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Red Sea Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 28, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew



Red Sea Aggressor 2


Charter Date – Sat 28th July – Sat 4th August

Guests; Kelley Ann Briceno, Jennie Bale, Domini Kelly, Ethan Kelly, David Kelly, Akinobu Tsuji, Michael Middlebrooks, Michio Takuma, Masako Takuma, Horikatsu Ban, Asako Ban, Yuka Sakamoto, Shiho Oki, Masayoshi Horikiri, Kaz Teope, Amy Saunders, Jan Teope, Phuong Linh Vu Tran, Stephen Horte, Rita Burgues, Jay Roberts

Crew; Captain - Abo Elnadar - Cruise Director – Adel – Chef – Hussaien, Chef Asssitant – Abdulah, Engineer – Chiko, Seamen – Sultan, Mahmoud, Abo Elhassan, Ahmed, Stewards – Walid, Mostafa

Dive Professionals; Adel, Zoe & Mohamed

General Conditions; Hot & Sunny around 38degrees. Water temperature is 28degrees. (recommended 3mm suit.)

Arrival Day – Saturday 28th July

Guests arrived from 3pm -8.30pm. All guests were welcomed with a cold drink and a flower. Once settled in and checked in we showed each guest around their cabin. After the boat briefings, the guests enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal and finished setting their equipment up. Guests relaxed after dinner for a short while before turning in for the night.

Day 1 – Sunday 29th July

Wake up time 7am. The guests then enjoyed their breakfast and were excited to go diving. Check dive was at Sha’ab El Erg we were welcomed with a pod of dolphins when we were kitting up. Some guests were lucky to see them while diving. Adel and Mohamed guided this dive. Dive 2 was at Sha’ab El Erg we went via the tender with Zoe and Adel guiding. We saw blue spotted ray, big eagle ray, scorpion fish, nudi branc and much more. 3rd dive night dive. The guests had a great dive, saw large moray eel, big stone fish, lion fish, parrot fish and much more. The guests finished the dive and rested before the lovely 3 course meal. We then presented a dolphin information presentation to entertain the guests and let them learn about dolphins. Great first day all around everyone is happy and smiling J

Day 2 – Monday 30th July

Guests were woken with their choice of beverage at 5.30. After a light breakfast and briefing they were ready to dive shark and Yolanda with guides Adel & Zoe. Great dive we saw eagle rays, crocodile fish, blue spotted ray, big barracuda, lion fish and much more. Guests then enjoyed their hot breakfast and relaxing time before dive 2. Dive 2 was Jackson reef great dive massive barracuda, blue spotted ray. Dive 3 was woodhouse reef. This was a drift dive great fast drift lots of marine life, big spotted ray, nudi branc. Guests were served a lovely snack and rested before dive 4. Dive 4 was at Gordon reef, we saw turtle, reef shark, blue spotted ray. Dive 4 was at Gordan reef, saw a turtle, nudi’s, lots marine life. Guests then enjoyed dinner before going for the night dive at Gordon reef again. The night dive there was cuttlefish, lots o lion fish. Another great day.

Day 3 – Tuesday 31st July

Guests were woken and enjoyed the light breakfast before dive one at Thomas reef. Dive one was a great relaxing drift dive joined by another turtle. Dive 2 was at Jackson Alley nice swim through lots of marine life, all dived together and the boat picked us up. Guests then enjoyed their lunch before dive 3. Dive 3 was the dunraven, great wreck with saw nudi’s, lots of moray eels, blue spotted rays. Dive 4 was the Thistlegorm!! 2 groups one penetrated and one did the whole tour of the outside. Amazing day so much life on the wreck, saw big turtle, rays, large batfish, glass fish and much much more. The guests quoted “best dive they have ever done” Dive 5 was the night dive on the thistlegorm, we descended down the line to the wreck, there was a strong current running. Some guests stayed on the outside and some penetrated another fantastic dive.

Day 4 – Wednesday 1st August

Guests were woken and enjoyed a light breakfast before dive one to the thistlegorm. We all descended as a big group and penetrated the whole wreck. We saw all the bikes, trucks etc was a great dive. Dive 2 most of the group went to shaab Ali on the look for dolphins and the others back to the thistlegorm. 2 great dives, no dolphins unfortunately but hopefully soon. Guests then enjoyed their lunch before dive 3. Dive 3 was the barge. Stone fish & giant moray& scorpion fish dolphins! crocodile& fish parrot &clown fish & blue trigger fish & masked puffer fish & starry puffer fish & net fire coral. Night dive... Wow.. so much life, we saw peppered eel, moray eel, tuna, crocodile fish, lion fish and much much more. Guests then enjoyed dinner after the night dive on the barge and then we opened the boutique for people to browse and buy J

Day 5 – Thursday 2nd August

Today the wind had picked up making the seas less calm than preious days. Guests were woken with a light breakfast before dive one to the Uylsses. Most of the guests opted to do the wreck but a couple wanted to go and see the Barge again! The guests took the tender the Uylsses on the wreck there was nudis, lion fish, stone fish, then they left the wreck and drifted around the reef. Dive 2 was Ghiannis D we go the tender to the wreck and dived together. We went into the engine room, and all around the wreck. Lots of life we saw blue spotted rays, lion fish, eels. Dive 3 was at the Carnatic guests enjoyed the wreck and saw nudis, stone fish and much more more. Dive 4 was the night dive at Abu Nahas reef. Fantastic dive we saw Spanish dancers, large puffer and lion fish, stone fish. We played all the photos and video we made on the boat after dinner for the guests to enjoy and purchases the video if they wished.

Day 6 – Friday 3rd August

Today it was a it was a little bit windy and choppy again. Dive one was on the Marcus wreck. The guests enjoyed going through the wreck and seeing the kitchen etc.. Guests return to a hot breakfast and had time to sort bills / photos / videos out. Dive 2 was at Saab El Erg where the guests saw nudi, butterfly, parrot fish and much more. Guests then returned and we washed all their kit for them before they enjoyed lunch and our sailing back to port. Tonight was the cocktail party where guests relaxed and reflected on their week.


Special Mentions

Big well done for Asako for completing your 777 dives. Michio & Masako for their 500th dive, Yuka for 1000 dives & Masayoshi for 1200 dives and Linh for getting 100!!


Big well done to all our Iron Divers this week, Akinobu, Michael, David, Domini, Kelley, Michio, Masako, Horikatsu, Asako, Yuka, Shiho, Rita, Stephen, Linh, Jan & Jay. Big congratulations to Amy and Ethan for achieving adventures in diving.