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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 31, 2018
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log   31st Mar – 7th Apr



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Emm

Deck hand: Rong

Deck Hand: Bank

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Saharaj

Instructor: Jai

Instructor: Glenn

Instructor: Liane

Steward: Jinny


GUESTS: Phillipe, Cecile,Justin, Robyn,Jack,Binyamin,Michal,Steve, Tomer,Almog,Gayle,Adam,Diana,Douglas, Daniel, Jenny.



Sunday – Zodiac, ,Deep Six,West ofEden, Anitas reef

Monday- Boulder City, Elephant head rock x2, Stonehenge

Tuesday- 3 Trees,North Point Christmas Point, Koh Bon x2.

Wednesday– Koh Bon Ridge, Koh Tachai pinnacle x2 , Koh Tachai reef .

Thursday : Richelieu Rock x4

Friday – Koh Tachai pinnacle, Koh Bon west


Our guests arrived around 17:00 and were excited for the beginning of the trip we set up our equipment and all got introduced then the boat safety briefing. We had a lovely dinner and went early to bed.


We started the day with a check out dive at Zodiac Reef. The reef starts from the east of Similan Island 6 and runs to the south of Island 5. The main attraction at this site is the Chinese signs of the zodiac which is 20 meters at the deepest point. The monument is surrounded by various colorful soft corals and sea fans. The guests were happy with the site as they got to see a clown triggerfish, a trumpet fish, many anemone fish, and big schools of beautiful bright blue fusiliers. The best dive of the day was the third dive at West of Eden. This site consists of giant granite boulders that create interesting canyons and crevices nice for swimming through. Here the divers encountered the resident spearing mantis shrimp, which was in plain view yet barely visible due to its camouflaging abilities. We also spotted a scorpionfish, a sea snake, and a free swimming giant moray eel.




We headed south for our first dive, Sharkin reef is one of the most southerly divesites in this chain of islands it’s a long reef consisting of huge granite boulders the reef is more protected on the southern side so has more soft coral we briefed a drift dive as the current was pushing east, one of our groups saw a White tip sleeping in a crack this pleased our group of avid photographers, We headed back to Elephant head for our next dive the current was pushing us west so we decided to turn and head for the west side there was a big school of banner fish and we also saw some parrot fish chomping on the coral, our third dive was also at elephant head we saw a huge tawney nurse shark and some huge sea fans in the deeper part. Our night dive was conducted at Stonehenge we saw morays hunting and some nice Nudibranchs’




We started the day at the very north of the 9 islands at a divesite called Three trees, we descended and almost immediately saw the Great Barracuda that seems to live at this site. We also saw some Smashing mantis shrimp and the small very shy fire gobies, Our second dive we decided to head further north to the site known as Christmas point we planned to do the rest of the days diving in the north. The visibility was great at around 30m and on the first dive we had a great drift we had encounters with a turtle and a sea snake one of our guests also found a Devil Scorpion fish, on dives three and four we saw the same turtle again and we videoed it swimming to the surface and taking a breath and descending right past us as if we were not there, there was a large school of jacks patrolling the pinnacle. On the night dive we found a free swimming moray and also a very big lobster out scavenging the reef, there was also a very nice octopus out and about changing colors very quickly.  




We had slept the night at the island north west of Koh Bon , Koh Bon is a limestaone dive site and the ridge in the north goes down to around 100ft so a good dive to start the day with we found Stingray in the sand and also many garden eels swaying in the current. After the dive we upped anchor and headed to Koh Tachai for the rest of the day, this is one of the premier divesite in Thailands waters and it did not disappoint us we saw a napoleon wrasse and the school of barracuda along with many different species of shrimp, there is marine life in every crack and crevice here and we saw a very rare type of moray the Honeycomb moray is not encountered that often in our region but we were fortunate to see one out free swimming during the day, after the days diving we all compaired photographs and movies we had taken during this great days diving.



Thursday :

Our favorite day today all day at Richelieu rock, this group of 7 limestone pinnacles is a solitary rock for miles around and it acts like a magnet for marine life, we started the day planning to dive the southern tip and what a dive we had a whale shark turned up as soon as we entered the water, our guest were yelping in there regulators and had a fantastic dive we saw little else of the rock as our guests were mesmerized by this leviathan of the ocean… On our second dive exactly the same happened but wait a minute the first shark was clearly a male but this was a female could we be so fortunate as to see 2 whale sharks, the answer was yes, wow our guests are so lucky, the sharks stayed for the whole day. What a days diving this turned into with eagle ray and seahorse and also ornate ghost pipefish and many other small critters were found, on our cruise back to koh tachai all the talk was about the great encounters we had during the day..


Friday –

Our last days diving began at Koh Tachai island we elected to dive the pinnacle that is 400m away from the island, the current was moderate at the moment and heading easterly we descended the mooring line and headed in a clockwise direction, we encountered a free swimming moray and also many fusiliers on the east side a few of our guests saw a octopus out roaming the pinnacle and also. For our last dive of the trip we headed back south to the island of Koh Bon and dived the west ridge here we saw 2 octopus mateing and also a big school of hunting jacks, One guest found 5 maldevian sponge snails in one spot. Sadly no manta rays today but it was hard to beat the diving that we already had enjoyed, all our guests had a traditional thai lunch whilst the staff washed and hung out there equipment, we made our way back to thaplamu and enjoyed our bbq and video show before ending with a nice evening on the sundeck…




Guests wake up and enjoy a made to order breakfast, as usual. Crew gathers the luggage an assist them to the pier at around 8:00am where their transfers are waiting to safely deliver them to their next destination. Thank you everyone for another wonderful week of diving on Thailand Aggressor, see you next time!