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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 24, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

March 24-31, 2018


Sea State: Rough

Avg. Air Temp: 95oF

Avg. Water Temp: 81oF

Avg. Visibility: 60ft+



Captain -            Jerome

Chef -                         Yanis

Steward -             Randy

Dive Instructor- Daniel

- Roque

Dive master            - Mario


Saturday March 24, 2018

3:00 PM – Guests Board

5:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:20 PM – Dinner is served!




Sunday March 25, 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Julie’s Jungle

It was a great day for the check-out dives in Belize’s atolls. We first started off at Sandy Slope on Turneffe Atoll where it was nice to jump in the water and adjust to our gear before heading to the bigger dive games across the blue. We found scorpion fish, yellow-head jawfish, Peterson cleaner shrimp, and a few eels.

Then we moved over to Lighthouse Reef Atoll and explored Julie’s Jungle. We got to see more scorpion fish and were thrilled to find octopuses and squids in the night dive.


Monday March 26, 2018

Dive Sites: Halfmoon Caye wall & Silver Caves

After a slightly windy time, we got a break and started heading to the Halfmoon Caye area, where we first visited the Halfmoon Caye Wall. We spent some time on the sandy area looking at garden eels, stingrays and were happy to find some flapping ding bats as well. On the edge of the drop off, we found a nice school of silversides. Swimming through the school of fish was an awesome feeling, almost as being part of nature in that moment. There was a couple of reef shark and a loggerhead that also stopped by us.

We ended the day at Silver Caves; a perfect choice for the afternoon as the wall buzzed with schooling creole wrasse and a couple of reef sharks that stayed below us continuously appearing and disappearing. As we headed back to the boat, we spotted a hawksbill and not far behind, a beautiful loggerhead. Four of our divers were also very lucky to have had a brief moment with a hammerhead shark.


Tuesday March 27, 2017

Dive Site: Blue Hole, Nurse Shark Ridge & Site X

At mid-week, we heading north through the atoll toward the magnificent Bluehole of Belize. The scenery seemed perfect for a movie setting, with so many hues of blues, greens, and aqua greens, and the crystal-clear waters that revealed the sandy bottoms, sea grass and coral heads lying peacefully in-waiting. Our guests had the opportunity to explore the depths of the sinkhole beautifully decorated with the stalactites.

Later on, at Nurse Shark Ridge and Site X, we were delighted with sights of huge barrel sponges, schools of creole wrasse, surgeon fish amongst a real-life aquarium in the sea.

Wednesday March 28, 2017

Dive Site: Chain Wall, Painted Wall & Long Caye Wall

We started the day with much excitement and headed to Chain Wall, however, the conditions were not as we were expecting. Still, we had some great sightings of a reef shark, a loggerhead, a couple of friendly groupers, and of what some people considered to be the biggest barracuda they had ever seen. We gave ourselves a pat on our shoulders for making the best out of what we had and continued our search for amazing fish and creatures.

Hence, our next stop was Painted Wall for a couple of dives then headed over to Long Caye Wall for the last dives of the day. These were more than successful dives, as we met some spotted eagle rays, even four at a time! We also found or were rather found by a friendly green moray that was quite too often too close for comfort but , made a great photogenic model for great photos and videos. The day could be summed up as a day of sharks, turtles, rays, eel and all the tropical school fish.


Thursday March 29, 2017

Dive Site: Aquarium, Cathedral & Quebrada

With our dives at Lighthouse Reef Atoll coming to a close, we headed to Aquarium looking for the eagle rays that are known to cruise the wall there. We struck gold almost immediately, as an eagle ray swam below us, granting us enough time to make a quick video. There were tons of varied fish and some of the ones that stood out were the smooth trunk fish, stoplight parrot fish, scrawled file fish, honey comb fish and slender file fish.

Later on, Cathedral became the exploration ground/water for a couple more dives before moving to Quebrada for the last day dive and the night dive. We had the cool opportunity to hang around a feeding hawksbill turtle, found a peaceful nurse shark and an ever-elegant spotted eagle ray, 3 octopuses passed us by, and marvelled at the beautifully coloured corals and sponges.


Friday March 30, 2017

Dive Sites: Amber Head South

French and grey angelfish, queen triggerfish, scrawled filefish, giant anemones and squat anemone shrimps were some of the awesome sights on our final dives at Amber Head South. All in all, a great way to close off a great week of diving.

Huge shout-out to Iron Divers Liam and Barbara for making it through the whole week undefeated, 😉 and thanks to all our guests for choosing to dive with the captain and crew of the Belize Aggressor III liveaboard. We hope that you choose to dive Belize with us again in the future.