08/2019 - Raja Ampat Aggressor: "Wonderful crew! The crew and the itinerary were the big reasons we came back to the R.A. Aggressor."     
-- Julie F. , USA

04/2019 - Raja Ampat Aggressor: "I liked everything very much. Diving is fantastic. Service and food are excellent."     
-- Alena V. , Russia

02/2019 - Raja Ampat Aggressor: "Of the 18 Aggressor trips I have taken, this trip far exceeded my expectations. Ten Stars! The captain and crew were excellent. The food and dining service was deliciously great. The cruise director did a great job. All were friendly, professional, and provided excellent service. And the dive location was very nice too. "     
-- Christopher S. , USA

01/2019 - Raja Ampat Aggressor: "Cruise director Urik and all the crew on the RAA are helpful, friendly and fun to be around. We cannot thank Urik enough for his help and attention this trip!"     
-- Thomas S. , USA

02/2019 - Raja Ampat Aggressor: "Foods were always perfect, crews were also nice and kind, cruse director was so friendly, I enjoyed a lot."     
-- Deok Jae J. , South Korea