a colony of red footed booby birds along with frigate birds. On the trails also had spiny tail iguanas and land hermit crabs. Off the beach area had a couple lemon shark circling some bait fish in the shallow waters. Couple of us got in the water trying to get good photos of these sharks.

Our afternoon and night dive was completed at Long Caye Wall. The nice continuous stretch of reef was loaded with small reef fish actively feeding in the water column. As we swum over some coral beds, small blue chromis darted in the shelter of the corals to avoid us.  Huge tarpons were starting to gather on the reef top. A huge school of horse eye jack gathered under the boat. The swing of this boat was a little bit hard creating a nice pull on the trapezium. Divers enjoyed the free ride as they observe all the actions in the water column.


Wednesday September 5, 2018

Dive Sites:  Halfmoon Caye Wall, Painted Wall

We enjoyed two astonishing dives at Half-moon Caye wall. This area has sad bed, grass bed and a strip of coral. We had a few really friendly groupers following on the entire dive. A playful hawksbill turtle, and some hungry southern sting rays. Over the shallows also had a couple spotted eagle ray performing for us in a circular motion. It was unbelievable. A couple sharks also got inquisitive and circled between us.

The remainder of the day was completed at Painted Wall. This site has a shallow reef top with a beautiful display of ever color you can think of. Coral ridges and sand grooves guides you from the shallows to the steep wall that drops down to the deep unknown. We were greeted by five eagle rays that passed slowly in front of us. Couple of the divers on the reef top managed to saw only one. Majority of the group was crushing with excitement. We also had free swimming moray eel, tons of lobsters, trumpet fish, schooling Bermuda chubs, tarpons, yellowtail snappers and porcupine fish. What started out to be a quiet dive turned out to be super awesome. On the night dive we had a hawksbill turtle that was supposed to be sleeping, a few octopus, lobsters, channel crabs and spotted eels.


Thursday September 6, 2018

Dive Sites: Angel Fish Wall, Grand Bogue, Black Beauty

On the final set of dives at Light house reef, we zipped over to Half-moon Caye area to a site called angel fish wall. We explored both the eastern and western formations at this beautiful site. Along the wall we were accompanied by two reef sharks that cruise by us every so often. On the sand bed we had beautiful queen triggers, green turtle feeding in the grass and a couple eagle ray and many barracuda passing us by. This was a complete package and we were all grateful.

We then transited back over to Turneffe Atoll, to do a dive at Grand Bogue, and couple southwards at Black Beauty.  Grand Bogue has two different formations of reef. The north has endless sand beds with a narrow strip of reef that drops really deep. The south side is a continuous stretch of reef with coral ridges that provide enough cracks and crevices to explore. On our dive here we found lobsters,

Black Beauty as the name depicts has some wide spread of deep water black coral that occupy a massive area of the reefs drop off. Brightly colored sponges and soft corals swayed to and fro with the delicate movement of the water. Reef fishes swum about their busy life and we enjoyed every minute of our dives. We saw a huge free swimming moray eel, huge groupers, mutton snappers and the endemic spotted toad fish. On the last night dive for the week we had at least 4 spotted toad fish, couple octopus, squids and huge crabs


Friday September 7, 2018

Dive Sites: Zip Line

Today is our last day of diving. We were blessed with perfect weather conditions and excellent visibility. Our last couple dives were on the west side of Turneffe at a site known as Zip line. It has a nice sand bed with a thick patch of coral on the north edge of the site whilst the remainder is scattered coral heads. These two early dives were fun. We spend time photographing a school of creole wrasse feeding in the water column that has slowly made their way on top of the reef to go about their normal route. In the cracks of the reef we had lobsters peeking at us as if they were telling us ‘good bye for now’. A remora hung out with some divers for most of the time. He really made interesting. Some divers even saw a sleeping nurse shark. These were most of the highlights additional to our small critters like coral shrimps, cleaner shrimp, lettuce slug and arrow crabs.

This was an amazing charter we definitely had some lively and fun divers. Special thank you to everyone.

Congratulations to our undefeated Iron Divers Kyll, Erick and Cecile.

We hope to dive with you in the future once more.

Captain and Crew