08/2019 - Rock Islands Aggressor: "Everything onboard was excellent as I have come to expect on Aggressor Liveaboards. The crew was highly professional and appropriately engaging; it was also nice to see the captain taking such an active role in the actual diving operations (i.e. leading dives etc.)."     
-- Kevin K. , USA

07/2019 - Rock Islands Aggressor: "Everyone on the ship was very friendly & professional. I will look to schedule other Aggressor locations for future dive trips. "     
-- Laura S. , USA

02/2019 - Rock Islands Aggressor: "Everything was wonderful. The diving, the time on board, the kindness of the crew and the food. Especially the food for me was excellent, because I needed a special diet and Cameron was magical. We all had so much fun together."     
-- Heike M. , Germany

01/2019 - Rock Islands Aggressor: "Rock Island Aggressor is top notch! Fantastic, knowledgable crew with a priority in safety. They truly know their stuff and take such great care of absolutely everything! Great dive briefings, great diving, great Chef (Cameron), great boat. A wonderful crew so easy to love! Thank you!"     
-- Vickie P. , USA

01/2019 - Rock Islands Aggressor: "Outstanding crew. I was very impressed to see the captain washing dishes and working as a dive master. What a team spirit in this crew. They made us feel like family. Best food that I have had on an Aggressor boat. Cook is amazing. Captain Ike, the best."     
-- Geoffrey W. , USA