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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Friday, Jul 27, 2018
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Captains Log

Charter- 07/27/18




Captain – Matt Herwig

Second Captain – Rachel Aponte

Chef- Cameron Smay

Engineer – Jeremy Dick

Videographer- Morgan Oughton

Instructor – Rj Johnson




Dive Sites Aquarium ,Garden Eel Cove, Kaloko Arches, Amphitheater, The Dome, Paradise Pinnacle, Never Never Land, Land of Oz, Manuka Bay, Stoney Messa, Catacombs, Au Au Crater, Rob’s Reef, Driftwood, Pelagic Magic, Turtle Pinnacle


Saturday- The guests were welcomed aboard by the crew and were shown their rooms and set up their dive gear for the week. The local Hawaiians were having traditional canoe races while the boat set off to the city mooring for the night. Chef Cam prepared a fantastic meal, which consisted of mixed green salad, baked wahoo with coconut red curry sauce, kaffir lime scented jasmine rice, and baby bok choy. For dessert the guests had chocolate brownie sundaes.


Sunday- To start the day chef served Hawaiian sweet bread French toast with Portuguese sausage and eggs your way. The first dive site of the trip was at Aquarium where we conducted the checkout dive. On this dive the divers were able to dial in their weights and get the cobwebs off of their gear. They also got to see three white tip reef sharks and a commersion frogfish. After the dive the guests enjoyed pound cake with berries and whip cream for the morning snack. The second dive was also at aquarium. On this dive some of the guests saw a whale shark on the drop off and the dive master found a green sea turtle in a lava tube sleeping. It was an epic second dive of the trip. After the second dive we headed to garden eel cove where we would spend the night at. During the drive over the guests had ham and split pea soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, chick salad croissants, potato salad, green salad, and fruit for lunch. The first dive at garden eel cove the divers found several fields of endemic Hawaiian garden eels and schools of goatfish feeding in the sand beds. For the afternoon snack the guests had humus with flat bread and vegetables. While the guests were in the hot tube eating their snacks a manta ray was seen feeding on plankton at the surface right behind the boat. On the fourth dive the divers headed north to see the other side of garden eel cove. The highlights of the dive were a manta flying by and several panther flounders in the sand under the boat. Once the divers surfaced and warmed up dinner was served. The guests enjoyed grilled pork chops with miso mustard, mashed purple sweet potatoes, and green beans. For dessert chef Cam prepared some of grandma Jenkins homemade brioche and bread pudding. After the guests had some time to digest dinner we commenced the manta mayhem dive. The after the in depth dive briefing the group swam over to the under water fire pit where the mantas put on an epic acrobatic display. There were five mantas right over the divers head almost the entire dive. Some divers even saw an eagle ray passing by on their way back to the boat. Once all the divers got their fill of the manta madness everyone returned back to the boat for some hot chocolate and warm showers. It was a great way to end an epic first day of diving.



Monday- For breakfast chef made hash browns, bacon, and eggs your way. The continental breakfast also consisted of fresh fruit, yogurt, bagels, toast, and cereal, which is always available everyday.   The first dive of the day was at kaloko arches. The divers found a tiger moray, frogfish, and hundreds of bullet parrotfish mating along the drop off. After the dive the customers enjoyed coconut cameroons for a delicious morning snack. The second dive was also at Kalokos arches. On the dive the customers enjoyed swimming through all of the arches and found a decoy scorpion fish hiding underneath a ledge. After all the divers got back on the boat we headed south and moored up at amphitheater. While underway the guests enjoyed an excellent barbeque prepared by chef. Lunch consisted of pork baby back ribs, barbeque chicken, baked beans, and corn on the cob, coleslaw, watermelon, and corn bread. After the amazing lunch the divers hit the water. There was a moderate current on the dive but that didn’t stop the divers from seeing bottlenose dolphins and a manta ray gorging on plankton. Following the dive we headed to the dome. That would be the location for the fourth and night dive. For the afternoon snack the divers enjoyed salami and cheese platter. On the first dive at the dome the divers found a day octopus hunting with several Bluefin trevally and two white tip reef sharks hunting all right underneath the stern of the boat. The group didn’t need to go far from the boat on that dive. Following the dive was dinnertime. Chef prepared Caesar salad, grilled shrimp with red pepper coulis, quinoa salad, and roasted asparagus. For dessert there was chocolate chip cookie pie. Following the meal was the final dive of the day. The divers explored the dome at night as well as found several ocelous octopus and a Spanish dancer.


Tuesday- To start the day chef made blueberry pancakes, sausage, and eggs your way. Our first dive of the day was at paradise pinnacle. As soon as the divers hit the water the dive master spotted a whale shark ten feet below the surface. She took off as well as the whole group. The whale shark hung around for 8 minutes while everyone took amazing photos and video. The divers were greeted to cinnamon rolls once they got back on the boat for a morning snack. While the guests enjoyed their snack we headed to never never land for our second dive of the day. There the divers found schools of pyramid butterfly fish and trevally’s hunting along the drop-off. After the dive the divers enjoyed chefs famous taco Tuesday buffet up on the sundeck. The buffet was made up of black bean soup, beef chicken and shrimp tacos, refried beans, rice, chips, guacamole, and two types of salsa. While the divers were enjoying their tacos in the sun we headed to a site called Land of Oz for our third dive of the day. On the dive the guests swam with schools of chocolate dip chromis along the drop off and found a dragon leaf scorpion fish underneath an arch in the shallows. For the afternoon snack chef prepared ahi tuna and fresh watermelon. While the guests enjoyed their tune we took off for Manuka bay where we would spend the night. Some of the highlights of the fourth dive included dragon wrasse, super bird wrasse, and Spanish dancer eggs. For dinner the divers enjoyed crab salad, grilled chicken breasts with caper cream, smashed red potatoes, and roasted cauliflower. For dessert chef made lemon pie. Following dinner the guests went on a night dive at manuka bay. There were several different species of eels out hunting along the reef. Also there were jeweled anemone crabs and slipper lobsters out roaming the coral gardens. An exciting way to end a fabulous day of diving.


Wednesday- To start the day chef served home fries, ham, and eggs your way. While the guests ate breakfast we unmoored the boat and headed to stoney messas for our first dive of the day. The highlights of the dive were giant trevally and a green seas turtle. After the dive we took off for catacombs while the customers enjoyed freshly baked oatmeal cookies for the morning snack. On the dive the guests swam through a number of different caves and arches and also saw another turtle. Once everyone was back on board we took off back north for Au Au crater where we would spend the rest of the day. While underway the divers had seafood gumbo, grilled flank steak, blackened fish, pasta salad, and fresh fruit for lunch. After everyone finished digesting their lunch and woke up from their naps they went on the third dive of the day. The guests saw a manta ray fly by the start of the dive and also found a juvenile peacock razor wrasse and swam across the massive crater where the site gets its name. Chef had spinach dip with various crackers for the afternoon snack. On the second dive at Au Au the divers found several adult peacock razor wrasse and several rainbow runners flew by the drop off. For dinner chef prepared mixed green salad with maple mustard dressing, grilled swordfish with pineapple salsa, coconut jasmine rice, sugar snap peas, and apple peach crumble for dessert. Following the amazing dinner the divers hit the water for the final dive of the day. While combing up and down the lava fingers above the crater they found several different types of lobsters, tuberculosis nudibranchs, and a devil scorpion fish.


Thursday- To start the day we unmoored and headed north for Rob’s reef where we could have the first and second dive of the day. While underway chef served waffles with berry compote and whipped cream, sausage patties, fruit, cereal, and breakfast breads. On the first dive at Rob’s reef the customers swam through the large lava cave the site is known for. They also found a juvenile spotted eagle ray and a white tip reef shark. Following the dive the guests enjoyed toffee and mac nut Blondie’s for a morning snack. After the morning snack the divers hit the water and went north at Rob’s reef. They found a day octopus, dragon wrasse, and swam through another massive lava tube. For lunch chef made roasted kabocha pumpkin soup, lamb curry, red Thai fish curry, couscous, roasted vegetables, and fruit. While the guests ate lunch we headed north for a site called driftwood. The current was a bit strong but the divers still managed to find a sleeping reef shark and a spotted eagle ray. After the first dive at driftwood chef prepared nachos with several different salsas for dipping. On the second dive at driftwood the current was still strong but the guests still found an abundance of life including anther reef shark, leaf scorpion fish and flounders. Following the fourth dive we headed even further north and out to see for the pelagic magic dive. While underway the guests enjoyed a fantastic dinner on the sun deck. The meal consisted of tomato soup with crème fraiche, roasted prime rib with red wine mushroom demi, smashed red potato’s, and broccoli. For dessert the guests had Thai coconut crème brulee while watching Morgan’s video of the weeks adventures. Following the video the divers hit the water for the pelagic magic dive. The wind was relatively strong so the divers were moving quickly on the lines but saw various deep-sea creatures including juvenile cornet fish, box jellyfish, and schools of squid. Following the dive everyone enjoyed hot chocolate as we headed for the city mooring for the night.


Friday- We headed to the dock to drop off garbage and recyclables and then made our way north to turtle pinnacle where we would conduct both dives of the day. While underway chef served prime rib hash with eggs your way. On the first dive we had giant trevally hunting reef fish and parrotfish mating along the drop off. For the morning snack the guests had apple turnovers. For the second dive the divers hit the water and had an abundance of spinner dolphins playing and leaping all around the boat. There were 20-25 dolphins flying around the entire dive. It was a great dive to finish up and epic charter. Once all the divers were back onboard they cleaned off their gear and set it all up on the sundeck to dry off. Then we took off back to the dock. While underway the guests enjoyed cheeseburgers in paradise as well as sausages, coleslaw, chili, and fruit salad. Once we made it back to the pier the guests were free to roam around Kona or just chill on the boat till the cocktail party at 5 on the sundeck. During the cocktail party guests enjoyed adult beverages while reminiscing on adventures and stories from the week. We also handed out the iron diver awards. Following the party the guests took off into town to eat dinner at restaurants of their choosing. We stayed at the pier because the water was relatively calm for the night.


Saturday- Chef set up the continental breakfast for the guests while everyone finished up packing. Around 7:45 everyone said their farewells and goodbyes and by 8 everyone was off the boat and the 7/27 charter came to an end.