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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 07, 2018
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log   7th - 14th April



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Emm

Deck hand: Rong

Deck Hand: Bank

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Saharaj

Instructor: Jai

Instructor: Glenn

Instructor: Liane

Steward: Jinny



Dennis,Eric,Kara,John, Stephanie,Paul, Jina, Robby,Pam, Eric,Heather,Jerry Dan



Sunday – Zodiac, ,Deep Six,West ofEden, Anitas reef

Monday- Elephant head rock x2, South of Eden, Stonehenge x2

Tuesday- 3 Trees,North Point Christmas Point, Koh Bon x3.

Wednesday– Koh Tachai pinnacle x2 , Koh Tachai reef . Koh Tachai pinnacle.

Thursday : Richelieu Rock x4

Friday – Koh Tachai pinnacle, Koh Bon west


Our guests arrived around 17:00 and were excited for the beginning of the trip we set up our equipment and all got introduced then the boat safety briefing. We had a lovely dinner and went early to bed.


Our safety briefing began after a light breakfast and a beautiful sunrise, . We then gear up for our first dive and jump in at Zodiac, a dive site consisting of manmade statues and artificial reefs built in honor of the 2004 tsunami.   We are very happy with the clear visibility and tropical blue color of the water. Next we head to Deep six, a deep dive where we find a sleeping stingray resting peacefully on the sandy bottom. After lunch and a siesta we move to the nearby site called West of Eden, and enjoy a beautiful drift dive involving many unicorn and surgeon fish, as well as a juvenile emperor angelfish and a peacock mantis shrimp. After our final afternoon dive at Anita’s Reef, guests have built up quite an appetite and are happy to see that the Chef has prepared a delicious dinner of chicken parmesan on pesto pasta. Five tireless divers venture out for the fifth and final dive of the day, a night dive at Anita’s Reef, then we are off to bed for another big day tomorrow.





First dive today was at elephant head rock this huge pile of boulders has some great swim thrus with some big snapper, we also found a ribbon eel and some very nice egg coweries… Next dive was back at Elephant head and wow what a great dive with a whale shark, For our third dive we headed to island 7 a site called South of Eden this site was amass of fish with schools of trevally these were chasing the yellow fusiliers all around the shallows we had a few good phots with a well placed anemone and some clown fish, we headed down to island 4 for our afternoons diving we went to Stonehenge reef on the north of island 4 we saw a dwarf scorpion fish and some nudibranchs crawling across the sand, Next we moved the boat to inside the bay a great drift dive was had by all and many reef fish sighted aswell as a couple of sleeping stingrays…. Our night dive would also be at stonehenge we found a few lobsters and a zebra moray aswell as the hundreds of shrimp that come out at night…. After the dive we watched our slide show and enjoyed many storys of the days diving, before an early night.



We had moored the night at islands five and six, we started the engines and headed north to island number nine, we decided on three trees, it was an awesome dive with the current running north, we saw a large school of Barracuda that visited us twice. We had a good show from a large school of fusileers and also some giant trevally and also a leopard shark greced us with its presence. Our second dive was to be at Christmas point the viz was great and our photographers got some great pictures of the huge boulders, we also saw a school of Batfish. We upped anchor and headed north east to one of our favorite dive sites Koh Bon the ridge was teaming with fish and we saw an amazing 4 octopus and a sea snake . We had a very nice dinner of fresh fish with sweet potato, Our avid night divers headed to the bay and saw morays and some lionfish out hunting.  





Our first dive this morning would be at Koh Tachai pinnacle, after a good nights sleep we were eager to get in the water, almost instantly our group saw another whale shark and photos and videos kicked into action, many of our guests had missed the Whale shark at elephant head and were super happy to have sighted this one, amazingly the shark returned for our second dive our guests were so happy it swam in circles all around every group.. for our third dive we headed to the reef for a drift this was also a nice relaxed dive after our adrenalin filled first two dives, we saw a pair of porcelain crabs and a octopus hunting. Our fourth dive was back at the pinnacle we had a brief visit from the whale shark and lots of trevally action, after the dive we upped anchor and headed for the surin islands for our nites mooring…


Thursday :

After a peaceful night sleep in the Surin Islands we head over to Richelieu Rock for an early morning dive at 8am. Having the site to ourselves we are able to happily make our way around the rock, first going deep to see our resident spiny seahorse. Heading around the corner we find cornet fish side by side hovering in the sand. After a wonderful, exciting morning dive we head back to the boat for a hot and hearty made to order breakfast then we are back on the dive deck gearing up for our second dive at Richelieu. Once again, the rock is teeming in a variety of marine flora and fauna including large schools of two spot snapper in the middle of the horseshoe, schooling batfish, spearing peacock mantis shrimps, and thousands upon thousands of glass fish covering the rock. With a closer rock we realize that many of those ‘glass fish’ are actually tiny juvenile barracuda! As the day goes on we complete a total of four dives at this amazing site and see much more including the resident green sea turtle, several nudibranchs and cowries, schooling needle fish, schools of cornetfish and emperor fish, and three very big yellowtail barracuda. The only thing we could have asked for more of was more bottom time!  



Friday –

So for our final days diving we headed back to Koh Tachai pinnacle this was planned as a drift and we headed north with our guests sighting a turtle and a juvenile napoleon wrasse then as if by magic another whale shark appeared our guests are super lucky this week . For our next dive we made passage to Koh Bon and a rock that looks very much like a sleeping dragon our guides found a juvenile emperor angel fish we also saw many fusiliers at the surface all of them a bit tetchy due to the appearance of a dog tooth Tuna, after the dive our guests enjoyed a thai buffet style lunch before settling down for our cruise to our home port and our signature BBQ,


Guests wake up and enjoy a made to order breakfast, as usual. Crew gathers the luggage an assist them to the pier at around 8:00am where their transfers are waiting to safely deliver them to their next destination. Thank you everyone for another wonderful week of diving on Thailand Aggressor, see you next time!