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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 21, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captains Log

Cayman Aggressor V

July 21st - 31st 2018

Guests Wes & Rebecca, David, Lloyd, James, Bill M., George & Linda, AJ & Richie, George S., Kerstin & Olaf, Mohamad, Bill & Joy, Scott, Helmut, Chiara & John.

Crew  Captain Manny, Cruise Director Aubri, Chef James, Instructors JC & Kerry, Stewards Latoya & Oneil.

Water temp 84F; Air temp 87F

Exposure protection:  Rash Guard/Board Shorts or 3mm wetsuit

Saturday  Guests arrived eager to get their gear set up and tour the new vessel. Once settled in everyone gathered for a reception and welcome briefing followed by a delicious BBQ dinner as we pushed off the dock for our first dive site of the trip. We were happy to see some familiar faces in the group and also meet new guests who have never been to the Cayman Islands before. With a fun group of guests and good weather ahead it is bound to be a great 10 day charter!

Sunday  As the sun raised on our first day of diving so did our guests all excited to jump into the water for the first dive of the trip. Our first two dives where on the beautiful barge wreck the Doc Poulson the guests completed a checkout dive to make sure all their equipment was in good working order and all comfortable to be back in the water. On the second dive of the wreck the guests explored to wall the is located just a short swim for the barge, they got to see hawksbill turtles, big snapper, rainbow parrot fish and variation of Caribbean fish living on the reef as well as a big school of horse eyed jacks hanging out under the boat. After lunch we moved the vessel to stingray city, this is a shallow dive where the guests experienced sting rays up close and personal, with one of our dive instructors handing out squid the guests got to feed the rays and see them up close. For the fourth dive of the day we made our way back to the west side of the island and moored up to governors reef, during this dive the divers saw more turtles, drum fish and even a row of squid passing by. We decided to stay as this site for the night dive, and it didnt disappoint as four octopus were found, along with slipper lobster and big crabs hidden in the reef. After a successful first day it was time for hot towels and hot chocolate before calling it a night.

Monday We started the engines early on Monday morning and moved to our next dive site along the west side of Grand Cayman, big tunnels This dive site offers some interesting swim throughs on the wall, while diving the divers got to see more turtles, large barracuda, tarpins, huge fan corals and all the Caribbean fish you would expect to find on a healthy reef. We enjoyed two dives at this site and then after lunch we moved around to the north side of the island to a dive site called hammerhead hill. Unfortunately no hammerheads were spotted on the dives here, however a friendly nurse shark came to say hello to the divers instead, as well as a few turtles that seemed to enjoy having their picture taken. After two dives at hammerhead hill it was time for dinner, and while serving dinner the crew started up the engines again but this time to start the crossing over to little Cayman. It was a flat calm evening so perfect conditions to cross, while crossing the guests enjoyed movies and popcorn in the saloon before heading to bed.

Tuesday We arrived in Little Cayman in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a very smooth crossing. We choose Randys Gazebo for the first two dives of the day. The divers were excited to see what Little Cayman had to offer so everyone was ready to jump into the water by 7:30. On the first dive the guests saw how healthy the reef was and had enjoyed the huge amounts of coral that was built up on this wall. on top of the wall everyone had their heads in the reef searching for all the small critters, different nudibranchs, hermit crabs, cleaner shrimp and many more macro life was found within the reef. After a sweet snack onboard the divers jumped in for another dive at Randys gazebo and saw even more that the reef had to offer. After lunch we moved the boat to our next dive site Bus stop This dive site offers a mini wall as well as the main wall that is part of bloody bay, we enjoyed two afternoon dives and a night dive in this location. during the dives the guests encountered reef sharks, turtles, stingrays and one buddy pair even saw a spotted eagle ray in the sandy area. On the night dive several octopus were found as well as large grouper hunting, big slipper lobster, and a moral eel hiding in the reef. Once all the divers were up out the water, showered and with hot chocolate in hand, it was time to move the boat to the next dive site and where we would sleep for the night.

Wednesday Wednesdays morning dive site was Nancys cup of tea This dive has a beautiful pinnacle just off the wall that the divers swam through and saw the huge amounts of coral that is growing all over this wall. On top of the wall There is so much marine life to be found, large schools of Caribbean fish, nuidbranchs, grouper, and even a pipe fish. We completed two dives here before lunch. After lunch we heading to another dive site on bloody bay wall, this was called Sarahs set This dive site is a deep site that offers a mini wall with the sand at the bottom at a depth of 60 feet leading to the main wall with a very deep drop off. While on this dive divers saw more turtles, several southern stingrays, huge lobsters, masked helmet, a green turtle, and a scorpion fish. After two dives at Sarahs set we decided to move to Cayman Brac for our night dive at Keith Tibbetts wreck, 18 divers jumped in all excited to see the what was living on the wreck during the night. They found octopus, stingrays, and large crabs hidden away.

Thursday   For the first two dives of the day we stayed in Cayman Brac and completed two more dives on the Keith Tibbetts. The guests were eager to see what how the wreck in the day would compare from in the night. The soon discovered how different it looked with the sun shining down on it. They got to explore the bow of the wreck which is slightly deeper, they also explored the reef systems that lay next to the wreck. After two dives on the wreck we turned the engines on and headed back to little Cayman. Once we arrived in Little Cayman we moored up to one of favorite dive sites 3 fathom wall Many seahorses have been spotted in this location recently so our divers were excited to jump in a see if they could find any for themselves. The dive did not disappoint as 2 seahorses were found! Along with the seahorses the guests got to see many jaw fish hiding in the sand, more turtles, lobsters, and even redlip blennies were found on top of the wall. After dinner we decided to stay in 3 fathom wall for the night dive, while on the dive even more seahorses were found as well as more octopus, nudibranchs, flamingo tongue, and the channel clinging crab. Once again another successful night dive, which of course could only be made better by hot towels and hot chocolate.

Friday Lea leas lookout was the first dive on Friday morning. This wall dive has some very interesting cut outs on top of the reef that we often find cleaning stations for large grouper. As well as this we saw a baby nurse shark, with a green moral in the same coral head. We also saw a green turtle and a hawksbill turtle on this dive. After 2 dives here we moved to The meadows This is a similar dive site to one we did earlier in the week called bus stop with a mini wall and a main wall, however on this site there are some large coral heads in between with a lot of life to be found there. We did three dives at this site, two in the afternoon and a night dive. During the afternoon dives the guests saw more turtles, lots of crabs and lobsters, a moral eel was spotted as well as yellow fin and nassau grouper. On the night dive, they saw more of the same as well as a large family of squid, octopus, stingrays and large barracuda.

Saturday The day began with an early morning splash at the Meadows. It was a beautiful way to start the day and some even saw a shark! Back onboard we had some breakfast and moved over to Donnas Delight for two more dives before breakfast. Here we saw a very old turtle encrusted in barnacles, two channel crabs engaged in reproduction, and David even found his first seahorse. After lunch we jumped in for our last dive in Little Cayman at The Great Wall. Divers were impressed with the life on this extremely vertical section of Bloody Bay as well as the lush wall top. The highlight of this dive was two baby nurse sharks sleeping together under a coral head. When everyone was back we packed up to head back to Grand Cayman to finish out our diving adventure.

Sunday We arrived safely in the night to the USS Kittiwake for our first dives of the day. The Kittiwake was crawling with life today - divers watched mantis shrimp dance back and forth between the pulleys on the wreck, turtles feeding on the reef, a leopard flat worm clinging to agley, and a large scorpion fish hanging out in the sandy bottom of a swim through. Next on our dive schedule for the day was Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor for one dive. It was a lovely dive where we encountered several squid, turtles, and a very old anchor buried in the reef. For our final dives of the day we headed over to the wreck of Oro Verde and found a convention of lobster hiding in their favorite spot. There was also an eagle ray in the area as well as a spotted eel. After our 2 final dives here it was time for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner followed by the movie and photo slideshow of the week.

Monday Sadly our final day of diving had arrived and our group of divers still had just as much energy as day one. Our first dive was at Round Rock where we explored swim throughs and came across a huge loggerhead turtle. As per Cayman Aggressor tradition we then headed over to Devils Grotto for the final dive of the week. It was a beautiful way to end our diving adventure on this shallow reef covered in life. Back onboard we began to clean up and head for dock. Our guests spent the afternoon packing and exploring George Town until our cocktail party at 5:30 where we celebrated a staggering number of iron divers and congratulated all the milestones achieved this week. Thanks to all for making the Cayman Aggressor Vs first 10 day charter a memorable one!

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew