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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 07, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

April 7th to 14th 2018


Guests Greg & Chiafang, David & Deanna, Bill & Heather, Rich, Terry, Dave, Keith, Rick, Cris, Mike, Don, John, Kimberly, and Candi

Crew Capt Manny, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Instructors Aubri & JC, Steward Oneil

Air Temp 82f Water Temp 79-80f

Saturday  Guests boarded early today and were all settled in to start the safety briefing by 4pm. Why so early you ask? Because we’re headed straight for Little Cayman! It was a smooth crossing luckily and everyone was able to join us for dinner and get a good night’s sleep before the diving begins.

Sunday We began our tour of Bloody Bay at Bus Stop, a beautiful mini wall with a sandy stretch before heading out to the main wall- a perfect place for Kimberly’s Open Water checkout dives to start. Highlights of the morning’s dives include a couple of Turtles and a shoal of Squid. With weather as beautiful as we’ve been having we decided to have lunch upstairs as we cruised over to Meadows for our afternoon and night dives. The water was crystal blue as we splashed to explore the wall and shallow coral heads. Schools of Grunts and Schoolmasters surrounded the shallows and a small Reef Shark cruised by the group. In the late afternoon divers interacted with the largest Eagle Ray that anyone had ever seen. Guesses ranges between a 6-7ft wing span. After another delicious meal it was time for our night dive. Meadows has been a hot spot for un recently and tonight was no different with up to 4 Octopus sightings, a Spotted Moray, 2 sleeping Turtles, a Nurse Shark, Nudibranch, Channel Crabs, Lobster, Beaded Sea Cucumber and more! All in all it was an amazing first day of diving for everyone.

Monday With everyone feeling good in the water it was time to leave behind the sandy bottom and move further West down Bloody Bay to Lea Lea’s Lookout. Divers enjoyed meeting some of Little Cayman’s most famous residents, the friendly Nassau Groupers, and exploring the canyons and crevasses of the site. After lunch and a nap we splashed at a crew favorite- 3 Fathom Wall. Here divers were treated to massive schools of fish, several Stingrays swimming around, a few curious Turtles, friendly Groupers, and of course the garden of Yellow-headed Jawfish. For our night dive the Lobster, Crabs, and Octopus all came out to feed and put on a show. With another successful day of diving through it was time to sleep once again and dream of all the exciting dives coming up tomorrow.

Tuesday Engines roared to life at 5:30am for our crossing to Cayman Brac. We came upon the Russian Destroyer Keith Tibbets and splashed only to find all of the Turtles of the Brac gathered here for a breakfast party. After enjoying the wreck we headed back to Little Cayman to The Great Wall to give our favorite fish Freddy the Friendly Grouper some attention. Divers marveled at the sheerness of this section of Bloody Bay and the healthy sponge life dramatically hanging straight out into the blue. Once we found Freddy he also introduced us to a big Green Moray that he’d been hanging around with. We enjoyed a dinner cruise up on the sundeck as we headed for Nancy’s cup of Tea for the night dive. At Nancy’s we saw Octopuses for a third night in a row! Yet another beautiful day of diving.

Wednesday We stirred up the calm waters early this morning with a 6:00am splash time. Always a beautiful dive waking up with the reef! Once back everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then got ready for another dive at Nancy’s where we saw more Turtles and even a Shark! For our final two dives in Little Cayman we headed over to Randy’s Gazebo where we dived head first into some very cool swim throughs and played with the Nassau Groupers. Back onboard cocktail hour began as we cruised back to the big island of Grand Cayman for another day and a half of diving.

Thursday We decided to start our Grand Cayman adventure at the USS Kittiwake- a beautiful wreck on her side right next to the wall. As we explored her several decks we came across the resident Moray Eel and a small Turtle. Candi also found a three-legged Starfish walking along the bottom. After lunch and a nap we splashed for one dive at Governor’s Reef and spent the whole dive watching one small Hawksbill Turtle feed on a sponge. Our final two dives of the day were spent at the wreck of the Oro Verde. These were some of the best dives yet with numerous Turtle sightings, a photogenic Green Moray, Jawfish with Eggs, two Harlequin Pipefish, six Lobster out on the wreck, and giant Parrotfish. After all the dives were complete we settled in to our Thanksgiving dinner followed by the movie and photo slideshow of the week.

Friday Our final dives of the week have arrived so quickly. First splash of the day was at Round Rock and Trinity Caves to explore some swim throughs and caves. Next up we headed to Devil’s Grotto and saw a Turtle and some Tarpon hanging out by the grotto. When all were back on board it was time to start cleaning dive gear and heading back to the dock. Guests relaxed and enjoyed some George Town shopping until the cocktail party where we celebrated our achievements for the week.


Shout out to David and Deanna for completing 100 dives, Mike for 200 logged dives, and Bill with 300 logged dives! Also big congrats go to Kimberly for completing her Open Water and Nitrox courses as well as Chiafang for completing her Nitrox Certification.


Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew