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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 28, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV Captain’s Log

July 28-Aug 4, 2018



Sea State: light chop to choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 88F

Avg. Water Temp: 83F

Avg. Visibility: 60-80ft

Avg Wind Speed: 15-20knots



Capt. Chris

First Mate - John

Chef Jerry

Asst. Chef Carlos

Stewardess – Jean

Engineer – Simon

Instructor - Mario


Sunday July 29, 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Julie’s Jungle

We had a blast starting from the first day! After getting settled in, gearing up, and checking our weights, we descended down at Sandy slope for our check out dive. We started seeing cool stuff right away…a Southern Stingray feeding in the sand, lots of garden eels, yellow head jawfish, and razorfish. This was just after descending. In the sand, we also found peacock flounder, lancer dragonettes, a nudibranch, and found a very rare baby batfish that was no bigger than 1/4”. We saw several lobsters, a green moray, a spotted moray, a small reef shark, an Eagle ray, sargassum triggerfish, and lots of snappers, groupers, barracudas, and other reef fish.

During lunch we moved from Turneffe Atoll and did our crossing to Julie’s Jungle on Lighthouse Reef for the afternoon and night dives. We saw a nurse shark, more lobsters and morays, cleaning stations, groupers, barracudas, schools of jacks, tarpon, channel clinging crabs, squid, and an Atlantic long arm octopus.


Monday July 30, 2018

Dive sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & Painted Wall

Monday, we started the day at Half Moon Caye wall and finished up the day at…. We had some amazing dives today, getting up close and personal with Caribbean Reef sharks and an Eagle ray cruising the wall, hanging out with a giant loggerhead turtle, watching Southern stingrays graze around the sandy bottom and grass beds, and swimming along with groupers and barracudas.

Next stop was at Painted Wall, where we spent the rest of the day for our afternoon and night dives. Jumping in the water was like jumping into a giant aquarium…there were fish everywhere. We were immediately surrounded by horse-eye jacks, bar jack, sergeant majors, Bermuda chubs, black durgeons, and blue chromis. Along the wall there were more schooling fish, Creole wrasse flowed along like an underwater stream. We watched a large green moray swimming along the wall and saw a small hawksbill as it headed up to the surface for air. There were lots of tarpon darting around, and at the point on the wall there were just a mix of different reef fish swimming amongst each other.



Tuesday July 31, 2018

Dive Sites: Dos Chichas & Eagle Ray Pass

Today the wind picked up a bit, but we were still able to get some great dives in at Dos Chichas for the morning and Eagle Ray Pass for the afternoon and night. There were plenty of green morays out feeding today, at both sites. We also saw some huge groupers and barracudas and watched loads of reef fish scurrying about. The coral and sponge life are amazing at boat sites, with huge elephant ear sponges and very large barrel sponges. We watched Creole wrasse cruising the wall and even saw some stop off at a cleaning station. We found some neck crabs on the wall and some lettuce sea slugs on the top of the reefs. Tarpon tagged along with the divers on most of the dives today.


Wednesday Aug 1, 2018

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Quebrada

The Great Blue Hole was first on the agenda on Wednesday morning, then we headed to Quebrada to do the afternoon and night dives. At the Blue Hole, we swam amongst massive stalactite formations on this very unique dive. Some of the stalactites are 30ft long and about 6ft wide…amazing, especially considering that they were formed from little drops of water tens of thousands of years ago when the blue hole was a massive cave.

Later in the day at Quebrada, we found a baby nurse shark, a huge green moray eel, a big scorpionfish, some lettuce sea slugs, dozens of squid, white speckled nudibranch, channel clinging crabs, a Caribbean Reef shark, wire coral shrimp, skeleton shrimps, several lobsters, peacock flounder, and swam amongst schools of Creole wrasse, tarpon, horse-eye jacks, and bar jacks.


Thursday Aug 2, 2018

Dives Sites: Aquarium and Long Caye Wall

Our dives today started at the Aquarium…and it was like being, well, like in an aquarium. There were hundreds of different types of species of reef fish. We saw schools of trunk fish, Sergeant majors, chromis, parrotfish, blue tangs, surgeonfish, Creole wrasse, Bermuda chubs, yellow tail snappers, horse-eye jacks, and bar jacks. There were trumpetfish all over the place. We watched Angelfish, rock beauties, triggerfish, parrotfish, hamlets, basslets, and damselfish all just interacting with each other. There were also eel sightings, groupers, barracuda, and a Southern stingray. Just before the divers came up, a pair of dolphins stopped by to swim around the boat then took off into the ocean.


Friday Aug 3, 2018

Dive Site: Amberhead

After motoring over to Turneffe Atoll the night before, we woke up at Amberhead for our final dives of the week. We hopped in at 6:00am, then again at 9:00am, before heading back to the dock. Today we found another whiptail stingray sleeping in the sand, several large groupers and barracuda, lots of lobsters, an Eagle ray, and a pair of pipefish. Great way to end of the week.


Congrats to our Iron Divers – Youn, Jonathan, Jason, Valerie, and Brad.

Congrats to our Jason and David L on completing their Advanced Open Water course.

Congrats to our newest Nitrox divers Jim, Ronette, and Kent.


Thank you all for a GREAT week!