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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 03, 2018
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

Aqua Lung Week

Feb 3rd to 10th 2018

It’s that time of year again when we get a visit from our great friends and partners at Aqua Lung. Don & Jeff from Aqua Lung hosted a great week demoing and tested all the latest line in Aqua Lung dive gear. Guests were invited to try out different BCD’s and fins, computers and regulators. One of the coolest features of these weeks is listening to Don & Jeff talk about the detail and research that goes into the making of modern dive gear.

Guests Vivian, Dannetta, Frank, Connie, Dennis, Don & Margot, Phyllis, Jenn, Pam, Pat, Nancy & Darrell, Don, Jeff.

Crew Capt Niall, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors Aubri & Justin, Steward Oneil.

Water Temp 79f

Air Temp   84

Exposure protection   3mm wetsuit with a hood added for night dives.

Saturday We had all our eager divers on board by 5pm and so with briefings done and intros completed it was time for some of chef Kingsley delicious BBQ ribs and chicken. Don and Jeff from Aqua Lung said a few words and showed off some hot new Aqua Lung gear.

Sunday Our first stop was at the Ship Reef Doc Poulson for a couple of dives on a coral adorned wreck that sits very close to the reef and drop off. We had a couple of cool turtle encounters on the reef and it seemed like a school of jacks were patrolling the wreck. On we moved to Sting Ray City for what is arguably one of the best 12ft dives in the world. The water was blue as could be and with a little current it kept the visibility very clear. On we moved again to Babylon on the north east shore of Grand Cayman for a very cool dive on one of the sheerest drop offs Grand Cayman has to offer. A large barracuda and another turtle were among the sightings.

Monday   Finally…finally…..finally………a break in the relentless north winds we have had for the past several weeks allowed us to put 67 degrees on the glass and head for Bloody Bay, Little Cayman. Over the past 8 to 9 weeks it seemed like we were bombarded with harsh winds but with a window open for some time at Bloody Bay we made the 70 mile run on Sunday night and it was our great pleasure to welcome our happy gang to Little Cayman on Monday morning. We started the day at Randy’s Gazebo and it was a great way to start any diving day. Don and Jeff from Aqua Lung had some treats in the form of rash guards and ball caps to give out. Randys proved to be a very popular dive not least with the crew that have not been here for weeks and it felt so good to be back. The afternoon was spent at Nancys Cuppa Tea and it was an afternoon of turtles and sharks in crystal clear water. The wall top was the golden garden that Bloody bay is so famous for and all agreed it was the very best way to spend a Monday.

Tuesday As happy as we were to see and dive Little Cayman again we were equally sad to have to depart as 20 to 30mph north east winds rolled in. A following sea rolled us back to Grand Cayman and onto the USS Kittiwake for 2 cool dives. The Kittiwake had about 90 to 100ft visibility around her and the nearby reef and drop seemed to be teeming with blue chromis and a very large school of jacks that kept drifted between the wreck & the reef. Over a delicious lunch served up by Kingsley we headed to the Oro Verde for a couple of dives of afternoon dives. We had eagle rays and turtles and yet again we found a yellow headed jawfish incubating eggs in its mouth and Darrell got a fantastic photo to prove it. We moved on again to Jax Dax for a night dive but not before we were treated to a mouth watering surf & turf dinner.

Wednesday Our day started at a 2 for 1 dive site, Round Rock & Trinity Caves. We had eagle rays and turtles and a large free swimming green moray eel. The swim thrus at Round Rock & Trinity always entertain and the weaving in and out of the labyrinth was such a great way to spend a Wednesday morning. Cheese Burgers in Paradise was the noon feast served up by Kingsley as we made the very short hop to Neptunes Drop Off for a couple of afternoon dives and we again were delighted with the company of turtles and eagle rays. For our night dive we moved across the bay to Eden Rock and were rewarding with lobster and shrimp and at last a hunting octopus.

Thursday Our day started at Big Tunnels on the north west point of Grand Cayman for two dives on this glorious sheer wall with an abundance of swim thrus and gullies to explore. Turtles were again the theme of the critter sightings. A yummy Asian style lunch was Kingsley’s mid-day fare as we moved the short run to Bonnies Arch for a single dive. Bonnies as advertised has a large and very photogenic arch that is truly coral adorned and had our camera users shooting from every angle. On we moved again to Lost Treasure/Spanish Anchor for an afternoon and twilight dive. Friendly turtles and gardens of jaw fish were the order of the dives and the day ended the signature Thursday Thanks Giving dinner.  

Friday Our final day was upon us bit we still had some cool dives to do and some of Kingsley splendid culinary delights to enjoy. The Governors Reef was our first stop and the ocean was as blue as blue could be. Turtles and moray eels were the cool sightings at Governors and then it was off to Devils Grotto for our final dive and we enjoyed chocolate chip brownies along the way. Dynamic swim thrus, schooling tarpon and a large nurse shark made for a great final dive.

Our cocktail party had a glorious sunset as back drop and our award ceremony was coupled with more goodies from the Aqua Lung chaps.

Special mention this week must go Don & Jeff from Aqua Lung, they made the week all the fun it could be, their enthusiasm is infectious and it was great to spend time with people that clearly loved their job and just wanted to share their love of the underwater world and all the knowledge they have of the history of dive equipment and the evolution of the same. Everyday guests and crew were treated to goodies from the Aqua Lung magic bag, dive knives and rash guards, snorkels and t-shirts, every day something new, everyday something Aqua Lung.

Don dreamed up a photo contest, one for crew and one for guests, guests would judge the crew shots and crew would judge the guests shots. The photos were all as different and they were inventive, the only rule being it must involve Aqua Lung.

We all had a great week and we all look forward to the next Aqua Lung week here on board the Cayman Aggressor. Check out the Aggressor website for more Aqua Lung weeks on other Aggressor yachts.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew