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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 07, 2018
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log April 7-14 2018

Water Temp. 76-78 F

Visibility 60-100+ft



Captain Christy Weaver

Engineer David Millard

Instructor Caitilin Tincher

Instructor Josh Foster

Chef Caleb Dudley




Jonathan, Bruce, Jerry, Corinne, Eric, Frank, Mario, Johanne, Robert, Hugo, Rubin, Leslie



Sunday – Lost Blue Hole, Crab Mountain

Monday – Up Jump the Devil, Dog Rocks, Madison Ave

Tuesday – Austin Smith, Danger Reef

Wednesday – Shark Reef, Shroud Reef, Whale Shark Wall, Barracuda Shoals

Thursday – Lobster No Lobster, Flat Rock, Plane Wreck

Friday – Crab Wall


Saturday April 7

We welcomed twelves guest this week aboard the Bahamas Aggressor. After the whole group arrived, set up their dive gear and found their cabins, we had an amazing meal prepared by chef Caleb and settled down at our home dock for the night.


Sunday April 8

As we pulled up to our first dive site, Lost Blue Hole, we were greeted by a Loggerhead Turtle taking a breath. Our divers also spotted some friendly Grey Reef Sharks and Silky Sharks circling in the sink hole. There were tons of schooling Yellowtail Snappers and Horse Eyed Jacks hanging out under the boat to hang out with our group on their safety stop. After the morning dives, we headed to the Northern Exumas - to a site called Crab Mountain. Aptly named, the divers saw giant Channel Clinging Crabs, Spotted Morays, and a Hawksbill Turtle


Monday April 9

Our first dive of the day was on a wall site known as Up Jump the Devil. Divers came back incredibly excited about finding two Hawksbill Turtles, as well as Spiny Lobsters and schooling Creole Wrasse. We headed a bit further North for our next two dives at a staff favorite, Dog Rocks. Everyone enjoyed the many swim throughs that the dive site has to offer. Our late afternoon and night dive were at Madison Ave and the divers saw Spotted Morays, Red Banded Coral Shrimps, and Black Jacks.


Tuesday April 10

Moving a bit further south to one of our wreck sites known as the Austin Smith for our shark dive! The Grey Reef Sharks were waiting for us as we jumped in for our first two dives of the day. For the rest of our dives, we traveled to the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Our dives at Danger Reef included Red Tipped Sea Goddesses, Black Groupers, and a Loggerhead Turtle.


Wednesday April 11

Still in the Land and Sea Park, our first dive was at the beautiful Shark Reef. The mini wall offers a range of wildlife from Yellow Headed Jawfish to Slender Filefish! We headed a bit further North to Shroud Reef for our next dive. After lunch, we traveled back to the Northern Exumas and enjoyed the afternoon dives at Whale Shark Wall. We spotted Porcupine Fish, Southern Stingrays, and Wire Coral Shrimp. The night dive at Barracuda Shoals was spectacular with Spotted Morays and Night Coral Shrimp.


Thursday April 12

The wind picked up a bit overnight so we had our first two dives at Lobster No Lobster. Our macro lovers were thrilled with Fingerprint Cyphomas and Leopard Print Flatworms. Next we cruised over to Flat Rock and enjoyed all of the life found on this shallow site, including Honeycomb Cowfish and Scrawled Filefish! Everyone enjoyed the late afternoon and night dive at the Smugglers Plane Wreck. The divers saw a Peacock Flounder, Barracuda, and an Octopus!


Friday April 13

Last dive of the charter was at the wall site Crab Wall. Guests were sent off by a giant Loggerhead turtle and three Grey Reef Sharks. At the home dock, Captain Christy and the crew hosted an evening cocktail party full of fun awards and lots of laughs!


Thank you to all our divers for joining us on this amazing week! We hope to dive with you all again soon!


Happy diving,


Bahamas Aggressor Crew