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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 30c max / 80f  

Water Temp: 26c / 78f

Visibility: 30 m / 100 feet

Weather: Comfortable temperatures, wind 10-17 knots

Itinerary: Brothers Islands, Daedalus Reef, Elphinstone


Highlights: Thresher shark, Grey reef shark, Oceanic White tip Shark



Captain: Sayed

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Rashad & Saher

Chef(s): Sherif & Hussein

Steward(s): Hegazy & Ali

Seamen: Emad & Abdu & Hossam & Amer



Jason & Chantal & Whitney& Marnie & Robert & Frits & Jan & Marcos & Scott & Robert& Arjun Kapur & Janet &Uschi & Sabine & GINA& Jay & Koo & Nicole



Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Abu Wasl

Monday – Big Brother

Tuesday – Little Brother

Wednesday – Daedalus Reef

Thursday –Elphinstone reef, Abu Dabab III

Friday – Abu Dabab II and I


                            Welcome Aboard!


Welcome to beautiful and sunny Port Ghalib, Egypt. At 4:00 PM

The Capitan and Crew welcomed seventeen guests.

After setting up gear on the dive deck to make sure everything wa ready for the week of diving, we all gathered to salon for general briefing. Chef Sherif then served up a dinner of his famous almond soup, greek salad, beef steak and mashed potatoes aside, with strawberry cheese cake for dessert. Guests spent the evening relaxing on the sundeck and enjoying the beautiful evening as they were rocked to sleep with the gentle swaying of the boat.


Sunday April 1st - To begin the week of diving we moored up at Marsa Shoona.

This site gives guests their first introduction to Red Sea’s underwater world. Here guests were able to see many scorpion fish different sizes and colors, network and Red Sea pipefishes, Batfish and Red Sea garden eel. We completed two dives and before night dive we arrived at Abu Wasl. For dinner, Chef Sherif served grilled Jackfish with basmati rice and chocolate marquise. Divers excitedly talked about Spanish Dancer as they spotted it at night dive.

Monday April 2nd

After a good night of sleep on the way to Brothers Islands we woke up and we jumped into the water at the south of Big Brother, hoping to see a Thresher shark. We didn’t find the shark, but we encountered Grey reef shark. Late morning dive was dedicated to the Manta, because she was swimming into the blue and coming back to the reef. So we were able to take great photos of this beautiful creature.

During the afternoon dives we visited two wrecks, Numidia and Aida.

After the fourth dive Chef Sherif prepared Chicken Sheesh Tawook with pasta and Florentine tart.

Tuesday April 3d

We began the day at Little Brother islan and we saw Flute fishes, which were hiding behind our tanks, Napoleon Wrasse, giant Moray eels and Scorpion the LITTLE Brotherwe spend the rest of the day.

Here we encountered one Thresher sharks, White tip reef shark and Oceanic White tip shark.

Wednesday April 4th

Our stop for this day was at Daedalus reef.

Divers were able to see Hammer head Shark ,Grey reef shark, White tip reef shark, a few huge Napoleon Wrasses, Barracudas, schooling Unicorn fishes and Black snappers and Anemone city. We also saw a few huge Napoleon Wrasses, which were hiding from a current at the south of the reef.


Thursday April 5th

Thursday began with an amazing sunrise as guests stirred form the bunks and come up for a little breakfast.

Three dives at Elphinstone reef and we saw Hawksbill Turtles, an Oceanic white tip shark, Giant Trevallies, schools of fusilier fish, black snapper and Ehrenberg’s snappers. Don’t forget about gorgeous soft and hard corals, sponges and sea fans surrounded by clouds of anthias fish.

Then we motored west, to Abu Dabab 2, where we spent the remainder of the day and dived at night. At night we spotted scorpion fishes, pencil, collector and imperial sea urchins and tiny blue-spotted shield slug.

Friday 30th of March

As week comes to a close, guests prepared for their final dives at Abu Dabab 3 north . Divers were able to see a red anemone, a crocodile fish, nudibranchs and a lots of reef fish, which surround local outstanding mountain corals.

Back onboard, guests enjoyed a lunch of grilled fish with lasangya before a relaxing afternoon.

At 5:30 everyone gathered on the sundeck for the farewell cocktail party to celebrate the mazing week both above and below the water!


Iron Divers

Jason & Chantal& Whitney& Marnie Frits & Jan & Marcos & Scott & Robert & Arjun Kapur & Janet & GINA& Jay & Koo & Nicole



Scott 300 & Jay 100


Thanks and kind regards

Red Sea Aggressor crew