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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 02, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

June 2 - 9, 2018


Sea State: Choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 98oF

Avg. Water Temp: 81oF

Avg. Visibility: 70ft+



Captain -            Chris

2nd Captain-   Jerome

Chef -                         Anna

Stewardess -            Monique

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Dive Master-             Jadiel


Saturday June 2, 2018

3:00 PM – Guests Boarding

5:00 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:10 PM – Dinner is served!



Sunday June 3, 2018

Dive Sites: Hat Caye Wall, Julie’s Jungle

Having had a restful night at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, we opened our eyes to a beautiful morning ready for our morning checkout dives at Hat Caye Wall. We were delighted to find many fish and creatures welcoming a new day and carrying on about their regular business. Amongst all that we found were southern stingrays, green moray eels, lobsters, slender filefish, porcupine puffer, trumpet, and spotted eagle ray. In between the morning dives, we were gifted with a refreshing shower from the skies that gave the boat a nice rinse down and prepared the setting for a greater day to follow.

In the afternoon at Julie’s Jungle we found a couple lettuce leaf slugs, green moray eel swimming around, golden tail moray eel tucked inside the corals, a few lobsters, and a southern stingray.

For the night dive on the same site, we had the most enchanting and captivating encounter with an octopus that lured us, toward the edge of the drop-off, on a chase to see it hoping from coral head to coral head, always spreading and displaying all its tentacles. It was the best part of the dive for some of us. For others, they were delighted to find about 6 longhorn nudibranchs, 4 lettuce leaf slugs, large-eyed toad fish, a couple filefish hanging around, trumpet fish, and a couple tarpons feeding on the creatures that were attracted to the lights of the boat.


Monday June 4, 2018

Dive Sites: Chain Wall, Angelfish Wall

After a great first day of diving, we woke up to another beautiful day to do a wall dive since there was a slight current on the top of the reef. we had an entourage of groupers tailing us for a good part of the dive, then, halfway through the dive, there were 2 reef sharks that quickly popped in and out on us, and then remained vigilant from some distance away. Back in the shallows, the groupers kept their inquisitive eyes on us while we observed a southern stingray and a queen conch.

On the second dive, the same reef sharks came back and circled us with a little more interest in inspecting out the underwater visitors. The current flowed easier at this time and we were able to relax and enjoy the dive even more than the first. The scrutinizing groupers followed closely. Clear visibility allowed us to enjoy the flora and the fauna of the majestic Caribbean Sea where we saw a variety of juveniles, a balloon fish, and large schools of sharp nose puffer filling the water like a beehive.

The afternoon activity at Angelfish Wall was dominated by the macrofauna, as we had more reef sharks paying us a visit, while a medium sized green turtle swam amongst the divers before disappearing in the distance. There were some barracudas and more Nassau groupers and southern stingrays on the reef top. While on the safety stop, we were dumbstruck watching a huge spotted eagle ray with remoras around it.

This day got more interesting by the minute, and on the next dive, people got to swim with the spotted eagle rays for up to 18 minutes, up to 3 of those at times. The photography enthusiasts couldn’t get enough of it and recorded as long as they could. Then again, we found a large green turtle being pursued by remoras with an eager appetite. There was another couple of reef sharks, a spotted filefish, and a bunch of rock grazing parrotfish.

The stingrays and the shallows at night were a charming sight and we enjoyed every minute of the experience.

Tuesday June 5, 2018

Dive Site: Blue Hole, Quebrada

With great dives behind us, we decided to zigzag through the coral heads that lead toward the Magnificent Bluehole of Belize. It was a somewhat overcast day, but it was Mariah’s birthday and she had “diving the Bluehole” as one of her wish list items, so we made it happen. The visibility wasn’t great, but some divers were still able to enjoy the serenity of this deep dive through the stalactites of this submerged cave, others just enjoyed the view from the surface.

After that, we went for a little island time to Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. The eastern side of the island has some boulders formed by Hurricane Mitch and some of our guests were intrigued by the formations. Then we went over toward the sanctuary for the Red-footed boobie birds and on our way back we made a stop at the Visitor Centre and browsed through what the gift shop has to offer.

Getting back on board was the perfect timing as there was a big squall that came down, giving us a little time to rest before heading for our next dive site, Quebrada. It was a fun dive, looking at a slightly shy reef shark that eventually worked its way to the shallows. There was a beautiful spotted eagle ray but it was a little sheepish in front of the photographers, so it moved away from us. The colours of this site are great and we could take in all its rainbow charm with the varieties of sponges, fish and creatures living in its depths, including tons of creole wrasse swimming in midwater, as well as tarpons hovering around the vicinity of the boat. On the way back, the reef shark we had seen earlier actually came very close to us to inspect what we were up to. A large school of horse-eyed jacks also waited just below the boat.

On the next dive, we found a scorpion fish and a nice nurse shark tucked in under a ledge, there was another reef shark and a lot of other species of animals calling this their home. At night though, we were happy to find those that rest through the day, amongst those an octopus, and squids. Overall a good ending to the day.

Wednesday June 6, 2018

Dive Site: Half Moon Caye Wall, Triple Anchor (Turneffe)

Looking at the weather predictions, we decided to take our last dives for Lighthouse Reef Atoll at Half Moon Caye Wall. It seemed very quiet with awesome visibility, so we got to admire the reef in all its glory. We started off on the sand beds checking out some little grass shrimps and southern stingrays. Off the edge of the wall, we found some spotted eagle rays, and a couple cruising large tarpons. As most of the times, we were escorted for large part of our dives by the ever friendly, ever curious Nassau groupers. This site was a great place to bid farewell to this very lively, very colourful atoll.

We headed west toward Turneffe Atoll and made our next stop at Triple Anchor, where we had one of the best viz for the week. The dusk and night dives were filled with toad and scorpion fish and with a slightly different topography, it was a great site for our divers to experience.

Thursday June 7, 2018

Dive Site: Chasbow Corner, Elkin’s Bay

On Thursday we decided to do a little exploration on the northwest part of Turneffe and first stopped at a site called Chasbow Corner. We were very close to the drop off with the boat swinging toward the shallow, so it was a smooth very relaxed dive. We saw up to 4 huge black groupers checking us out but within a safe distance as if wanting to know what we were doing in their home. Tons of creole wrasse decorated the water, green moray eels swam around or hid in the corals, schools of horse-eyed jack and yellow tail snappers filled our sights, and a few of us saw a nurse shark buzzing around as well.

For the following dives, we explored Elkin’s Bay where we found a large-eyed toadfish and some more green moray eels and nurse sharks again. At night we saw more spotted toadfish, which seems to inhabit Turneffe Atoll more than any other place. There were a few channel clinging crabs marching around as well as some lobsters, with some burr puffer, filefish, trumpet fish swimming all around us. It was a different kind of dive site but truly worth exploring.


Friday June 8, 2018

Dive Sites: Amber Head South

Closing off the week at Amber Head South turned out to be fruitful dives even though the visibility was not great. We were able to take our time exploring and checked out the barrel and tube sponges for critters living inside. There were some drum fish, and lobsters around and the gorgonians made the scenery all the more breath-taking.

On the next dive we cruised on the opposite direction, looking at all the tropical reef fish carrying about their day and a majestic spotted eagle ray coming to bid us farewell for the week until next time,

Madeline, Mike and Greg did great this week being our Iron Divers, we hope you and our other distinguished guest can make it back to Belize and dive aboard the Belize Aggressor III once again to do it even better. Thank you for choosing to dive with the captain and crew of the BAIII.