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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Feb 04, 2018
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter February 4 – 11th, 2018

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Dan, Ronnie, Hector, Joe, Jim, Shea and Herence


On Sunday we welcomed aboard 16 guests from around the World. After a welcome drink and orientation to their staterooms we helped them to set up their gear. Once everybody was set, we gathered at the salon to introduce the crew and have the Captain’s Briefing. After the briefing we had dinner and the guests had the rest of the evening to themselves, some went straight to bed to get some sleep, some stayed up getting to know the other guests.

The following morning we started our week by diving the helmet wreck, an unidentified Japanese ship from WWII. Lying undiscovered since the war until the late eighties the Helmet Wreck still has many artifacts onboard, including stacks of Japanese helmets from where it get its name. Next was the Iro, another WWII wreck, with kingposts covered in dusky and tomato anemones and some giant clams. During lunch we motored down to the German Channel area and started our reef diving Barnums Wall and Ngedebus Corner. Drifting past the soft corals we spotted Turtles and our first Sharks for the week.

Tuesday we started the day with a dive at German Channel, where we saw a Leopard Shark, and Feather tail and Marbled Stingrays. There were also some Sharks cleaning themselves at the cleaning station. Next we did our first ‘hook in’ for the week at the famous blue corner. There were a bunch of Sharks chasing the aggregating Orange spine Unicorn fish, and the resident Napoleon Wrasse came by to say hello. After lunch we went to Blue Holes and with the sun high in the sky we had some nice light pouring in through the holes, illuminating the cavern below.

The boat fired up the engines early on Wednesday morning and we made our way South to Peleliu in the gentle swell. With the boat safely moored in Camp Beck, we did our first dive of the day at Peleliu corner. Some of the guests then went on the WWII land tour on Peleliu, whilst others did a dive at west wall. After lunch we did the beautiful hard coral garden at Orange beach, followed by Barracks Point. Unfortunately we had to cancel the night dive due to bad weather.

Thursday morning our first dive of the day was at the famous Blue Corner. The current was in coming so we dropped down with the wall on our right then drifted until we reached the hook in site. Everybody got hooked in and watched the show out in the blue with lots of sharks, snappers, barracudas, and many other fishes. We saw another Leopard Shark and a Manta at German Channel for number two, and more Sharks at New drop off after lunch. We went back to Blue corner on the fourth dive and this was our best trip out there yet with lots of Sharks and schooling orange spines, the action was nonstop! After the night dive at German coral garden we made our way to Ulong Island where we would be spending our last full day of diving.

Friday started with a dive at Siaes Tunnel were we spent some time looking for the small critters that live inside. Then we checked out the lettuce coral at Ulong Channel. Followed by out last hook in dive at Siaes Corner. Our final dive was Sandy Paradise were we found a Marble ray, crocodile fish and three leaf scorpion fishes. We then watched Jim’s movie of the week while the big boat headed back to Koror.

Saturday morning we went to Chandelier Caves to see the Mandarin fish, and then the Jake Sea Plane for a unique photo opportunity. After lunch the guests got some free time before the cocktail party and then headed into town for some dinner at one of Palau’s fine restaurants.

On Sunday morning we said our goodbyes and helped the guests with their arrangements to head home or continue on their journey. Thanks to everyone for joining us this week, from all of us here at on the Palau Aggressor II….stay safe and keep blowing bubbles!