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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Monday, Apr 30, 2018
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew




By Carlos and Cissy

                                    30th April – 10th May


Average Water  Temperature 76F/ 24C

Average Visibility 60ft / 20meters

Wetsuits:3ml or 5mm (termoclines often)


Crew: Captain Carlos Sanchez , Chefs: Jairol and Esteban, Engineer Miguel, Steward , Eduardo, Tender Skippers: Jorge and Luis, Dive Instructor Carlos Sanchez and Dive Master Anibal and Jeyhler.


Guests; Li Mengxi, Cai, Shen, Qin, Ding, Li Chunxia, Guo Mingming, Gao Ye, Guo Zhiliang, Xue, Li Dan, Zhong, Liang, Huang, Liu, Wu, Li Jun, Chi, Gao Yin, Tian, Liang Wenbo,


Dite Site : Chatham bay, Manuelita, Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, Vikinga, Isla Pajara, Alcyone, Sumergiga, Dos Amigos Grandes , Dos Amigos Pequeña, and Ulloa Bat Fish…


This trip our guests came from China. As we arrive to the mysterious island full of clouds and fog, everyone was already super excited about our first dives .The seabirds welcomed our visitors to the island flying over Okeanos.

Now let´s go diving! . Cocos island is an emblematic island where we see schools of fish, corals, rays, , and an explosions of life and colors everywhere, not to mention all kind of sharks .Surrounded by massive schools of fish, we saw the great predators swim right beneath the surface, not even being bothered by our presence.

Our group came to Cocos Island to dive with the SHARKS this week and we saw a lot: white tip shark, Hammerhead Shark, Silver Tip, Black Tip Shark, Galapagos Shark, and the amazing Tiger Shark .We saw plenty of sharks really close for video and photo everywhere so our guests were super happy about the footage they got. Not only Sharks but also we saw a huge oceanic manta , frog fish, sea horses, and one of the days , the group decided to go to Ulloa Island to find the endemic Red lipped Bat Fish. We successfully found two cute ones which were moving fast but clumpsy.


We all have fantastic dives in this past AMAZING WEEK.

Thanks to the lovely group of this fantastic week.


Pura vida China!