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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 02, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log

Cayman Aggressor V

June 2nd to 9th 2018


Guests Wayne & Dana, Terry & Donnie, Justin, Ashley, Bennett & Collin, Cole, Ashley & Cash, Vernon & Ginny, David & Beverly, Nicki & Doug, Mike & Marie, Jennifer & Mike, Shannon & Trista


Crew Captain Manny, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Stewards Latoya & Oneil, Instructors JJ & Aubri


Water temp 81F; Air temp 84 to 88F


Saturday It was a late boarding for all of our guests, after experiencing some airplane delays and spending a good bit of time in Florida, everyone was finally able to make it to the brand new Cayman Aggressor V around 9:30pm. After such a long day everyone sat down to enjoy some dinner before exploring the new ship and heading to bed.


Sunday The ship came to life early in the morning to push off the dock and head out to our first dive site of the week, Hammerhead Hill. After breakfast we all gathered in the salon for our general safety briefing followed by the dive briefing. Once all of that was out of the way it was time to go diving! Everyone dusted off the cobwebs and were ready to go for the next one with only minor adjustments. For our two afternoon dives we headed over to Babylon where we found turtles, spotted drum, and some fingerprint cymphomas. After two beautiful dives here we packed up to take the Cayman Aggressor V on her first crossing to Little Cayman.


Monday We awoke on beautiful Bloody Bay wall at Randy’s Gazebo. Visibility was near perfect as we splashed for our morning dives. Divers were greeted by our friendly Nassau grouper and even came across a big green moray eel. In the afternoon we moved over to 3 Fathom Wall, a lush and shallow dive site with schooling fish and a dramatically sheer wall. Bennett even got to come on a shallow dive here! Nurse sharks, turtles, crabs, eels, and lobster were all spotted on our afternoon dives and after a delicious dinner it was time for our first night dive. The critters were thrilled with our new hull lights and all the squid came over to dance in the light. There were also sightings of stingray, octopus, crabs, spotted moray eels, and lobster. After a long day of diving it was time to head to bed and do it all again.


Tuesday We began our day at one of the crew’s favorite sites, Lea Lea’s Lookout. This site boasts large canyons that you can swim through and dramatic sponge encrusted walls as well as several friendly grouper that Nicki and Jennifer fell in love with. Also spotted was a baby nurse shark and big green moray eel curled up together under a coral head. After a delicious Italian lunch and a nap divers were ready to go again at the Meadows. Here we found turtles, barracuda, many schooling fish, a shark, and lobster. On the surface interval snorkelers hopped in the water to check out the reef and the kids played in the hot tub turned swimming pool for the week. We had one more dive at Meadows then it was time for dinner- Chef Kingsley’s famous surf and turf. We splashed back in after relaxing some after dinner and explored the reef for some night critters. There was a large hawksbill out swimming around and several large crabs and lobster on the reef. Back onboard we had some hot chocolate and called it a night.


Wednesday Engines came to life at 5:30am sharp for our crossing to Cayman Brac. We spent the morning here exploring the wreck of Keith Tibbetts, a Russian Destroyer and artificial reef that’s home to many grouper, turtles, and eels. Divers posed for pictures around the guns and searched for the wrecks GeoCaching box. Cole was the first to find it and came across a very cool Dinosaur toy that he traded his Sea of Change BC tag for. His son loved the T-Rex and they have named him “Tibbetts”! Back onboard we enjoyed lunch while we cruised back over to Little Cayman for the afternoon dives to a site known as Nancy’s Cup of Tea. Here we explored the swim throughs, pinnacle covered in sponge life, and pristine reef. We spotted an eel, some lettuce leaf slugs, and turtles throughout the afternoon but the night dive stole the show with sightings of octopus, crabs, lobster and more. It was another great day for everyone here on the Cayman Aggressor V.


Thursday The day began with an early morning splash to wake up three of our divers. They were on the hunt for sharks but came across some turtles instead. Afterwards, was the most well deserved breakfast of the week for them and then time to go diving again at Marylin’s Cut. Here we found many interesting fish, like the cave basslet, that divers hadn’t seen at the other sites along with more turtles and grouper. After lunch we still had 2 more dives to look forward to before our crossing back to Grand Cayman. Following tradition, we chose to do those dives at the Great Wall with Freddy the friendly grouper. Divers marveled at the vertical wall and healthy sponge life and enjoyed exploring the wall top looking for smaller critters. Back on the surface we started packing up for our crossing and then spent the journey home eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and watching the movie and photo slideshow of the week.


Friday We woke up back in Grand Cayman at the USS Kittiwake for our final 2 dives. There was lots too look at and explore this morning and many divers spent a lot of time inside the wreck checking out the engine room, chart room, compressor room, galley, ships wheel, and even the decompression chambers. Once everyone was topside again it was time to start cleaning up and heading to the dock. When we reached George Town everyone set about packing and doing some sightseeing until the captain’s cocktail party where we got together to celebrate our wonderful week of diving.


Congratulations to Vernon on achieving his Open Water Certification.

Congratulations to our 3 Iron Divers this week; Jennifer, Mike H., & Cole!


Until Next Week


Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew