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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 14, 2018
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Captains log – 14th April 2018


Water temp – 78/80

Recommended suit – 3mm/5mm

Weather – Easterly wind 10/15 knots of wind

Visibility – 60/70ft



Captain – Joji

Chief Engineer – Vince Moore

Dive Master – Rhys Underhill

Chef – Penny

Steward – Eddie



Guest – Paula, Gustavo, John, Sylvia, Arlette, Alexander, Alberto, Danielle, Patric



Sunday – Manta rock, Blue Ridge

Monday – Ricks rock, half pipe, Dominoes. Christine’s, N/D

Tuesday – Jims Alley, Nigali passage, Nigali passage, Anthias Avenue

Wednesday – Golden ouch, wreck, M&M

Thursday – Mellow yellow, Eye catcher, Pitons – Village visit

Friday – Murray’s pt, Solo wall

Saturday – Suva port


Saturday – 14th April 2014

On behalf of the Fiji aggressor crew, we would like to welcome our guest with a big BULA vinaka to our entire American guest. They all arrived little after 1100 in the morning at the same time the crew assisted each guest to their designated cabin, while they settle with their cabin our chef Peni prepared lunch, 1330pm crew introduction and safety briefing. At 1430hrs we departed jetty for Wakaya Island where we commence our check out dive


Sunday – 15th April 2018

Little windy this morning and we at Wakaya Island but everyone is looking forward to our first dive, some our guest had been to Fiji before and they know what is like to dive around our beautiful reefs. Checkout dive at Manta rock, even though the visibility wasn’t great but the spirit of getting to the water from guest that makes us all want to dive on every dive. On this dive we saw Moray eels, leaf scorpion fish, bio – colour parrot fish, mumble shrimps, lots of colourful anthia fish. 2nd /3rd dive at Wakaya wall we saw grey reef, white tip, moray eel, turtle, banded sea snake, In the blue we saw circling jacks, big Spanish mackerel were passing by and school of unicorn fish!







Monday 16th April

It is finally time to visit some of the dive site in Makaogai Island, we haven’t been to this Island since it was struck by cyclone Winston, a year ago. Well I’m glad that after the dive guest were happy that the soft coral growths at RICKS ROCK were pretty amazing. 2nd Dive at Half pipe, soft coral growth had magnificent come back with good fish live. Third dive at Dominoes produce the same result. 4th dive at Christine – Harrys gosh pipe fish, Commodores, Leaf scorpion and many different types of Nudibranch                                                                                                                        

Tuesday 17th April

We at Gau this morning little windy and partly clouded but great visibility at jims and our guest really enjoyed it with the seen of a Red anemone, moray eel, sting rays, cromodoris nudibranchs After this dive we headed to nigali passage for a shark dive we did two dives here grey reefs with few white tip were amongst the permanent resident of this passage and we were glad that the giant potatoe grouper were also showed up. When we at the bottom, at 75ft we were pretty amazed to see that above us school of midnight snapper, Jacks, barracudas, with the inclusion of grey reef and white tip sharks were everywhere. What a spectacular dive!







Wednesday 18th April

We sail all night to reach Kadavu Island 68 miles away from Gau Island, Sun is shining, sky is crystal clear, sea and wind conditions are calm and it feels like a perfect day for diving. Cold breakfast was ready at 0600am, dive briefing at 0730am we already in the water. Our guest saw a hawksbill turtle, Moray eel, sweetlips, grey reef, white tip and black tip sharks, huge puffer fish, leaf scorpion fish, as our guest are all back on board safely we heaved anchor and headed down to Papageno for a wrecked dive. We cruised with mild current we met many barracudas in the blue. We also spotted a few moray eels and a juvenile Napoleon wrasse. Short surface interval and we are wet again. We spotted a Giant moray eel, banded sea snake and lots of nudibranchs





Thursday 19th April

Thursday began with an amazing sunrise and everyone’s excited about our first dive at Mellow yellow we saw Flatworms, nudibranch, regal angelfish, spotted porcupine we also found the resident scorpion fish. He almost always around the same rock but hard to find because he looks like a rock! After this dive we heaved anchor and headed to Eye catcher for our 2nd dive this time we saw turtle, green moray eel, jacks, barracudas and lots of reef fish. Third dive at twin towers produce the same results, as our guest all on-board we started the main engine and headed to Drue village for village visit

Friday – 20th April

So our final days of diving we headed back to Murray’s point this was planned as a drift dive and reef on the left guest sighting a turtle and grey reef, white tip sharks, a juvenile napoleon wrasse, sting rays, an a leopard shark resting on the sand. For our next dive we made passage to solo wall our guest saw juvenile emperor angel fish they also saw many fusilier fish at the surface all of them a bit tetchy due to the appearance of a dog tooth tuna , after the dive we headed back to port after 15 minutes of steaming our cruise director spotted a group of pilot whale so we had to slow down as they right ahead of us relaxing another great way to end the dive trip!


Saturday – 21th April

0630hrs – continental breakfast was prepared for our guest prior to disembarking the vessel

The watermen of the Fiji aggressor bids farewell to the guest and hope that they have a safe journey back home to their loved ones and hoped we would meet again someday