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Kona Dive Sites

  Diving Environment:
  • More than 20% of the Hawaiian reef fishes are found nowhere else in the world, including countless Butterfly fish and Angelfish.  Other marine species include: Hawaiian Lionfish, Dolphin, Turtles, Mantas, Frogfish and Eels.  Humpback Whales migrate through Hawaii November through February.
  • All dives from mothership
  • Water temperature:
    72 - 80F, 22 - 26C
  •  3-5mm wetsuit recommended
Matt - Captain/Instructor
Matt was born and raised in Southern California and started SCUBA diving in high school in the mid 80’s, originally certified by the YMCA. After High School, he joined the NAVY working as a jet engine mechanic on A6 Intruders onboard the USS Nimitz. He is a Gulf War Veteran serving two tours in the first Persian Gulf War. After the NAVY, Matt attended the California Culinary Institute in San Francisco. He worked as a chef for almost 20 years before following his heart back to the sea. Matt got his PADI instructor certification in 2006 and started working on the KONA AGGRESSOR II™ before being transferred to the PALAU AGGRESSOR II™. After working in Palau for a couple years he spent some time working on private yachts and has now rejoined the Aggressor Fleet.
Chad -
2nd Captain

Originating from Kansas City, Kansas, I am a U.S. Army veteran who also contributed overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom (2005) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2007).  I have a B.S. degree in transportation and have over 25 years’ experience on vessels from Alaska to American Samoa. I have been to 20 countries and I enjoy meeting people and making friends from all over the globe, and I can’t think of a more worthy endeavor than to serve people and to help make their vacations memorable.

Cliff -
Born and raised in Oklahoma, I've been an avid diver for 30 years. I've been with the Palau and KONA AGGRESSOR II™ and Rock Islands Aggressor since 2010. I worked as a diesel mechanic for many years and now am a USCG approved and licensed captain and qualified member of the engineering department for the company.
 Chef Kevin
- Chef
I grew up in upstate New York and then moved to North Carolina.  I continued to move towards the palm trees and warm weather and spent some time in California.  After vacationing in Hawaii for a week, I felt like it should be my home. I have resided in the Hawaiian islands for almost three years now.  Having been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, I decided try my cooking skills on a smaller group of people.  Taking the job as Chef on the KONA AGGRESSOR II™ was the perfect opportunity for me to test the waters.  Cooking is my hobby and an enjoyment for me.  I like to entertain people with the meals that I make. 
Chef Cameron

- Divemaster/Relief Chef

My name is Cameron Smay. I was born in San Diego, CA and then moved to Kona, Hawaii at the age of 18. I love living in Kona. I have been working for the Aggressor Fleet for almost five yeas now and love every minute of it. I first started as a Chef on the Rock Islands Aggressor as well as the Palau Aggressor II. I recently moved back to Hawaii where I serve as a Divemaster and a backup Chef on the Kona Aggressor II. I love meeting people from all over the world and share in their enthusiasm of diving. I look forward to many more years of diving, cooking, and taking care of my guests that come on board our vessel. Happy Diving!!!!

Brian -
Padi MSDT/ Video Pro

After going from Open Water to Instructor in San Diego, I headed straight to the tropics to teach on liveaboard boats in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. A year went by then I ended up bumming around Southeast Asia for a bit working as an instructor in Thailand. After a few years working back in San Diego, I'm stoked to be here in Kona in the warm waters. I have a strong passion for diving and love being underwater with the marine elements. I always make sure everybody has a good time. See ya down there!