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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 31, 2018
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


March 31- April 6

Air temp 72-83 Fahrenheit

Water temp 73-75 fahrenheit

Visibility 25-75 ft



Captain Matt Herwig

2nd Captain Eric Frequez

Chef Kevin Bennet

Instructors; R.J Johnson, Tristan Beasley, Morgan Oughton



William Flynn

Michelle Rinaldi

Heathyr O’Connell

Evan O’Connell

Duane Gee

April Ashton

Kimberly Klopfer

Katherine Stafford-Genest

Aaron Whittemore

Deana Whittemore


Dive Sites:

Sunday: Kalokos Arches, Garden Eel Cove

Monday: Sharkfin Rock, Amphitheatre, Au Au Crater

Tuesday: Pele’s Playground, Land of Oz, Manuka Bay

Wednesday: Wall’s Wall, Pohue Bay, Stoney Mesas

Thursday: Catacombs, Never Never Land, Paradise Pinnacle, The Dome

Friday: Turtle Pinnacle


Saturday March 31st:

We welcome our new guests on board with a Guava juice and champagne cocktail. After everyone has settled in we head out to our mooring just outside of Kona where we do a quick safety briefing followed by a delicious dinner of Seared Swordfish, Coconut RIce, Asparagus and Chocolate Mousse Cake for dinner.


Sunday April 1st:

After a wonderful breakfast of Macadamia nut pancakes, pork sausage links and eggs any way imaginable we head to Kalokos arches for our first and second dives. Afterwards we go to Garden Eel Cove for our third and fourth. The Night dive is led by DMs R.J and Morgan. This dive is called Manta Mayhem. All the divers sit in a circle around giant pit of lights and watch the Mantas swoop down and feed on all the plankton that accumulate. Afterwards we have hot chocolate with Kahlua and Baileys upon request.


Monday April 2nd:

On our first dive this morning at Shark fin Rock led by D.M Tristan we see a Large Spotted Eagle Ray as well as a day octopus. Our second dive is Amphitheatre. For lunch today its a taste of Italy with Garlic Bread, Meatballs, Stuffed shells and a garden salad. We hook up at Au Au Crater shortly after lunch for our third and fourth dives as well as our night dive.


Tuesday April 3rd: Our first site this morning is Pele’s Playground Led by D.M RJ. It is known for its dramatic drop offs and beautiful coral fingers. Our second site is Land of Oz which features a “yellow brick road” that leads to a beautiful archway. We have Taco Tuesday upstairs on the sun deck for lunch this afternoon on our way to Manuka Bay. This site is where we will spend the night and it is definitely a staff favorite. A relatively shallow reef that slopes out to over a hundred feet. It is home to Rock mover wrasse, Turtles, and a small whitetip reef shark known as “Ricky”. We celebrated a birthday onboard today. Happy Birthday April!


Wednesday April 4th:

For Breakfast this morning we have eggs benedict with hash browns prepared by chef Kevin. Our first site is wall’s wall. A Horseshoe shaped wall that is home to beautiful soft corals. Not too fat away at all is our second site Pohue Bay. This site is a turtle nesting ground and has a beautiful sloping reef that leads to a dramatic sand channel. After a delicious barbecue lunch we head to our third site stoney mesas. This site has several canyons made by protruding coral fingers and is a staff favorite for its interesting topography. Afterwards we go to Manuka Bay to spend the night again.


Thursday April 5th: Our first site is not far at all from our resting place. Catacombs gets its name from the complex system of small caves and swim throughs that run through the various coral fingers. Never Never land is a large horseshoe shaped canyon with a pinnacle that sticks straight out of the water to about 30 feet in the air. As RJ rounds the pinnacle he spots a whale shark out in the blue and all the divers are fortunate enough to get tons of video to show their friends. After lunch we head to Paradise Pinnacle. A pinnacle that goes from 80 feet to 20 feet and is flat on top. If you look hard enough you can find blue dragon nudibranchs n top of said pinnacle. Our fourth is The Dome. A large cave with an entrance and exit and a large skylight that provides beautiful photo opportunities. Our night dive tonight is the Black water Pelagic Dive. After a fun filled 60 minutes in the blue we head back to our mooring ball to get ready for our early start tomorrow but not before celebrating Duane And Kalli’s Birthdays with a red velvet cake.

Friday April 8th: Our last day of diving is spent at turtle pinnacle where divers are lucky enough to see 3 eagle rays. We pull into the pier for our lunch of Cheeseburgers in paradise prepared by Matt.   At the cocktail party we celebrate our three iron divers: Evan, Heather, and Kalli.