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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 03, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


Roatan Aggressor Captains Log February 3rd-10th 2018


*Air Temp. 78-81F

*Water Temp. 77-79 F

* Visibility 60-110+ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shorty or skin




Captain - Eddy

Chief Engineer - John B

Chef - Jana

Instructor - Gerardo

Instructor - Willie

Stewardess- Daphne




Sunday – Pirates Point & Mr. Bud

Monday - Taviana & Half Moon Bay

Tuesday – Cayos Cochinos Marine Park & Toon Town

Wednesday – Cara A Cara, Virginias Wall & Mr. Bud.

Thursday – Lighthouse & Eel Garden

Friday – Marys’ Place



Saturday 3rd

We welcome 13 guests this week predominately from the States along with a couple of British Ex Pats & a Scottish lassie, once welcome meetings & introductions made we headed to the sundeck where Willie was manning the grill & Chef Jana laid out a feast of juicy ribs & chicken, baked potatoes & fresh salads, friendships had already formed with this lively bunch, laugher could be heard, steadily our tired travellers retired to their cabins for a restful nights sleep.


Sunday 4th

A short trip to our 1st dive site at Pirates Point, deck briefing followed a hearty breakfast & our keen guests donned in their scuba gear were all set to splash as the bell rang for our first dive, the sun was shinning & the seas calm, visibility was great & los of critters were found, there were 5 lobsters, Spotted & Spiny, to everyone’s pleasure not 1 but 2 Hawksbill turtles, a Green Moray flirts with our divers as timid White Spotted File fish try to hide. Heading to Mr. Bud we moor up, after lunch at 2pm & 4pm we splash. Sacoglossan sea slug is discovered by our ‘G’ Master along with all the usual suspects, returning to the boat we pass a trio of Permits heading out into the blue.

Chef Jana has prepared deep water, long line fresh fish & Key Lime Pie for             dinner. 7.15pm its our night dive, Evan’s 1st night dive & a plethora of nocturnal marine life greet us, Spotted Eels, Banded Coral, Peterson & Red Night Shrimp, along with a fascinating Mushroom Scorpion Fish.

Captain Eddy always 1 step ahead moves us to the North side, seeking shelter from the coming winds where we all sleep well.


Monday 5th

After a light shower we arrive at Taviana for 2 dives, Steve our guest is now known as the ‘Turtle Whisperer’, with a total 7 sightings this week so far, High Hats, Fire Worms, White Nose Pipefish, Mantis Shrimp & an enormous Channel Clinging crab with a claw the size of a hand! Heading to Half Moon Bay we moor up, first its lunch, Tortilla soup followed by Tacos & Banana Bread, an afternoon snooze & in are in for dive 3, stunning dive site, hundreds of Creole Wrasse & yes another Hawksbill, Honeycomb Cow Fish, a large Southern Ray, Nassau Groupers & a Sail-Fin Blenny, another knock out dinner & Wow! What an amazing night dive, from the moment we descended down an Octopus, the first of 3! Willie our fabulous dive master found 3 Caribbean Sea Spiders! Fire clams were everywhere; we saved the best for last,    Ascending into baby squid bursting out of egg sacks surrounded by Bermuda Chub & a Rainbow Runner frantically feeding, it felt like being on a David Attenborough set.



Tuesday 6th

An early start & we arrive for a pre breakfast dive into the beautiful waters of Cayos Cochinos Seamounts, part of the Cayos Marine Park, intermingling of colorful      coral & shoals of Creole Wrasse, Spotlight Parrots & Blue Chromis, an Eagle Ray sores through the water without any concern as a Nurse Shark wriggles through the sand channels, its a beautiful sunny day. Heading over to Toon Town we eat lunch & its time to relax, sun-laden bodies on sun chairs, dipping in & out of the Jacuzzi, soon most guests are snoozing on the sundeck.

Sleepy eyed divers splash at 2pm & 4pm, Mike our eagle eyed guest found a Quill-Fin Blenny, Arrow & Pea Crabs were out & about with Peterson Shrimp hustling for custom at their cleaning stations. Its 7.15pm & time for a Night dive. Large Eyed & Bearded Toad Fish are not just heard this week, ‘G’ Master found them!

Returning to the boat a couple of Squid danced around under the boat lights.


Wednesday 7th

At 5am the engines start, we are off towards Roatan & Cara A Cara, its time to visit our resident Reef Sharks for breakfast. An energetic bunch of divers return all fired up on this adrenaline action dive. Over to Virginias Wall & Willie presents two Longsnout Seahorse for our guests, golden yellow and vibrant reddish orange. The wind starts to pick up continuing to gather speed, we dive at Mr. Bud, a great dive, Yellow Headed Jawfish, Red & Bluestriped Lizardfish, Slender Albino Sharptail Eel, Scrawled Filefish, Mantis Shrimp & a Large Black Grouper at a cleaning station.    

Returning conditions had become worse, once guests were onboard we head to our home dock & the calm water of French Harbor, having dinner, playing cards all were happy to be in protected waters tonight.



Thursday February 8th

After a restful night we head to West Point & the North side, the wind was strong on the South Side & increasing. 8am dive at Lighthouse Reef abundance of coral      gardens. Visibility was great, the odd squall came through but it was brief,              dissipating without effecting the clarity of the water. Juvenile Spotted Drum,         Balloon fish, large Channel Clinging Crabs & Spotted Eels were enjoyed.

Island style Conch & Fish Stew, a nap & a slightly different schedule this afternoon, moving a short distance to Mandy’s Eel Garden for dives at 1.30pm, 3.30pm & a   twilight dive at 5.30pm. Sandy planes carpeted with Garden Eels, Peacock Flounder, a Margintail Conger eel, Key Worm Eel, up in the gardens an Adult Drum, Gaudy Clown Crab. A wonderful twilight dive followed by the movie of the week staring our guests produced by our video pro followed by a briefing of the following days itinerary.


Friday 9th

Sadly Friday came too soon, fabulous weather, heading to a popular dive site at Mary’s Place we do a pre breakfast dive to ensure we have the place to ourselves before the day boats arrive., 2 fantastic dives, adult Drums, juvenile Drums & a  Spotted Scorpion Fish. It has been a wonderful week with awesome guests, heading into the harbor its time to wash our gear, hang out to dry & begin packing. At 6pm it our Pirate theme cocktail party with rum punch & lots of Rrrrrrrr’s!

Guests enjoy a wonderful 5 star dinner at Romeo’s restaurant at our home dock.


Saturday 10th

Once again it’s time to say our goodbyes, we wish safe travels & give thanks to such a great group of people, especially Evan who completed his Nitrox Course & Doug his Night Dive Specialty, Steve & Scott received milestone awards reaching 800! dives, no mean feet!

With a total of 6 Iron Divers this week, Dan, Mike, Peter, Scott, Jerry & Lisa,             definitely something to celebrate.

A special thanks to our Aggressor Addict Peter who had just completed his 31st trip with the Aggressor Fleet.

Until next time, Crew of The Roatan Aggressor…