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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 23, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp:
 22 -24  / 71-75 F

Water Temp: 23 C – 73 F

Visibility: 30 m /  100 feet

Weather: Cloudy skies, windy period andcalm sea

Itinerary: Brothers Islands, Elphinstone



Our guests arrived in good time on the Saturday afternoon so were able to check everyone in and relax in the salon 

while Christmas music played and pizza was eaten. Everyone set up their equipment, unpacked in the their cabins and 

had a good look around the boat. Before long, it was time for guests and crew to settle in the salon for introductions 

and the Welcome Briefing. 

Chef Sherif was busy preparing dinner which the guests enjoyed while getting to know each other more. 

The rest of the evening was spent on the dock at Port Ghalib Marina - a perfect chance for any last-minute postcards

 to be bought and sent, or for a drink and a Christmas shisha.



Time to don the Santa Hats! Merry Christmas one and all! Christmas Day started off with Christmas music and a nice breakfast in the cosy 

We enjoyed a nice lazy breakfast on the dock on Sunday morning before firing up the engines and making for the open sea, Santa hats jammed firmly on top of our heads. First we went to Marsa Shoana. Finding ourselves as the only boat there was great; the dive site was ours! Before wed even hit the water, a Turtle was sighted bobbing about on the surface, having had come up for air. On the dive itself, many fish were spotted including Scorpion Fish, Bluespotted Rays, Pale Damsel Fish, Cornet Fish, Pipe Fish, a big Starry Puffer, a juvenile Moray Eel, and a juvenile Emperor Angel Fish. Torfa Marsa Shouna was our chosen sight for the second dive. We saw Pipe fish again, a giant Moray eel, bird fish, Batfish and a puffer fish. We then moved   to El Naba for the night dive. Hundreds of shrimp were spotted such as dancing shrimps, cleaner shrimps and banded boxer shrimps. We also found a cuttle fish, two hermit crabs and File fish.


Started at Abu Dabbab 1 Our divers enjoyed the pretty hard coral garden looking for Wrasse, Parrot Fish, schools of Goat Fish, Bluespotted Rays, Choc-Dips, and Nudibranchs. Once near to boat, everyone was lead through a fun swim-through that runs through a crack in the reef. Divers then pop out right behind the boat. We moved the short distance to Abu Dabbab 3 for the remainder of the day. The many coral heads dotted about over the sandy bottom are home to a plethora of small fish. Recently everything seems to have been downsized with juveniles scattered everywhere! During the dive we saw Lion Fish, Blue Trigger Fish, Unicorn Fish, and Freckled Hawk Fish. An adult Devil Scorpion fish and Wart slug were spotted. The night dive at Abu Dabbab 3 was fun with the big goggly eyes of a Porcupine Fish gleaming under the lights of divers torches. Giant Moray Eels were seen as well as Lion Fish, Cuttle Fish, Three Octopuses, Scorpion Fish and different species of Crab.



We arrived at Umm Erg, ready to dive the south of this long reef. Divers jumped off the back of the boat and descendedstraight onto the two gigantic pinnacles that sit on the plateau. A Moray eel was nearby. Trigger Fish, Groupers, Emperor fish,Rainbow Wrasse, Flathead Scorpion fish and a Tiger flatworm were seen. The south plateau of Elphinstone was our destination for the second dive. Here we saw Coral Hinds, Pipe Fish, Lion Fish, Unicorn Fish, Hawk Fish, a huge Giant Moray Eel and a pristine Gorgonian Fan.This Gorgonian is a complete semicircle growing out from the reef and it is truly magnificent. To round off the charter we took the plunge one more time and set off up the west side of Elphinstone. Many small fish were out, in addition to Scorpion Fish, Wrasse, Surgeon Fish, Butterfly Fish, Red Sea Banner Fish, and the eye-poppingly bright soft corals. During the night dive in the calm waters of Umm Erg, we saw  many Parrot Fish and Orange spine Unicorn Fish, Big Eye, the delicate-looking Bluestreak Cardinal Fish, and the reflective greeneyes of a Bluespotted Ray.

 DAY 4

 We sailed all night to rich two islands in the middle of Red Sea.

The first stop at Little Brother where we spent all day. The sea was calm, light breeze and diving condition was perfect. We jumped off platform and we encountered Oceanic White tip shark. We swam with this beatuful and wild creature for 5-10 minuets and then we continued the dive along the reef. Gorgeous reef mixed with schools of Blue-Striped and Black Snapper, Barracuda, a Napoleon Wrasse and the hundreds of other species of fishfound here in the Red Sea. We turned the corner and saw some splendid Gorgonian Fans adorned the wall. On the way back, the hard coral in the shallows looked bright in the morning light with Unicorn Fish all around. Coming back to the boat we met not one, but two Oceanic White tip sharks.  


Our divers dropped down into the clear blue water on the east side of the reef and were greeted by a Grey Reef Shark. Larger pelagic life can be found here as well as the Great Barracuda, Unicorn Fish, Dogtooth Tuna, Coral Hinds, Giant Moray Eels, and thousands of the ubiquitous Anthias. Small schools of Ehrenbergs Snapper congregated up in the shallows in recesses in the reef, and another two Whitetip Reef Sharks swam past.The north plateau was our third dive, we saw White tip reef shark and three Oceanic White tip sharks. Then we moved the yacht to Big Brother.



The first and the second dives on the southern plateau. We encountered Three! Thresher sharks  and two Oceanic White tip sharks. The third and the third dives were dedicated to the wrecks,  Numidia and Aida. Corals cover old wrecks and they have an extremely dense population of fish life. We penetrated inside the Numidia wreck, explored the steam engine. Continuing dives along the wall we had a look on the wreck of Aida, which is resting pretty deep. We encountered Napoleon Wrasse, Moray eels, a Porcupine fish,  schooling fusiliers and Barracuda. After dinner we departed the anchorage and headed west toward coastline.




Started at Ras Trombi. This dive site is a real pleasure to dive as the topography is so varied and the marine life in such abundance. Wedived here two times. Many Bluespotted Rays swam over the sandy bottom before disappearing up and over the hard coral garden.we encountered schools of Red Sea Banner Fish, Rabbit Fish, and Snapper.A Giant Moray Eel with a pretty mottled body had wound itself into the hard coral and after seeing us, uncoiled itself and swam away. And also two Octopuses were found.



IRON DIVERS: Sean, Jennifer, Jamie, Doug

Nitrox Divers: Georgia & Olivia

Thank you to all of our wonderful guests, and thank you Red Sea for another magical week of diving. Merry Christmas one and all, and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Your Red Sea Aggressor Crew