08/2019 - Kona Aggressor II: "Loved the crew they were attentive and helpful to the guests. The boat was spacious and well maintained. I liked that I could visit the captains deck."     
-- Mitchell C. , Canada

07/2019 - Kona Aggressor II: "Food was above and beyond usual Aggressor excellence. How is that possible? Ask Max. Fresh home made soups! Each plate was artistically plated! Hot breads! freshly baked deserts!! Truly amazing <3 <3"     
-- Bonnie A. , USA

08/2019 - Kona Aggressor II: "The customer service on the boat was top notch- the crew often knew what we needed/wanted before we did. The crew were knowledgeable about the wildlife and enjoyed talking about what we saw. We LOVED the fish briefings before every dive - it was engaging and gave is something to look for."     
-- Jaime L. , USA

07/2019 - Kona Aggressor II: "Hands down it was the best staff we have ever had. The staff had a very cohesive and great relationship with each other and that translated to fantastic service and fun for our group. "     
-- Rana B. , USA

07/2019 - Kona Aggressor II: "As a veteran of 15 Aggressor trips the Kona Aggressor II had the best crew I have ever had during this last trip. Matt has put together a great crew with Captain Shea, Jeremy is incredible plus Celia Sabrina and Andrea who were all three amazing and so helpful and fun throughout the trip. I have never had a crew work so well together and offer the level of service that this group did. "     
-- Robert H. , USA