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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 02, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Air Temp. 82-89 F

*Water Temp. 81-83 F

* Visibility 70-90ft

* Wetsuit: 3mm full, shortie, skin



Captain Eddy

Director Jonathan

Chef Jana

Instructor Gerardo

Stewardess Jannell

Engineer German





Sunday – Tavianna’s Wall, Half Moon bay

Monday – Spooky Channel, Butcher’s Bank

Tuesday – Cara A Cara, Calvin’s Crack, Mary’s Place, Eel Garden

Wednesday – Dolphin Cave, Lighthouse Reef

Thursday – Wreck of the Odyssey, Tavianna’s Wall, Black Rock

Friday – Wreck of the Aguila



We are happy to welcome 16 guests from the great state of Texas. Welcoming Gene and his crew from Amarillo Scuba Center. Some familiar faces, as well as, some new comers. After everyone set up their gear and got acquainted, we had a delicious BBQ meal on the sun deck and everyone went to their cabins for some well-needed rest.



A short journey along the south side towards the calmer waters of the west side.

Tavianna’s Wall was our first site. A perfect spot to jump in, check out our gear and get wet. A spotted moray was tucked under a coral head and occasionally stuck his head out for a view. Yellow-headed jaw fish & sail fin blennies were seen by many of the guests. We saw a tiger grouper at a cleaning station & a hungry turtle eating a sponge. Wow! A short cruise over to Half Moon Bay put us on our afternoon and night dive site. Groupers, several varieties of crabs, midnight parrot, another spotted eel, turtles, and plenty of nocturnal critters on our night dive including the ever-exciting octopus. All in all a great first day of diving.



The weather was a little windy so we stayed on the north side of Roatan. Our first site of the day was the famous Spooky Channel. A green moray, schooling creole wrasse and several nudis were seen. The guests then went into the channel, which was indeed spooky. Our afternoon site was Butcher’s Bank. This site has multiple sand chutes and a gradual sloping wall. Guests saw a juvenile turtle, a banded large turtle, a large school of horse-eyed jacks and several types of small crab. Jim was our solo night diver. He’s glad he went. A squid met him several feet under the yacht. On the top of the reef he saw 2 wandering spiny lobster and yes, an octopus.



Back to the south side of Roatan for our early morning shark dive at Cara a Cara and we were barely into the water before curious groupers came in to see what goodies we had brought for them. They stayed with us the whole dive as did 8-10 grey reef sharks. We then traveled east to Calvin’s Crack. Known for its large swim thru, it’s a beautiful sight. Nudis, neck crab, mantis shrimp, yellow-headed jaw fish, corkscrew anemone, arrow crab and schooling fish were seen. The highlight of the dive was our resident orange/white seahorse. After some great pics we went to the world famous Mary’s Place. We navigated the intricate cuts and crevices that is the site’s trademark. Abundant sea life on the top of the reef, included: Schooling chubs, creole wrasse and senates. Towards the end of the dive, we ran across a gathering of reef squid. The wind picked up so we traveled back to the north side of the island. The final site of the day was Eel Garden. A great site with a sloping sandy bottom covered with garden eels. A scorpion fish, spotted moray, hogfish, peacock flounder and spiny lobsters were all seen.



We made the lone journey east to our first site of the day, Dolphin Cave. This site is a series of cracks & crevices that lead into the shallows. We toured the intricate cave and saw a few silversides, a scorpion fish, pipe fish and at the end of the dive a spotted eagle ray. We then had a wonderful lunch on the sun deck and traveled west to our afternoon site, Lighthouse reef. Several large turtles were seen, as well as, large snappers, a small Nassau grouper, midnight parrotfish, neck crab and a juvenile spotted drum. The wind was rather strong in the evening and there was no night diveL.



We started the day diving on the wreck of the Odyssey. This wreck was a cement transport freighter for the Bay Islands. Several midnight parrotfish, arrow crabs and the resident black grouper were seen. The next site, we returned to Tavianna’s Wall. Some of the sea life seen were: 2 southern sting rays, sail fin blennies, turtles, a spotted eagle ray and lots of yellow headed jaw fish. We then continued west to our last site of the day, Black rock. Turtles, beautiful soft and hard corals, lots of streaming creole wrasse and a spotted eel were seen.



The last site of the charter was the wreck of the Aguila. This wreck is a 240’ freighter sunk as an artificial reef. Too soon, 2 dives were done before we had to head back to our dock in French Harbor, Its time to wash down our gear, pack our bags and enjoy a drink or two at the captains farewell party and a 5 star dinner a Romeo’s restaurant on our dock.



It’s that time again to say our good byes. Hope to see all again soon on the Roatan Aggressor. Special congrats to our Iron diver: Jim. Also a special Happy Birthday to Ms. Cherry on her 76th birthday & logging 300 dives and Missy logging 100 dives.


Until next time, Crew of the Roatan Aggressor…