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Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew



Captain’s Log: Maldives Aggressor II,March 28thto 4th of April 2018

Best of Maldives, 7days’ trip


*Air Temp. 95F, 35C

*Water Temp. 84F, 29C

* Visibility 25-30 Meter/82–99 Feet



Cruise Director: Marc

Captain: Hussein

2nd Captain: Waheed

Engineer: Mahmood

Chef: Mr. Anil Ranjit, Sous chef: Isuru

Instructors: Marilen, Iris, Ayya and Ripon

Steward: Megan, Jonah, Romesh and Sultan

Dive Dhoni (tender): Demha , Alamin , Shojib


GUESTS:22, Rami, Byron, Ellen, Robert, Susan, Terry, Sabine, Diane, Ray, Mark, Frederick, Debra, Calisto, Maria, Dana, Kelley, Janet, Kimberly, Helen, Mark, Kurt, Conny




Thursday -     Fish Factory (Male North, Kuda Giri Wreck (Male South Atoll), Alimatha Jetty (Vaavu Atoll)

Friday -           Kudarah Thila, Maamigili Beru, Sun Isalnd Beru, Night Dive: Ariyadhoo Beru (Ari South Atoll)

Saturday -      Maamigili Beru, Hukuruveli Faru, Rahdigga Thila (Ari South Atoll)

Sunday -         Moofushi Beru, Moofushi Beru (Ari South Atoll), Himandhoo Thila, Manta Night Dive: Fesdhoo Lagoon (Ari North Atoll)

Monday -        Mushimas Mingili Thila, Maaya Thila, Bathala Maaga Kan Thila, Night Dive: Maaya Thila (Ari North Atoll)

Tuesday -       Madivaru Ocean, Madivaru Beru (Ari North Atoll)




Wednesday March 28th

We were meeting our new guests at 15.30 pm at the Airport of Male and after we stored the equipment we went to the big Boat.

The welcome was really nice prepared and the fresh drinks with the cool towels exactly what our customers were needed.

Marc introduced the whole crew and gave the welcome and boat briefing. The guest enjoyed a little break before we meet again for dinner. The first day was gone pretty fast and we are all looking forward to start diving tomorrow.



Thursday March 29th

We wake up our guests at 6.00 am and after a full briefing we went for our check dive at the fish factory. The current was mediu and some divers saw directly a big tiger shark which was atracted by the fish trash. Big moray eels, lion fishes, box fishes and a great school of banner fishes were seen at the reef. The second dive we did at Kuda Giri Wreck and we found awesome conditions. Mild current, good visibility with 25m/82ft and the water temperature was 29oC/85oF. During lunch we were sailing to Vaavu Atoll for a special night dive. At the resort of Alimatha we were descending by smooth current for nurse sharks and big stingrays and it was incredible. Underneath the jetty we spot more then twenty nurse sharks and some whiptail stingrays. It was fantastic!


Friday March 30th

Good morning, it was 6am and we start to get ready for our dive at Kudarah Thila, Ari South Atoll. We were lucky with a light current and the visibility was great. Between the rock formation which are beautifully grown by soft and hard corals we saw big schools of yellow snappers and batfishes, wart slugs in different colors and sizes. Around the gorgonian fans we sawmantis shrimps and underneath the rocks a really big and giant grouper. During lunch we were sailing to the southern end of Ari Atoll. At Maamigili and Sun Island Beru we were trying to find a whale shark but we were spotting white tip reef sharks and grey sharks. At the reef wall we found other wonderful creatures like leaf fishes, scorpion fishes, stone fishes and a great coral life. The night dive at Ariyadhoo Beru was great. Mild current, good visibility and we spot so much tiny animals. What a great day of diving!


Saturday March 31th

In the morning we went to Maamigili Beru and forward later to Hukuruveli Faru. Again we were happy to spot eagle rays, turtles, white tip and grey reef sharks and big schools of fusiliers and yellow snappers. After lunch we dove at Rahdigga Thila. A really nice reef formation with amazing colors of yellow, orange and pink soft corals. On the surface a great surprise was waiting because the crew were organizing a BBQ at Rahdigga Island. By full moon light and warm air, we all enjoyed a wonderful BBQ and spend an awesome time together.


Sunday April 1st

This was such a great manta dive at Moofushi Beru! One of the mantas where nearly white and small eagle ray also came to the famous cleaning station at the reef. So cute to watch them copy the movement of their giant family members.The afternoon dive we did at Himandhoo Thila and we love the stunning colors of the corals and the rich marine life around. For the night dive we were planning something special in Fesdhoo Lagoon. We prepared bright lights at the dive dhoni and we were able to attract 3 mantas. This was an amazing experience our divers will never forget.



Monday April 2nd

Today we were diving around Mushimas Mingili Thila and Maaya Thila which are in a protected marine area. Both are beautifully gown with gorgonians, soft and hard corals and offering a great fish environment. The highlight were the hunting jacks and trevallies. We also saw white and grey reef sharks, turtles, octopuses and a cute tiny eagle ray was searching in the sand for crabs. The dive at Bathala Maaga Kan Thila was in smooth current and great visibility. We were able to spot an lot of grey sharks and white tip sharks, blotched fantail rays, eagle rays and turtles. For the night dive we went back to Maaya Thila and we saw a hunting jacks and reef sharks in the night. The fishes were using our lights to catch some small fishes. Moray eels, giant stingrays and turtles were found on top of the thila and silver tip sharks were circling on the outer boarder of the the reef top.


Tuesday April 3rd

Our last day of diving brought us to Madivaru Island and we were starting on the outer oceanic wall. The current was mild and the visibility was amazing clear with more then 30 meters/100 ft. Between the healthy coral life we found a painted anglerfish in black with orange patches and leaf fishes. On our way back to the boat we were escorted by spinner dolphins. They were playing happily in our dhoni waves. The second dive we did in the complex reef system ofMadivaru which offers a coral ridge stretching out into the ocean with a dropoff and a attached coral reef. Millions of basslet-, humbugs- and blue triggerfishes. In the blue we saw circling jacks, big tunas were passing by and batfishes were joining us during our dive. A great formation of eagle rays was flying by and some white tip reef sharks were crossing our way. It has been great last two dives of this tip.

Back on the boat we had lunch and start sailing to Male Atoll.

The dinner was a delicious collection of traditional Asian dishes. The presentation of livaboard video was a great success and our guest love the video. We keep on talking and laughing until late in the night. A really lovely last evening with our new friends.


Wednesday 4th

Its departure day and our friends where leaving the boat early.

The goodbye was very sweet and lovely!


Take care and see you soon!


Maldives Aggressor Crew