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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 28, 2018
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Captain’s Log Bahamas Aggressor July 28th to Aug 4th

Water temp: 83-85F

Visibility: 60-100ft



Captain: Christy Weaver

Engineer: Rodney Valenzuela

Photo pro/Engineer: Josh Foster

Instructor: Rachael Lawns

Video Pro: Rob Carabia

Chef: Sarah Pearson



Sunday: Sherwood Forest, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck

Monday: El Capitan, Shark Paradise






Saturday July 28th

We Welcomed on board 10 brand new guests and two which had been on the previous weeks. We got everyone set up and settled in then our Captain gave a fantastic welcome speech. Everyone was very excited to start their diving holiday and to see some sharks. They enjoyed a relaxing dinner prepared by our master chef on the dock at Old Bahama Bay.


Sunday July 29th

We left the dock at first light and headed out to sea for our first dive. We started with a check out dive on Sherwood Forest. This is a perfect dive for knocking off that rust and checking out that new gear. A shallow pretty site with Hogfish, Butterfly fish, Rainbow Parrots and groupers. After this we headed to the Tiger beach area and the site called Shark Paradise for the next two dives. As soon as we headed down we were greeted by not one or two but three Tiger Sharks! Our resident tiger sharks called Emma our largest at 12ft Wendy at 10ft and Stacey just a little smaller. They stuck around for both dives coming record close to guests. Perfect for video pictures and that self-stick! We then moved to a shallow wreck site called Sugar Wreck where we did our last two dives. Lots of puffer fish and green turtles but the best was the Giant Loggerhead during our night dive.


Monday July 30th

We Started our morning off with a deeper dive site called El Capitan. This is the site to see the large and majestic Eagle Rays. Two incredible sized Eagle Rays took our breath before becoming camera shy and darting off. We then headed back to Shark Paradise where we had 2 Tigers join us for both of the dives there. After all the shark action we headed to a shallower reef site called Hogfish. We did dive 4 and 5 here and saw lots of Lionfish. Southern stingrays, Rock beauties and of course plenty of Hogfish.


Tuesday July 31st

We had a request from our diver to go back to El Capitan as they enjoyed it so much yesterday. We both our morning dives on this site and again Eagle Rays were seen by all of the divers. Big schools of fish and a Green Turtle on the second dive. After we moved to a site called El Dorado which a super heathy reef with lots of life. We did 3 dives here and the juvenile drum was very tiny and adorable. On the night dive we were join by 3 big Eagle Rays that playfully swam around the divers and one giant Loggerhead looking for a place to sleep.


Wednesday Aug 1st

We started our morning off at a deeper site called Diagon Alley which is one of our largest sites so we did both morning dives here. Aptly named for all its narrow passages and channels. We have a resident reef shark who has lost most of his dorsal fin but is a survivor! He was seen by all of the guests and finally named Fin. We also saw 2 Drum fish, 2 Eagle Rays, A big green moray and a little green turtle. We then headed to Shark Paradise for a dive with the sharks. Lots of Lemons, reef and a nice big nurse hark joined us. After we did our last two dives at Mini Wall where a conch race was held, unfortunately no one won…Lots of the sharks followed us over and joined us for the whole dive become more active on the night dive.


Thursday Aug 2nd

On a calm sunny morning we headed over to Gary Woods Wonderland which is one of our deepest sites. The water was very clear and had no current which meant a spectacular dive. We saw a large Green Moray, sharks and thousands of yellow headed Jaw Fish. This site has the most jaw fish we have ever seen and it was great to see the males with the mouthful of eggs aerating them. After we headed back to Shark Paradise for the 2 afternoon dives. This is where we saw a big tiger sharks and lots of reefs and Lemons. We ended our diving day on a night dive at the Sugar Wreck where everyone saw at least one giant Loggerhead turtle. A couple of smaller green turtles, plenty of puffer fish, slipper lobster and some little playful squid.


Friday Aug 3rd

The engines started up early as we made our way back stopping at the dive site Silver Fox Ledges. This site gave our guests the choice to do a shallower dive or a deeper one. A perfect dive to end the week with a southern sting ray and some banded coral shrimp. We had some of the best conditions possible for a very nice and relaxing last dive. We arrived back at the dock around lunchtime, with plenty of time for the guests to explore around Old Bahama Bay and relax on the boat. We finished off the night with a wine and cheese party, where the crew and guests shared stories from the week.