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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 02, 2018
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log

June 2 - June 9 Dolphin Charter


Air Temp: 80-85F

Water Temp: 80-83F

Visibility:  50 – 100ft



2nd Captain: David Luxford

Engineer:  Josh Foster

Instructor:  Rachel Lawns

Divemaster: Rob Carabia

Photo Pro:  David Luxford

Chef:  Caleb Dudley



James, Jason, Jeff, Monique, Catrina, Julie, Robin, Lindsay, Ines, Rory, Rowana



Sunday June 3rd, 2018

This Charter was organized by Jeff Pantukhoff, president and founder of The Whaleman Foundation ( The guests joined us for an earlier noon departure as we headed southeast out of Old Bahama Bay with our course charted for the Bimini Islands and Dolphin central! Once we made our main crossing, it didn’t take long at all before our undersea friends joined us for a bit of bow riding. When we were sure the dolphins wanted to stick around and play, the guests entered the water for an afternoon snorkel session and a magical first encounter with these extremely intelligent creatures. In the evening, the guests revealed over their day and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Chef Caleb, followed by drinks on the sundeck with a beautiful North Atlantic breeze.


Monday June 4th, 2018

Monday started out early with the crew on immediate Dolphin watch as we patrolled the north east side of Bimini. We had almost constant interaction as the dolphins once again came around for a free ride off the bow. Our guest swimmers were able to join Divemaster Rob in the water for almost an hour as the dolphins stuck around to play! The guests were absolutely thrilled just at the sight. After lunch, we headed over to a historical marvel called Bimini Road. Thought to be the road to the lost city of Atlantis, the site is dive-able and has easy entry for snorkelers. Flat limestone placed in the form of a long road, made this area an attraction for spotted eels, octopus, and beautiful sea fans. After the dive, it was back to dolphin watch, and another fine dinner from Chef Caleb.


Tuesday June 5th, 2018

We started the morning back on with the search for our dolphin friends, took a little while, but our expert crew spotted them with ease. We came upon two large pods of about 15-20 dolphins, but they were resting so we let them be and watched from a distance. A few defectors came in towards the bow to say hello, and the guests obliged. Afternoon, we dove on an old wreck called the Hesperus, a small vessel teeming with life and surrounded by clear water and beautiful white sands.


Wednesday June 6th, 2018

Once Again, the crew and the guests were very excited to start off the day bright and early to go track down some Dolphins! In the Bimini Islands, it doesn’t take long at all!

We found multiple pods, with a mix between Atlantic Bottlenose and Spotted, some were resting, and some were very happy to see us and stick around to play for long periods of time. Our after lunch dive was at a site called The Strip, where it was bustling with fish, including large schools of grunts, Barracuda, and Angelfish!


Thursday June 7th, 2018

After our usual and very exciting Dolphin encounters in the morning, we travelled over to one of our favorite dive sites in Bimini called Rainbow Reef. Shallow water and large sections of coral make this site a prize for both divers and snorkelers. Crevasse hunting turned up large spiny lobsters, Drums, Queen Angelfish and a very friendly Hawksbill Turtle!


Friday June 8th, 2018

The engines roar to life early in the morning and we our on our way back to Freeport.  We make a pit stop to once again swim with our dolphin friends for the last time this week. This time, the dolphins stuck around for over an hour, and it was the perfect ending to a very exciting week. At the wine and cheese party we reminisce the week gone by and talk about trips to come in the future.


Mermaid Photo by David Luxford and others by Jason Moore