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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 23, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew




Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

December 23-29, 2017


Sea State: Choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 79oF

Avg. Water Temp: 80oF

Avg. Visibility: 60ft+



Captain - Jerome

Chef - Yanis

Steward – Vanessa

Dive Instructor- Daniel

Dive-Master- Victoria

Deck Assistant- Jadail


Saturday December 23, 2017

3:00PM – Guests Board

5:15 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:15PM – Food time!


Sunday December 24, 2017           

Dive Sites: Amber Head North & Amber Head South

After welcoming our guests, we headed to the west side of Turneffe for a few easy-going checkout dives on Amber Head North. Our divers got comfortable quickly and started exploring the beautiful sloping bottom reef. The abundance and wide variety of sponges along this edge of the reef makes the perfect home to tons of colourful tropical fish.

Once everyone was comfortable in our waters, we moved over to Amber Head South for the afternoon as well as the first night dive of the week. Afternoon dives were filled with beautiful sceneries with sponges, lobsters, a green eel, and channel clinging crabs that made great photoshoot opportunities for the avid photographers and videographers.

The night divers were excited to find the first toad fish of the week (white spotted), a scorpion fish and even an octopus.


Monday December 25, 2017

Dive Sites: Light House Wall & Hat Caye Wall

Merry X-Mas from the Belize Aggressor III family!!! With no better way to spend Christmas day, we headed over to the Halfmoon Caye Area and Hat Caye Wall at Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It was a day of exploration on the sand as well as off the wall. Tons of garden eels danced as we hovered overhead. Meanwhile, a couple of stingrays were rummaging through the sandy bottom. One of those in particular caught our eyes since it swam over to the coral heads and apparently started feeding off the polyps.

In the afternoon, we were cheerfully greeted by a pod of dolphins just as we prepared for our second afternoon briefing. This site is formed by many individual coral heads that house several varied schools of beautifully coloured fish. In between here and there we could see sponges of different sizes and shapes.

The night dive totally rocked, as up to a dozen lobsters were walking around in the darkness. We also found some tarpons, crabs and an octopus ended our day with a good feeling of accomplishment.


Tuesday December 26, 2017

Dive Site: Blue Hole & Long Caye Wall

As the daylight broke with a nice sunshine, we navigated through the patch reef that leads to the magnificent Great Blue Hole of Belize. Some of our guests were pleasantly surprised diving closely to the huge stalactite formations. Like always, it is always a great experience to take a dip in the deep waters of this mystic place.

On our way to the shore excursion on Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, we stopped at Half Moon Bay from where we were picked up to go on the island. Our guest got to walk around the visitor centre and then made their way into the littoral forest of orange flowered Zericote trees that homes the colony of red footed boobie birds.

For the afternoon, we moved over to Long Caye Wall, which so far had been the highlight of the week. We found, or rather were found by up to 3 reef sharks that were so curious that kept going and coming back; eventually coming so close that you could almost use the arms as a measuring tape. We also saw lobsters, neck crab and a turtle amongst the many different species of fish.


Wednesday December 27, 2017

Dive Site: Chain Wall, Half Moon Caye Wall & Cathedral

With half the week behind us, everyone wanted more noise and excitement on dive deck. Hence, we moved over to find some thrills at Chain wall. Even from the surface, we could see a couple reef sharks swimming below us. They stayed and made several rounds on us throughout the dive fearlessly and with more curiosity than anything. Almost playfully, they swam between us while at the top of the wall.

The amicable Nassau groupers also ensured that there was never a dull moment since they liked to sneak in from all sides and peep in when we were looking inside sponges and corals. Several divers tried to position them in front of sponges for a back ground in the photos. As we headed back to the boat, we looked over to the sand bed and spotted several hog fish avidly feeding.

We then went to Half Moon Caye Wall for a dive and it turned out almost like our personal stingray park since several rays were feeding from the grass and the sand. Most of our divers enjoyed this site for the larger coral formations and the crevices that lead from the sand to the wall.

Our final stop of the day was Cathedral, where we got lucky with spotting some necks crabs, tarpons, lobsters, channel clinging crabs, octopus and a juvenile blur fish.


Thursday December 28, 2017

Dive Sites: Quebrada, Sayonara & Front Porch

For our last dive at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, we could think of no better place than Quebrada. The site was buzzing with sea life as schools of creole wrasse swam in mid water, making us feel as though we were in an aquarium. Some divers were even lucky enough to spend time with an octopus out on one of the sand bed. While others found themselves swimming off the wall with a turtle and reef sharks.

We were off to Turneffe for a quick stop at Sayonara were we found a scorpion fish, lizard fish, and lobsters. And then… we started hearing the grunting of a toad fish, setting the stage for the afternoon and night dive.

Our late afternoon and night dives were at Front Porch, which gave us enough bar conversations for our cruise to the night anchorage.


Friday December 29, 2017

Dive Sites: Zip Line

We ended a great week of diving at Zip Line, again schools of creole wrasse filled the water. A couple of lobster, crabs, gray and French angel seemed to be posing for their photos to be taken. With endless visibility and heads continuously turning in anticipation of what was next, we ended a great week of diving at Turneffe Atoll and headed back to port.

Congratulations to our iron divers, Scott, David, James, Robert, Janusz and Senevilay!

As always, we thank each and every one of our guests for choosing to dive Belize, and even more so for doing it aboard the Belize Aggressor III. The captain and crew extend a warm invitation for you to come back and do it bigger and better in Belize with the Aggressor Fleet.